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  1. that would be a welcome change... but the gibson has been gathering dust since i started playing the Fresher, “Straighter”...
  2. rhetorical... dont bother, i already know the answer... “increased product news and reviews”. is industry speak for more commercials... i think ima sell my les paul...
  3. right... but several seem to have missed the very first statement in the OP... dude isnt a beginner...
  4. dont buy cheap crap... inexpensive and cheap are NOT interchangeable terms. get the best sounding, best playing instrument you can comfortably afford... if you dont take to it, it at least has some resale value as opposed to cheap crap... which ends up in the landfill where it belongs instead of beating prospective musicians with failure due to cheap, crappy excuses for instruments and all the pitfalls that come with them...
  5. why do you keep referring to someone getting back into playing as a beginner? “im looking to get back into acoustic guitar” doesnt really suggest beginner to me, your understanding of the language obviously varies... again.
  6. maybe ive got the polarity switched?
  7. 96 volt phantom power... (2 x 48v into a y - knot cable) into the second quote box?
  8. i dont smell nuthin’ burnin...
  9. how much do you want for it? right on time!
  10. youre responding to a 9 year old thread in which the last poast was made about 7 years ago... but ummmm.... welcome to the boards, n00b...
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