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Sound Quality

I've only used it in a home studio environment with a cassette 4-track, so its sound quality was more than adequate. I loved the taps and the pitch shifts, though the unit never sounded very "warm." When it crashed -- which it did regularly -- it would produce fantastic overdriven distortion followed by a gorgeous squeal.


It almost makes me happy to come here and see that others have suffered as I have. Frequently one channel would fuzz out, and just when you'd compensated for the unbalanced levels it would fuzz back in again, blowing your eardrums. It would crash often enough for it to stop being a surprise. Over time I've needed to turn it on and off an increasing number of times to get it started...now, about 90% of the time, it wakes up with gibberish and no audio. And when it does finally wake up all the effects titles are garbage symbols...you need to do the factory reset to get them back. Anybody who depends on this unit for gigging -- even when it's being "nice" -- is asking for trouble.

General Comments

It was great for adding subtle effects to the mix -- reverb, delay -- and I loved the pitch shift. Modulation effects were less useful as you couldn't manually edit them without producing a clicking noise. Since I record experimental/noise music it wasn't catastrophic when it malfunctioned (sometimes it sounded good!) but now that it no longer powers up it's just gathering dust. It's time for me to buy a new effects processor.

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