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  1. [video=youtube;zhrp_h_BkPs]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhrp_h_BkPs
  2. progressive metal? opera? jazz? R&B? In any genre, once you get 10,000 or more hours of dedicated work in, whatever you're doing becomes "hard" for the average singer to emulate.
  3. Um... another vote from someone who uses drop 2 and 3 voicings as a significant component of my jazz comping. I even bought the Drop-2 book from amazon.
  4. I was watching an old video clip of the Beach Boys performing "God Only Knows", and I could see the pissed-off sullenness on Mike Love's face. He seeme to resent every minute of that song.
  5. Originally Posted by rodclement Cool! I'll look into it! Any idea on a beach boys tune? Rod Personally, I'd do the more "interesting" ones that are also hits. Like: "Calfornia Girls" "Wouldn't It Be Nice" "Good Vibrations" and for an iconic slow song... "Surfer Girl"
  6. Originally Posted by rodclement Neil Diamond? Rod Yep, same E-A-D-A progression, same feel.
  7. Rod, "Cherry Cherry" will go in your medley too.
  8. Here's one you might like: I always close with "Whiter Shade of Pale". It's a great "end of evening" song, especially considering the topic.
  9. Wow, this thread has nearly doubled in size since I last posted! Well, in the vein of the original topic, here are a couple more recent songs where I (again) did the following: 1) had an idea for a "story" to tell (including song title) 2) wrote lyrics 3) arranged a song with chord progressions and rhythmic feel to fit 4) wrote a vocal melody to tie it all together If nothing else, these were fun to do.
  10. Originally Posted by Potts EightString... These are acoustic versions? I do acoustic or electric versions of most of this material, plus tons of songs in other genres too (soul, country, pop, whatever). For acoustic versions, I often change the guitar parts a little to add interest beyond the usual "chunk-chunk-chunk", which can sound a little sparse without distortion and a band. For instance, a Scorpions tune done acoustically:
  11. and some of the hard rock/metal songs I perform... HARD ROCK Are You Gonna Go My Way Born to be Wild Can't Get Enough Carry On, Wayward Son Dance the Night Away Detroit Rock City Don't Stop Believin' Don't Tell Me You Love Me Feels Like the First Time Highway to Hell Limelight Man in the Box Photograph Point of Know Return Purple Haze Runnin' With the Devil Sharp Dressed Man Smokin' Smoke on the Water Subdivisions Wheel in the Sky METAL Ace of Spades Alone Again Blackout Breakin' the Law Burn Crazy Train Creeping Death The Hellion/Electric Eye Eyes of a Stranger Heaven and Hell Here I Go Again Kill the King Highway Star Last in Line Man on the Silvia Mountain Neon Knights Pull Me Under Queen in Love Rising Force Rock You Like a Hurricane Round and Round Two Minutes to Midnight Unchain The Night You've Got Another Thing Comin'
  12. I'll start posting in subsets. First, some of the jazz standards I do. All of Me All the Things You Are Almost Like Being in Love Autumn Leaves Best is Yet To Come Beyond the Sea Blue Moon Blue Skies Come Fly With Me Cry Me a River Danny Boy (bop) Dream a Little Dream Fly Me to the Moon I Get a Kick out of You I Left My Heart in San Francisco I've Got You Under My Skin Lady is a Tramp Luck be a Lady Misty Moondance Moon River My Favorite Things My Funny Valentine Nearness of You Nice n Easy Night and Day Old Black Magic Paper Moon Someone to Watch Over Me Stardust Summertime Summerwind Swingin' on a Star They Can't Take That Away from Me Under My Skin Unforgettable Way You Look Tonight When I Fall in Love When Irish Eyes (bop) Witchcraft World on a String Yesterday You Do Something to Me
  13. Which is better, having your "own" voice, or having your "own" voice AND being able to adapt to sound like other singers too? The two aren't mutually exclusive, and I would say that one can learn a LOT about his or her own voice by attempting to duplicate the sounds of others.
  14. You do Lemmy, now your talking, or should I say singing. Sunglasses? Check. Black cowboy hat? Check. Razor blades to gargle? Check. :omg:
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