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  1. Voltan


    beautiful! congrats!
  2. several colleges and universities offer courses in engineering... i know this to be factual as ive witnessed such offerings in various institutions of higher learning all over the country... as a result, there also seems to be an entire industry built around the knowledge and skill set thus developed, or focused by such expensively procured educational ventures, that exists just to assist those afflicted with the inability or unwillingness to try to do something for themselves. fabricators, inventors, designers, consultants, project managers, architects... these people put bread on their tables, feed their families, with the things they imagine and build in their minds... in the world in which i live, there is commonly an exchange for services rendered. a decent sort will usually compensate according to their upbringing in a way valued by both parties involved... ummmm... dude, daddymack has been offering his brain work for free and you havent even said “thanks, man”... id charge you an hourly rate because you tend to keep adding and changing what you want or i would place a pretty high price on it as a project to compensate the extra work that is inevitable. send me your plans and i’ll take a look at them for $425.00 us. we can discuss further compensation should i decide to take the project. thank you for your consideration and time. V.
  3. thanks for catching that... i seriously am having vision difficulties and not too much i can do right now... thank you for your patience and understanding.
  4. its difficult, but not impossible to swish a cheap mic withna windmuff on a ringtailed lemur...
  5. actually, it is your problem... and ill repeat my answer just in case your vision is impaired as well... hope this helps
  6. im using decent gear, thank you very much... however i have a severe bit of glaucoma due to an eye operation i had before quarantine... so im sorry if my physical limitations don’t quite meet the expected standards around here... i’ll try and get that surgery as soon as possible just so i can see the happy colors that negate all the words typed... please accept my appologies for having a surgeon that was a bumbling fuktard... sometimes we all jump to conclusions... try not to make it a habit, mkay?
  7. morons berate people after theyve trolled them... type a bunch of bullshjt and add a smilie... “oh, its a joke”...
  8. dude, youre the only joke here... there are no smilies.. just let it go... do yourself a favor...
  9. ok... wtf is this? a recipe for breakfast smoithies? dude, you asked... on a public forum... peeps gonna reply... thats the way it works. youll get the hang of it.
  10. right... i like dancing in the rain, but that doesnt negate the fact that a lot of other folks, besides us, have moved on to other forms of social media... i mean, you did ask for opinions...
  11. roaches and ant have brains, ants an incredibly intense social structure... so while i get what youre saying, jellies are about as opposite from us as it gets... and theyve been around longer than insects, worms, dinosaurs, mammals, the list goes on...
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