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  1. yes, and thats just changes in programming... theres more, fer sure!
  2. rhetorical... i dont want to know... nothing rediculous about this post...
  3. once upon a time, you used to be a pretty straight up guy... wtf happened?
  4. no matter what i do, you slight it... thats cool... your comments come across as condescending and acidic... my favorite was, “ oh, you can play the altruism card” when i spoke of running the animal shelter... its gone downhill steadily from there... but do keep it up, im just getting started...
  5. now, would you like to ban me for something youve started? would be par for the course in this dump...
  6. whats the deal daddy-o? i thought mids were supposed to defuse things not start things! live and learn i guess, huh? perfectly valid responses... every one. find a pipe, stuff that in it, enjoy...
  7. there is no excuse for your response to me... other than petty reasons... i suggest you check yourself.
  8. rediculous response? this is a personal attack... of course it will be ok, cause youre a moderator... how about you cool your jets on me mister, now....
  9. riiiight... several solo acts i knoe are working online... with virtual tip jars... making a little cash. mebbe there are a few intrepid folks knows hows ta do dis internets stuff and those that dont... no need to be overtly flippant... is there?
  10. what stops you from trying it? if the chance of someone elect dropping 100, or 50... or 5 here, 20 there is worth the time? might be, im curious, now...
  11. notes? alien contact in multiple major urban areas around the planet... slated for august!
  12. oh wait... my bad... according to prior practices... sometimes they take their time saying anything... it depends upon who you are perceived to be around here...
  13. id say no... this is very pertinent to the single and duo acts... and im sure someone would have been quick to point it out...
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