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  1. OK, finally remembered that I'd promised to put up pics (been pretty busy)...hadn't painted it yet, so it still looks a little rough. : From the top: From the bottom: Top output jack is for the Toe Tapper, bottom one is for the washboard. I tap with my right foot, work the washboard (tap the "slider" for a "sorta hi-hat" sound or slide it back and forth for a guiro/snare/alternate sound) with my left. Performed at a local flea market last Saturday, made decent $$$, and got 3 orders for the "Delta Drum Set"...
  2. Read about using a deep-cycle battery like yours...always wondered what it would cost, for powering my PA for outdoor gigs where I'd ordinarily have to use a couple 100' extension cords (one gig required 3!) because the spot chosen for the band. Very much appreciate your info!
  3. Have used Poly's for many years, and pretty much any place that carries Nanos carry Polys, as well...lots of folks like 'em. To me, they sound a lot like a set of PBs that are about a week old, and they retain that tone for literally months.
  4. Felt a bit warped, so just be glad I didn't make a video of this... It kinda answers the off-asked, but, until now, never adequately answered question: What would Clapton sound like, if he had listened to Woody Guthrie more than Robert Johnson?... http://terryallanhall.com/wonderful2.mp3 Taylor 355 12-string, Hohner Big River Harp (in a modified Lee Oskar rack), "Delta Drum Set" (foot activated washboard/stomp board), Shure SM-58, the last couple seconds due to sloppy editing...
  5. That's pretty cool...another you might find interesting is Farmer's Footdrum: http://www.footdrums.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6:about-farmer-musical-instrument-co&catid=1:about-us&Itemid=10
  6. OK, here's the newest version. I built a Toe Tapper into the right side, so that, through the two outputs, I can run the Toe Tapper into one PA channel, EQd to total bass, no treble or mids (therefore, sounds a lot like a bass drum), while the washboard part is EQ'd "flat" (treble, mids, bass neither cut nor boosted) and run into another channel. Used it last night at a restaurant gig and it worked very well. One thing that I didn't anticipate, but pleases me, is how little "crosstalk" there is between the two pickups...the Tapper's pickup amplifies very little of the washboard, the washboard's pickup amplifies very little of the Tapper. I'm assuming that this is because the metal in the washboard part is not coupled tightly to the wood frame. Going to paint it today and make it look a little neater. A drummer friend is having me give his daughter mandolin lessons in return for him giving me basic drum lessons...he's really opened my eyes as to the possibilities of this simple gadget! Now, it's just a lot of wood-shedding until I can coordinate playing more interesting rhythms while singing, playing guitar and tootling on my harmonicas.
  7. Set up an electric guitar to do that (Low E and A were bass strings)...worked pretty good! Wish I'd thought to have a seperate output for the bass strings, the main flaw in mine. Best of luck, Dave from EurekaSound, it's a very viable idea for guitarists who play fingerstyle.
  8. Love goats (no, not in THAT way!) eekphil
  9. On the cheap, there's this:http://www.ebay.com/itm/XLR-Female-to-USB-Male-3m-9ft-Black-Cable-Cord-Adapter-Microphone-Link-/360658115517?pt=US_Cables_Snakes_Interconnects&hash=item53f8e61bbd I've used one, with one of my Shure mics, for a lot of fast demos (and several VOM1Ts, as well).
  10. I'd think, if I used tracks at all, I'd go with the "all-of-the-above" option, just because you can more easily cover more ground...if a bought-tracked song really goes over well and gets a lot of requests, then create your own version, while if it's a song that only gets requested occasionally, probably not.
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