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  1. It's in an experimental stage for the time being. Had dinner had a local bar/restaurant yesterday early enough that there were only a few customers. By the time we were done eating the place was filling up with regulars that don't wear masks, have no concept of the 6 foot rule and even shake hands. People seem to believe strongly about one side or the other of the "stay safe" issue. Back to staying home for me at least for a while.
  2. Losing that gig isn't that big a deal. It's just one gig right? Now we have a private party gig lined up for August 8. And who knows if this will happen or not? At least I'm starting to get a little unemployment $.
  3. Well folks, the gig got canceled. The county and nearby counties (Lagrange and Elkhart) are getting big increases in covid cases. And state rules dictate that we would have to wear masks while performing. Since singing and looking pretty are the main part of our act 🤓, we got canceled. Back in 1973 I started saying "don't count your chickens before they hatch in the music business"!
  4. Still doing the old tip jar for cash.
  5. This part of Indiana that we play at has a very low population. It's way out in the sticks (on a small lake) so I'm not too worried about covid. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  6. Hey y'all, I live in southern Michigan and MI is finally beginning to open up restaurants today. Indiana did this a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, the restaurant gig my duo was doing in Indiana (2018-2019) is planning to have us perform June 20. It's quite a drive getting there but it's the first gig to come up and I'm looking forward to playing again. I'm also glad that they've survived the shut down because many venues haven't.
  7. Susie! Look what the cat dragged in! I'm unhappy that your future looks bleak. Heck, none of us know what the future holds. I had a great 2018-19 because I had a few sources of musical income. DJing weddings, playing retirement homes during the week and started a duo with a chick singer. February was an excellent month this year and I was looking forward to St Paddy's day because it pays very well! That's when our governor shut down restaurants. The nursing homes shut down a week earlier. Second week of April my nephew had to move in with me. Yet, I'm kind of in a similar boat to Not
  8. I wish Michigan would go by each county rather than applying the shut down to the entire state.
  9. I've just been practicing on improvising with Jazz standards. It's hard to know what to do since we don't know when gigs are gonna come back.
  10. If I force a smile it will look contrived. I probably should have practiced the piece more before making the video.
  11. I haven't posted any vids on youtube in a few years. So I recorded an acoustic original a few days ago and posted it. Good idea Jay. Thanks
  12. I buy most of my gear from Sweetwater. They're only about 120 miles from my town - although I've only been there once.
  13. The second week of March is when I started getting cancellation calls from retirement facilities. All of those gigs were cancelled until further notice and this has been my main source of income. I was still counting on my St. Patty's day gig but on March 16 our Governor announced that all restaurants will have to close it's doors to patrons. So this also cancelled a gig our band had lined up. $1000+ loss of revenue for the month of March is the result so far. I didn't have a lot of gigs lined up for April, but still nearly another $1000 worth. I've been quite frugal for years so I have a
  14. Although the air compression helps lift speakers, you have to push down on the speaker when you want it to go down at the end of the night. Also the legs aren't as easy to spread out as other speaker stands. And, there are inserts that are needed to match the hole on my speakers. The inserts mean I have to lift speakers up higher to get them on the stand. (Note the silver cylinder at the top of stands in the photos.) Longer speaker stand bags are also needed because of the extra length. The good points: they are very sturdy and reliable compared to cheaper stands. And they look great!
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