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  1. about 3/8 of a mile from my front door, so I'm always ticked-off when all I find are bills and Viagra advertisements... Today, otoh, the walk was actually worth it...the new CD by singer/songwriter Steve Z (we reg'lar acoustic clowns know him as "Babablowfish"), he of the mellowest of vocals and the beautifulest turns of phrase, awaited me...I immediately slapped this puppy into the ol' CD stereo in my studio/barn and shifted into "diggin' it" mode! As good as his 1st one was, his sophmore effort is even better! His voice seems more relaxed and he sounds like he's REALLY gettin
  2. http://hic1.kazserv.com/~khabs/BlindBlake/HeIsInTheJailhouseNow.mp3 http://atomicdeathray.com/wp-content/uploads/blind_blake-diddie_wa_diddie.mp3 http://cowsarejustfood.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/blind-blake-rope-stretchin-blues-part-1.mp3
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