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  1. If the mothership took you and left me again...  I swear I am gonna be so pissed!  

  2. its quite a simple matter to smile when life is going your way. a true test of ones spirit is seen in the ability to smile from your heart when everything is going wrong... may you realize you have reason to smile with every breath... peace and balance...
  3. perspective... life is as hard or as simple as we make it. “genreâ€... another label devised to divide things that need no separation. there are simply two types of music, that which is found to be pleasing to the listener and “everything else.†and in truth, music that is not in the favorites category can be appreciated and learned from just the same. that said, dont limit your listening/learning to western scales, composition and timings... there is literally a whole world of unique influences from which to draw upon, allowing any faithful student an opportunity to create a t
  4. Teh link seems to be nonfunctional...
  5. It important to note that it isn't solely high sound pressure levels that are responsible for hearing loss. Constancy of sound over prolonged periods also take its toll on our ability to hear, especially those high frequencies that give us definition and add sparkle to our palette. Long hours spent even at moderate levels have more impact than one might think. If this technology and knowledge had been around 50 years ago I might be able to hear normally today. Think....
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