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  1. I hate long pants if the weather is over 20-25 degrees. Below that I keep shorts at work and change into them when I get there For gigs, it depends. But I don't dress like grandpa taking the grandkds to the carnival
  2. well, ya gotta power a speaker somehow/somewhere.
  3. Around here most bar gigs are 9-1 or so. I agree on using the actual date.
  4. Just tried you link Mark and same thing. Could it be because I am using a tablet? Just wondering if you could make an insert cable with different length leads, say he of about 14' and the other roughly 30'.
  5. I usually go to bed about 1 am anyway, regardless of a gig or not. :-)
  6. Royals-Lourde and F' You-Celo Greene, both noticeably different than the original. Also, Blown' Smoke, Follow Your Arrow, Chicken Fried, Put the Gun Down all are within the last couple years I think. Pontoon, is that still considered new?
  7. knotty wrote: Ok , I tend to play an A shape barre on 6th fret, or other variation, but is this open Eb actually playable? To qualify, I mean the one commonly displayed as E 3rd fret B 4th G 3rd D 1st Are you trying to tune to an open Eb?
  8. tacdryver wrote: Was watching local cable access tv and this hippy band doing this two chord drone, which I used to hate, now I love, and noticed that useless girl with the tamborine that some guys have up on stage with them. It made all the difference. She was cute, gave me something to look at. Anyone try the 'hot chick on stage' thing to spruce up the stage presence a little? Ummm, no, not as a prop.
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