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  1. you dont reply when im talking to you... so kindly stfu... gtfo of anything i poast... thanks...
  2. this one looks like two guitar picks, one on the other... looks like it would be fun to play! what a hoot!
  3. yes! love the pickups! thats got a funky vibe to it as well! wait a sec... lol... no way
  4. wd-40 is not petroleum... its fish oil... google is your friend...
  5. i like the first one, reminds me of my ovation breadwinner... im not a fan of pointy, poking things on my guitars but thats got nice lines...
  6. or was it meant to be just exactly as it turned out! huh? huh?
  7. lol... so naturally youll be coming from a different place than me... because ive only been doing this since i was about three years old... ive lived in motels, motorhomes, cars, vans and the occasional bus... everyone in the family plays something except for my dad... he played tennis for the navy... you just sounded like you flat hated what you were doing... lifes too short... thats all i was looking at... that and you run too hard to make that nickel...
  8. why do you look at the strings? fingerboard? youre courting bad habits that will most likely hold you back later, if you decide to continue...
  9. if you have a smart phone, youve got a db meter with the right app...
  10. my acoustic drums are this big loud... *holds hands far apart over head*
  11. i think the universe laughs loudly at human plans... you see, it really doesnt matter what you think or what you say... each situation is unique and different... this poast is nothing more than ageism disguised as information seeking... or possibly seeing the future? lol... c’mon sven... based on the info youve given, youre doing little better than minimum wage, if that... and beating yourself to death doing it? im 62 human earth years in existence in this incarnation and my perception is that years and age dont always equal out... theres one trick on drums that i cant physically do now that i could at 20... its off by a fraction of a second, you wouldnt notice it, but i do... however since ive been 20, ive learned thousands more that i can... your line of reasoning doesnt even equate here... just not valid logic, sir... sorry, not sorry... i asked you a simple question and youve talked down to me, dismissed the question, or you still dont understand what im asking so im making this simpler... you sound like you hate what you do for a living, why dont you do something you like? life is short, too short to do anything you dont like doing... no matter... yeah, yeah, money, gear... not the point. the difference between what you do and what i do is the difference between love and money... youre looking to make your dollar and get out... im looking to stay in as long as i can...making it, means something different to you than it does to me... for me, the first time i stepped up on stage and stood behind the mic, i had arrived... youre still looking for the path and trying to tell me how to do things? now, before you get your flame throwers charged up, i made 7 grand in bookings on my calendar this month, three gigs... they all called me... all as im sitting on my tractor, on my animal sanctuary loving life... now, fire away, im too old to give a flying {censored} about how someone else decides to chase their own tail... just know im laughing mine off while youre espousing “The Way” things are done... c’mon... check yerself, bro...
  12. everyone has their own perception, eh? lol... i read through several pages and didnt see any Fresher guitars? a friend pulled it out of a dumpster and gave it to me as a joke...
  13. impressive af! talk about a track record!
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