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  1. dude, by all means... have a seat and sing your heart out... argue with basic mechanics of singing all you like... its surely no skin off my ass,,,
  2. please return me to such status! bless you phil...
  3. I'm in Atlanta this coming weekend... where are you now? LoL
  4. youre half right... 🤣 practical??
  5. i should have expected a condescending tone from such a neophyte... no sir, you sit to sing because you are either uneducated or lazy... possibly both? if youre still sitting to record, we both know the answer to that now... thanks for confirming... lol.
  6. by the way, i have a modern computer where it allows me to stand at a workstation... and a program that will even allow me to trim my footsteps as i approach the mic if i choose to “reach all the way down to the desk from standing fully erect” in order to reach that “difficult to find whilst standing” button on my juuuuuuuust sliiiiightly out of reeeeach keyboard.... 👇
  7. not really, i was more addressing the concept of proper breathing and support being necessary to sound your best... i just assumed if you are going to the trouble to record something, you might want to sound as good as possible? sitting position jams up that diaphragm and intonation will suffer not to mention projection and tone... sacrificing the very basics of proper technique for any reason is rarely a good beginning but if what you sound like doesnt matter to you, why should it matter to me? i cant hear you from here...
  8. id be surprised if that makes a noticeable difference... i would look at mic placement/selection right off the bat. cymbal selection and placement... physics dictate that a cymbal hanging perfectly horizontal will sustain longer than the same cymbal under identical conditions hanging at angle...
  9. wait... you sing sitting down? why?
  10. our animal sanctuary and rescue pretty much keeps me grounded in reality... that and focusing on getting my wife out of her wheelchair, since the accident.
  11. Teh link seems to be nonfunctional...
  12. It important to note that it isn't solely high sound pressure levels that are responsible for hearing loss. Constancy of sound over prolonged periods also take its toll on our ability to hear, especially those high frequencies that give us definition and add sparkle to our palette. Long hours spent even at moderate levels have more impact than one might think. If this technology and knowledge had been around 50 years ago I might be able to hear normally today. Think....
  13. its quite a simple matter to smile when life is going your way. a true test of ones spirit is seen in the ability to smile from your heart when everything is going wrong... may you realize you have reason to smile with every breath... peace and balance...
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