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  1. *pees in corner of thread* ummmmm... say what?
  2. Two additions that have served well in many gigs over the years... 1. Try to avoid women with big boyfriends. c. If you can’t follow rule #1, remember to never lead with your chin...
  3. There aren’t any outlets at festivals... extension cords everywhere! Take a deep breath, relax.... you’ve got this!
  4. It’s all physics... the angle the cymbal hangs probably has more effect on sustain than the pad it rests upon. (surface area/compaction rate etc. being relative)
  5. Ha! There’s plenty of room! We’ve been remodeling and I dare say it’s decadently delightful...
  6. g-g-g-goo g-goo ca- ca-ca chooooo!
  7. It’s ok, brother... I’ll save thou a seat right beside my throne... spell check inserted thou for you... better living thru technological error...
  8. I understand... ive gone the same route in analogue... I’m multi-instrumental and have put in the time playing, recording, mixing it all down... freaking over the most minute, insignificant thing to any but another geek musician... but say I’ve just recorded my sleazy version of van morrisons moondance and in the middle of the second verse I hear Gershwin’s summertime? Or whipping post, or riding the storm out... It’s a natural , smoother than... well, it’s a smooth transition into another world... that can’t be done because I programmed this in another time... another frame of context... it just won’t allow for the slightest variation let alone a complete revamp... and I get it... there are folks that spend their lives trying to sound like someone else’s idea of how something should be played... and then you have miscreants such as I that give the purists nightmares... dont look under your bed! sweet dreams!
  9. For my money, “programmable” equates to “boring af”... predictable never lights my fire... and there’s not even a grace notes difference in the fill at measure 116... ever... mind numbingly cookie cuttery goodness... no argument, just different perspective... it’s like my take on Bozzio... eye candy is nice, it has its place... impressive gear excites the neophytes... I get it... and if you don’t know any better, it’s easy to think that all that stuff makes you more creative when I find for me, the exact opposite is true... the more I have to play with, the lazier I become. The same lick can be camouflaged to sound different in a thousand ways... but it’s still the same tired lick... speed, sheer volume of notes played or mountains of gear have never impressed me as much as imagination, articulation, and recognition of silence being the most important component of a musical composition. I remember talking with buddy rich at a drum seminar and some kid got up and had the testicularity to get on his set and play a little solo... he waited until the kid was donee and then politely excused himself and went back to his kit... thanked the lad and then sat down and played the kids solo back to him... with one drumstick... then picks up the second stick and plays a stone cold crazy solo drumstick on drumstick! Ive never looked at claves the same way since... for all the wonderful and convenient paths technology can lead us down, relinquishing the very heart of the music to a glorified mechanical monkey sends me to the next venue in a hurry... or on to wash my cat...
  10. I’d be much more interested in an auto bass pedal or a multi-instrumental transposer that works on the fly in real time for any instrument you could dial in... to each their own, but ive always considered being compared to a clockwork, cymbal bangin” monkey to be insulting... no matter how fancy the box, no matter how clever the programmer, there’s no way you can convince me that it ever hopes to compare to imagination, inspiration and the creative spontaneity embodied in a human artist...
  11. You just have to play it the same way... every time... this is a major deal breaker for me... no way does that fit me but ive seen it work wonders for others... that said I make a concentrated effort not to be like every act you see in every duo/solo stage across the country... everyone has gadgets, toys, electronic smoothies... mmmmmm... so “just another guy” on stage with a guitar can definitely be cookie cutteringly mind numbing or it can be a delightful diversion from whatever one perceives as the norm... I have all the toys.. harmonizers, digital geegaws and who’s it’s... (if you need pitch correction, hire a vocalist with some skills or play really really well), and it detracts from my performances every time. I’m not sitting on stage, thinking about what choreography routine I must bend to in order to make sure I have that track... wait... intonation... what was that??? instead, I’m standing, reaching for the mic from my toes, opening my heart and just listening to it pour out... no thinking, no dancing to another tune, no books, no phones or tablets... just allowing it to flow from the heart... and say what you want, ive seen virtuoso players get passed over by the masses for a simple, humble artist choosing to not be too afraid to show their heart... they’re going to love you if you just be you...seriously, you’ve got this.
  12. Kill me now... I’m looking at another duo... at a festival I was working last year, a man wanders up with a fairly large harp... quiet, very humble and open spirit... almost apologetically inquiring if he might be allowed to play a bit when there was a lull... i mic’d him up and turned him loose. He was amazing! I asked permission to try and accompany him and it was on! Ive worked with folks and sometimes you struggle to find an instrument that fits... this was the exact opposite. I ran through 9 flutes... fujara and futujara... guitar, handpan, and a darbuka... every instrument was a seamless fit... as if we had been playing together all our lives... the kind of magick that makes every sacrifice to the craft, soooo worth all of the expense... we exchanged info and then... basically, life happened and the past year has been a bit of a haul if you know anything about our current and ongoing circumstances... but then, last week I’m playing a gathering for the local permaculture community... about ten miles from our animal sanctuary... and guess who shows up at my dome? Yeah! Stringman, man!! Total improvisation... we held them for over two hours as if under a spell... and the best is he lives about 5 miles from my home! Im playing Atlanta again this week, so we’re setting up a little time in a sweet little studio in tallahassee... gasoline alley, for when I get back. we’ve decided to lay down a few tracks and give this thing a critical ear... What joy!
  13. Steve, ive used a couple different fender acoustasonic amps and loved them... until I used them for vocals too... I’d recommend trying one out, and really wringing it out... ive found when I crowd the mic, it gets a little muddy... I’m still digging my little qsc/soundcraft ui16 rig... just as easy to schlep and far cleaner to my ear.
  14. David... if you hired me to lay down drum tracks and you noticed my cymbal pads... I wasn’t doing my job...
  15. First off... welcome to the boards! You’re going to find a lot of info here... I like your taste in gear, but imho, you’re overthinking this thing, pick up a guitar and go play... stop trying to plan what the unpredictable humans are going to enjoy and have a little fun of your own... you’re worrying about subtle instrument differences and playing to folks that have little discernment for basic intonation... and then they add alcohol... what kind of pa are you using?
  16. dude, by all means... have a seat and sing your heart out... argue with basic mechanics of singing all you like... its surely no skin off my ass,,,
  17. please return me to such status! bless you phil...
  18. I'm in Atlanta this coming weekend... where are you now? LoL
  19. youre half right... 🤣 practical??
  20. i should have expected a condescending tone from such a neophyte... no sir, you sit to sing because you are either uneducated or lazy... possibly both? if youre still sitting to record, we both know the answer to that now... thanks for confirming... lol.
  21. by the way, i have a modern computer where it allows me to stand at a workstation... and a program that will even allow me to trim my footsteps as i approach the mic if i choose to “reach all the way down to the desk from standing fully erect” in order to reach that “difficult to find whilst standing” button on my juuuuuuuust sliiiiightly out of reeeeach keyboard.... 👇
  22. not really, i was more addressing the concept of proper breathing and support being necessary to sound your best... i just assumed if you are going to the trouble to record something, you might want to sound as good as possible? sitting position jams up that diaphragm and intonation will suffer not to mention projection and tone... sacrificing the very basics of proper technique for any reason is rarely a good beginning but if what you sound like doesnt matter to you, why should it matter to me? i cant hear you from here...
  23. id be surprised if that makes a noticeable difference... i would look at mic placement/selection right off the bat. cymbal selection and placement... physics dictate that a cymbal hanging perfectly horizontal will sustain longer than the same cymbal under identical conditions hanging at angle...
  24. wait... you sing sitting down? why?
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