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What guitars do you use mainly?


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  • What guitars do you use mainly?

    Pls state your preferred Guitar, Model, Acoustic or Electric...and why you prefer that particular guitar.

    I am hoping to see a lot of diverse guitars by you folks here.

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    Black Line 6 Variax (the original, later called the 500) - used for most of my "acoustic" shows in the past eight years. I generally use the Martin D-28 model on there.

    I also gig a Larriv
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      I think we did this already...
      "We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties due to reality fluctuations. The elves are working tirelessly to patch the correct version of reality. Activities here have been temporarily disabled since the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and reason may be incomprehensible during this indeterminate period of instability. Normal service will be restored once we are certain as to what 'normal' is."

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        i dont know but i think i'm gonnna go play one ...

        my p0asting days were numb bird... now im done... bye.


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          The guitar that I have used for recording, writing, live work (What little there is), and learned most of what I know is a 2005 Gibson SG Special Faded Brown. I chose this guitar because I had bought a '76 Les Paul (L6-S, actually) and loved the Gibson sound, and wanted something different. Most of the players my age and in the area bands (Mostly cover bands) used Fender Strats. I chose the brown color because it was the closest thing to black in the price range. Epiphone was looked down upon, no matter if the model was the lower range in Gibson's lineup. I still had a Gibson, and the players were still jealous.

          I don't know why it's been my standby for so long. For one thing, I found my own sound with it, and I meld with it better than my other guitars. Even when I was playing with a Line 6 Spider 2, I managed to get my own unique tone. I play with both pickups on, and occasionally go to the neck position. My neck pickup is raised pretty high, and the bridge pickup is lower (Which actually gives it a Tele or country sound when you play with the lead position), so I have a fairly thick sound.

          The finish darkened over time, but I put a Civil War forever stamp on the top of the body earlier this year. I know putting stickers on a guitar is for teenagers, but I thought it was kinda classy since it was not only a stamp, but representative of Southern history. Well, last week I got tired of it, and took it off, only to have residue stick to it. I ran to the computer and found out that some people use nail polish remover to remove residue (Not from guitars), and I commenced to rub all the residue off, and notice a lighter area under the finish showing up. Now, I'm one of the few people who prefer a Satin finish over Gloss, because it looks better, but also feels better. My guitar looked awkward with just the little bald spot, so I decided to get creative, and half the top now has a much lighter brown. It feels better to my arm when I rest it, and has a kind of vintage road look to it. It was a mistake that I look upon as having good repercussions.


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            Renaissance RN6HI, I have four of them because they're the best, I've been through the rest.


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              These are the 3 guitars I own and they all get played regularly.

              1) National Vintage Steel Delphi (2006)
              2) Martin M-38 (1979)
              3) Martin 000X1 (2009)

              1 and 2 are my favorites and get a lot of play, but 3 gets a lot of use too since it has a pickup, gets left out on a stand in my house for me or anyone to play, and comes with me to guitar unfriendly performances/situations. I always bring the National and one of the acoustics to each gig. The M-38 is, to my ears, the best sounding acoustic I have heard. It is versatile and sounds great finger picked or strummed. The National is loud and sounds great played gently with bare fingers or digging in with fingerpicks. I play blues music and usually have the National in an open tuning playing slide. The 000X1 is a very nice sounding guitar too. I think if more people did not insist that acoustic guitars have to made of solid woods to sound good, more would admit that these X series Martins are outstanding.


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                For gigging, I have two Larrivee dreads. One mahogany B&S with a K&K pickup. One rosewood B&S with a Baggs Anthem pickup.

                For a "jamming on the back porch" kinda guitar, I have an old Simon and Patrick mahogany dread.

                I also have a Seagull parlor that I never play. Considering getting rid of it, but I don't know what I'd buy. Maybe a Baby Taylor or Little Martin.


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                  Martin 00016 w/K&K, Dobro square neck w/K&K, CS Tele w/Line6 HD400.

                  PA - 2 - JBL PRX 612's, Yamaha MG124Cx, TC Voicelive Touch


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                    A silver Burns Marquee with three single coil pickups and a black Ovation Custom Elite, both play and sound great, except when I'm playing them, then they sound so-so
                    Cheers Steve


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                      I have quite a few, but my main gigging guitar is the one in my avatar. A Schecter Hellraiser C8 Ltd.

                      They only made 100 of these LTDs in the custom shop, so the build quality is exceptional, and sound-wise, it is extremely versatile, good for jazz, twangy country, pop, rock, metal, funk, etc.
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                        nice nice!


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                          Larrivee D-03 here. have had it for 4 or 5 years it is a beauty. One of the older ones with mahogany instead of sapele. I have a UST pickup installed and often mic it. It is in the shop now getting a bone saddle and a setup, get to pick it up today YAYAYAYAY Been without my baby too long.
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                            Gibson Nighthawk Custom
                            Peavey Odyssey
                            Raven 590T w/BG P90s
                            Parkwood H4 Hybrid
                            Michael Kelly acoustic
                            -For Sale:
                            -set of GFS Dream 90s- gold and black pearl- $40 shipped in the cont. US
                            -(2) Celestion G12M-70 16 ohm guitar speakers in good condition $40 ea. + shipping.
                            - Vox VT15 Valvetronix very clean - $85 + shipping
                            - Hughes Kettner Edition Tube 20 (the early Voxy sounding one) Sounds & looks good. $250 + shipping. SOLD
                            - Crate Palomino V8 - 10" Celestion - Very clean - on Ebay (sold)


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                              nice nice!

                              Hi sb!

                              So you said you play electric guitar. Do you have one in particular that you like to play?
                              Talking about music is like dancing about architecture. - Martin Mull