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  1. Yes, he has access to most of my instruments and gravitates towards strings. He has always had a respectful approach and an artistic sensitivity about physical interaction with whatever instrument he picks up. ( he showed interest in guitar and banjo @ 3yrs and composed a rhyming, two verse song on banjo in Gm). He’s been playing on his own drum kit about 6 months now and when he says he’s ready, I’ll share... but that’s his call. Last year I found an old fender student model like I had for my first “real” electric... a red music master II . all original, paint and case... my luthier said it was made at the end of the Leo Fender era... all I know is it sounds devine through a plexi or jazz chorus... (or both!)... and I’m gifting it to him on my birthday this year. My bd is on the day of the solstice.. a few days before chrispmas and it’s my custom to GIVE gifts on my birthday... already had it massaged and loved by the best luthier in tallahassee and it’s ready... and his favorite color!
  2. The new Prius has a CD player! Lol! I saw a best of Chicago cd and a few others on sale and asked my 8yr old to pick one... chicago! After the “make me smile” finished, I looked in the rear view... Ry’s eyes were lit up! “ what was that! Wow!” He sat the Nintendo down... wait,WHAT!!! He sat the Nintendo down... he actively listens, questions about instruments, and gets strangely quiet and glazes over a bit during the guitar solo in 25 or 6 to 4... but then, so do I...
  3. “Good” is rather subjective... the idea was user controllable musical content in your car... radio was swell, by golly... but now you’re able to slip your girlfriends favorite album into the deck before slipping into the backseat to neck... “good?” Barely covers it from my perspective...
  4. Just learning? 1.) Electronic drums pretty much require electricity, and... a headset ... or speakers... headset... *cough*... nice practice kit... think about that. b.) Acoustic drums can be played during a power outage. (Serious... 30 day’s without electricity due to hurricane michael did NOT prevent me from playing my drums.) 2.28c.) learning curve... go look at a couple local used kits. don’t buy the first kit you see unless it’s a no brainer... it’s an instrument... You play music, you know about this... is it taken care of? Beat up? Compare... .) Name brand doesn’t mean much anymore... I’m a Ludwig man, but ludwig has a cheap line as well... Pearl, slingerland, Rogers, tama, yamaha, Sonor, DW, Ludwig, Gretsch, North, and a hundred other professional quality manufacturers will keep you spinning... see what you have available locally, take some pics, listen, get a feel... bring all your questions here... there are people in this forum with the skills and willingness to help with this... be forewarned... drums are habit forming and some say addiction is real... 1) I have 8yr old and 17yr old progeny still at home.. when you said 3 boys... b) neighbors... lol... 2.28c)... .) If I don’t see a question you have on this, message me...
  5. But as pertinent and informative as the day it was poasted... and more! Thanks! I love learning about music...
  6. If the mothership took you and left me again...  I swear I am gonna be so pissed!  

  7. Thank you, I’m afraid neither of those are in the cards... but then she’s walking without crutches up to 15 minutes at a stretch and she was told she would never walk again...
  8. My dad is the only one in the family that doesn’t play an instrument... and he came along about the time of the “incident” when they lived in Roswell, NM... my maternal grandfather played lap steel in a party band during prohibition so it was kind of natural that my first guitar was an old harmony hawaiian lap steel... grandpa played a gibson skylark... koa wood, Flying V model... he taught me on that guitar for the first few months... I believe it was a 59... cream colored case, red velvet lined... I can still smell it... right now... anyhow, the pup from the harmony was culled and installed on an acoustic 6 string cheapo harmony that I bought when I was 10 years old... paper route money. At 13 I was making more money with my guitar than from my side hustles with the paper route, mowing lawns and selling eggs from my chickens and thus my descent into the dark abyss began... and continues...
  9. I like the versatility of my roland street cube ex...10/25/50 watts... I’ve been using it a little over a year and a half and still quite pleased with it.
  10. I’m not most drummers then... Copeland... hands down. there are truly monsters in the industry, and Stewart Copeland is two or three of them all by himself...
  11. *pees in corner of thread* ummmmm... say what?
  12. Two additions that have served well in many gigs over the years... 1. Try to avoid women with big boyfriends. c. If you can’t follow rule #1, remember to never lead with your chin...
  13. There aren’t any outlets at festivals... extension cords everywhere! Take a deep breath, relax.... you’ve got this!
  14. It’s all physics... the angle the cymbal hangs probably has more effect on sustain than the pad it rests upon. (surface area/compaction rate etc. being relative)
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