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  1. I hate long pants if the weather is over 20-25 degrees. Below that I keep shorts at work and change into them when I get there For gigs, it depends. But I don't dress like grandpa taking the grandkds to the carnival
  2. well, ya gotta power a speaker somehow/somewhere.
  3. Around here most bar gigs are 9-1 or so. I agree on using the actual date.
  4. Just tried you link Mark and same thing. Could it be because I am using a tablet? Just wondering if you could make an insert cable with different length leads, say he of about 14' and the other roughly 30'.
  5. I usually go to bed about 1 am anyway, regardless of a gig or not. :-)
  6. Royals-Lourde and F' You-Celo Greene, both noticeably different than the original. Also, Blown' Smoke, Follow Your Arrow, Chicken Fried, Put the Gun Down all are within the last couple years I think. Pontoon, is that still considered new?
  7. knotty wrote: Ok , I tend to play an A shape barre on 6th fret, or other variation, but is this open Eb actually playable? To qualify, I mean the one commonly displayed as E 3rd fret B 4th G 3rd D 1st Are you trying to tune to an open Eb?
  8. tacdryver wrote: Was watching local cable access tv and this hippy band doing this two chord drone, which I used to hate, now I love, and noticed that useless girl with the tamborine that some guys have up on stage with them. It made all the difference. She was cute, gave me something to look at. Anyone try the 'hot chick on stage' thing to spruce up the stage presence a little? Ummm, no, not as a prop.
  9. Nice gig! Strongly considering gong back to a Mesa as my next amp. Tien somebody used to be the main tech that I would speak to until he got promoted. Wonder if he is still there. Congrats! The Express Plus 5:25 looks very tempting!
  10. RoadRanger wrote: acctjm wrote: I apologize if this is well known, but I've been searching the HC FAQs and havent' been able to find out how to determine the geographic location of people making posts on here. A lot of posts make reference to local gigs or regional conditions, but don't always state where that is. So, can anyone help me out and tell me how to determine the poster's location? Thanks in advance. Well, you used to be able to see under their name but then they "improved" the software a year ago - but don't get us started . Actually if you click on my name you'll see my location - but I'm probably the only one here who's figured out how to make that happen . Wow, it isn't there anymore, is it. That's kinda lame.
  11. StratGuy22 wrote: Mine will say "I told you I was sick" StratGuy22 wrote: Mine will say "I told you I was sick" I always liked that one!
  12. flemtone wrote: tacdryver wrote: I just offered someone $75 for their Marshall head. Feels like I am doing God's work. I dunno, seems kinda dickish. Why would anyone enjoy being a dick? This would have been my serious answer.
  13. race81 wrote: Was asked this past weekend if our band would be interested in opening for a "country" headlining act, and asked what we would charge. I know its a yearly event, and a headliner would be something bigger than the normal at it the event. Was told we would open for them, around a 1 to 1.5 hour set. P.A. provided from a well known local company, and would be expecting 3000 people for the show. I told him a price and he kinda balked, i believe thinking because it was a short set and the opportunity to open for a headliner. He also mentioned they had almost all theyre funds wrapped up in the headliner also. The price I quoted him would be about half of we would of got to play this same event in past years. Is there that much prestige in playing these, or just what the band wants? Kinda new at booking these things, but old enough to know our time is worth something. Not to mention that we would have to take off work early for the event also. Im guessin these things are personal preference, but I have no idea who the headliner is.......and that could make a difference to me, but not others in the band. How do you guys n gals approach these?? Most of the ones w've have been in the 300-500 range for 60-80 minutes.
  14. tacdryver wrote: I just offered someone $75 for their Marshall head. Feels like I am doing God's work. If it was a Valvestate that's way too much.
  15. No one song but more just seeing legendary performers on TV as a child. Flatts/Scruggs on Bev Hillbillies were some favorites
  16. If you do it well, just find the biker bars that have live music. You should do just fine.
  17. Guitar Slim wrote: Have any of you used one of these hybrid acoustic/electric Taylor T5s at a gig? I've tried one out in the store but only through an acoustic amp. That sound was fantastic but I'm wondering what the T5 sounds like through a regular electric amp with distortion. The reason I ask is that I now carry 2 electrics and 1 acoustic to gigs; 1 of the electrics only being back up. If the T5 sounds good "electrically", I could cut out carrying a back up electric. Thanks for any insight, They can sound very nice but I think Taylor really screwed up by not having separate outputs for the electric and acoustic tones. I would never consider one because of that fact.
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