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  1. It was incredibly overwhelming at first but we're slowly coming to terms with what we'll need to do. Power is slowly being restored around the area, we had a contractor over yesterday, still waiting for the insurance rep. A friend helped us get tarps on the worst parts of the roof. I've been wearing out my little Poulan Pro chainsaw and had to order some new parts for it. The damage to our second floor is extensive so I'm certain that Brenda and I will need to move into the basement bedroom. With that in mind we're clearing stuff out of there and will be moving a lot of stuff into storage as well as eliminating a lot of other things, we have a move planned in under a year so that part is actually a positive direction albeit a bit premature. I figured our music career was over for a while, perhaps until after we move but Brenda mentioned she'd still like to play the two or three gigs we have on the books if they're a go and then we'll see what happens going forward after that. It is a day by day thing for sure.
  2. Priorities have changed significantly for us, our house took a direct hit from Monday's "derecho" while our whole town and much of the surrounding area has been devastated. Massive trees have been uprooted, semis overturned, poles, signs, billboards, etc. bent backwards and littering the streets. A storm with sustained winds in excess of 100mph, equal to a hurricane, has done massive damage to many homes and businesses and we have no idea when power will be restored for much of the area. I've just returned to work today where there is power and internet in this building. Our house lost half of the roofing leaving one particularly large exposed area that took on a lot of water. We had a ceiling cave in upstairs in one of the bedrooms from the soaked attic insulation. We're exhausted from cutting up blown over trees, limbs and other debris around the yard and driveway. We were able to borrow a generator yesterday and got some fans blowing up into the attic through the gaping hole that used to be ceiling. Ceiling, carpeting, sub-flooring and who knows what all else will need to be repaired and replaced. We'll be in recovery mode for months to come, likely well into next year so we've rented a storage unit and plan to start packing and moving a lot of things out of the house. We've stayed with relatives who live 40 minutes to the south the last couple of nights. It's amazing how trivial the "big" problems we had a few days ago have become!
  3. If so I'll take the opportunity to mention that I typically look for the best sale deals rather than financing options, however, having said that I'll also mention that I believe they have better support after the sale than most and Gearfest is unequaled in the industry.
  4. That's an interesting way of thinking about it but it's probably true for most groups that use a sound company, including a lot of larger pop/rock concerts.
  5. In our duo I'm using a wireless on my guitar so I can actually walk out front and check the sound/level of our playing but not my vocal which is probably the most important part.
  6. The last band I was in had a fairly professional setup always with in-ear monitors and sound guy on hire. I wasn't a fan of the in-ear monitors to any great extent however it definitely kept stage volume lower and I had the ability to tweak the mix to my liking. As my main position was keyboards that was especially important due to the large frequency range inherent with keys. I also played some rhythm and lead guitar and was happy using a Sansamp Fly Rig. They actually badgered me into bringing an amp so I started taking my little 5 watt '59 Gibson Skylark, the sound guy would mic it and it sounded great. I suppose the thing is though, none of that would matter if you don't have top notch players and a great sound guy to mix it all. There was no way for me to know how the sound was out front. The drummer used a mix of acoustic and electronic drums which probably helped also as typically the drums are going to set the minimal level on stage in a band setting.
  7. Actually I saw the number at a .gov website and I've gone back to look again. It's apparently still an estimate at this point. As it's a percentage it's apparently based off the numbers from the previous quarter(s). I see there it also says "seasonally adjusted at annual rates". I don't have the time to dig in and do any deep research but obviously what I'm seeing here looks concerning. I'd be interested to know more about what you mean if you could summarize it in a way that's not overly complex.
  8. Yes I saw that our GDP was down over 34% for second quarter 2020, anyone with basic math skills should see how precarious that can leave us. The huge avionics company I work for has announced some significant layoffs and it's easy to predict more chain reactions coming across the board. Soup line anyone? We played our gig at Nautifish on Lake of the Ozarks Saturday night, had a great time, perhaps we can call ourselves a regional act now? We'd rescheduled the July 26 afternoon gig we had to later this month due to weather and have another booked for September 4th at Stone City. We'll need to see where things are at before booking any later than September because outdoor temperatures can become more intermittent as October rolls around. The gigs won't matter too much for us since we'll need to halt that by early next year anyway. We both now have dates and a solid retirement (or at least semi-retirement) plan now in place which includes moving out west to Utah. We've got a number of home update/maintenance projects to take care of and will probably need to move a lot of stuff, including music gear, into storage early next year as we list our house for sale.
  9. I'm going to agree, however, from a completely opposite perspective. Ever since Trump won the election the left has been beside itself, in fact, democrats appear completely willing to allow the USA to be destroyed if that will bring him down. There hasn't been anything like it since they attempted to break from the Union to preserve slavery. They've tried "election interference", Russia, impeachment, smear campaigns and anything else they can think of but nothing could damage the strong economy and America first agenda until a new idea came to them sometime between the end of February and mid March. Between the time Nancy Pelosi was running around Chinatown telling everyone not to worry because Trump was just a fear mongering racist for closing down travel from China and St. Patrick's Day someone saw a new golden opportunity, ie; let's make 'rona the scariest thing since Jason Voorhees. Actually it was brilliant because they knew the media was more than willing to jump aboard and, surprisingly to me, a large segment of the population are so gullible they will just believe whatever their TV's tell them. It's the only rational explanation because the numbers and data just don't add up. A little history to supplement and substantiate my theory may be in order. Back in 1968 I was eight years old and attending Saticoy grade school in North Hollywood. In September of that year the first occurrence of the H3N2 virus (Hong Kong Flu) appeared in the States. According to the CDC site here it took out 100,000 Americans with an estimated 1 million people worldwide and, of course, it still exists today. Much like COVID-19 it appears to have been worse for folks 65 and older. Through it all life did not change for anyone I knew.....at all, nothing was shut down, school went on as always and I never saw people running around with masks on, even in the crowded Valley and beyond. I don't even remember hearing about it but certainly I've just forgotten, I was particularly young. Fast forward to 2009 and we have the H1N1 (Swine Flu) pandemic. According to the CDC site here it was particularly dangerous for children whereas COVID-19 is not despite the big argument now occurring over children returning to school. Although the death rate was much lower there were an estimated 60 million cases and again, stores, businesses, schools, government offices and everything else remained open. "There are 219 virus species that are known to be able to infect humans. The first of these to be discovered was yellow fever virus in 1901, and three to four new species are still being found every year." How are any of us still alive? I know this will not resonant with you, or others too deeply steeped in partisan politics, but I believe it's important to get this information out there for others to see because the panic and hysteria just needs to stop!!
  10. I actually do have gigs, doing another this weekend at a place on Lake of the Ozarks. Blaming politicians just seems so nonobjective and narrow minded to me, after all, when have politicians ever been able to stop a global pandemic? Let's also not forget that China seems to have attempted to cover up the apparent severity and the USA had allowed itself to become heavily dependent upon imports from there! According to time lines that are verifiable: December 31: Reports emerge that China investigating illness Reports emerge that the Chinese government is investigating an "outbreak of respiratory illness in the central city of Wuhan". January 6-8: CDC issues a series of warnings, alerts The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issues travel warnings for Americans wishing to go to China to take extra precautions. It also says it is closely monitoring the virus, but there are no known cases in the US. January 16: CDC says US will screen passengers arriving from Wuhan The CDC holds a briefing on the virus and officials say the US will start to screen passengers arriving from or connecting through Wuhan. January 21: First US case confirmed The first case is confirmed in a traveller who had recently visited China and returned to Washington state. January 29: US coronavirus task force created The White House starts its coronavirus response task force, headed by US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. January 31: Trump blocks travel from China Trump issues an executive order blocking entry to the US from anyone who has been in China in the last 14 days. It does not apply to US residents and family members or spouses of US residents or citizens. Nancy Pelosi Visits San Francisco's Chinatown Amid Coronavirus Concerns By NBC Bay Area staff • Published February 24, 2020 • Updated on February 25, 2020 at 7:05 am "Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi toured San Francisco's Chinatown Monday to send a message. She said there's no reason tourists or locals should be staying away from the area because of coronavirus concerns." Just trying to present some alternative perspectives based on what appears to be factual data.
  11. I'm seeing a lot of references to politics, have you typically turned to politicians for your behavior modeling?
  12. I came up with a new term, rather than Antifa, it's Antima!
  13. I believe I posted somewhere here perhaps roughly a month ago that my wife had volunteered for testing to ad to the data, it was easily accessible for her because she's a professional at the University Hospital/Clinics. It took a couple days for the results that she was negative. I reasoned it was safe to assume I didn't have it either since she's negative and neither of us were experiencing symptoms. We both feel it's possible we'd had it around the first week of January but that's a different test. As a critical thinker I was left wondering how contagious it actually is since for the test they must shove a cotton swab deep up into your nose. Any speculation on that?
  14. There's no reason to think otherwise, I'll likely show up at one of your gigs!
  15. Folks have taken different approaches and I have absolutely no problem with anyone determining what's in their own best interest just as I am uncompromising in determining mine, it should be understood and expected. Another thing I learned long ago is that wishing, hoping or expecting others to provide, or even care about, my personal interests or safety has always lead to failure and frustration. Since I'd never stopped going to work this whole time I'd also done drive-thru and carry out while things were essentially shut down. Life for me never changed to the degree it obviously has for some. When the "lock downs" first began in March I was concerned and didn't disagree with the idea that this must be serious but after thinking logically about it for a while it occurred to me that there's never been a way for anyone to contain a virus after it's reached a general population and any efforts to do so are typically days, weeks, perhaps even months behind so I quickly resigned myself to any fate that might befall me and came to terms with it quickly. I reasoned that the best, and perhaps only, defense was to maintain a strong immune system and I've gone down that path. Frankly, it's a philosophy I'm surprised I haven't seen more people adhere to but oddly, to me anyway, also one that hasn't seemed to get much exposure from the typical sources. In any case, I'm aware that many would argue or disagree but that's fine, I'm only trying to express my own thoughts and I don't have any illusion that I can influence anyone else.
  16. We got home today from our vacation where we rode the bike just under 3300 miles through 8 different states. We had our annual party on the 3rd of July where our house, up on the hill above the river, has a great view of the fireworks display the boat club has every year. We had a really good band we'd hired play. My wife and I jammed a bit as did some other friends. We had record attendance last year (around 100) but this year was down to around 60 and the fireworks were cancelled. We left on the 5th and have been out until today. My wife and I have a gig coming up on the 26th at a place about 30 miles east and she's also got us booked for a gig at a place on the Lake of the Ozarks for early August where we have friends with a house on the lake that we stay with a couple times a year. It may be a while before I can get back to work on our backing tracks.
  17. Ok well, now you know why I don't bother to discuss it anymore, I mean do you expect me to post a medical journal on disease transmission methods? I simply typed in "is the coronavirus airborne" at the google search line we all know and love. I guess be satisfied that google and I are in league with China conspiring to lie to you? Perhaps this??: https://www.webmd.com/lung/qa/is-the-coronavirus-airborne I'd like to revisit the part where I stated that I don't bother to convince anyone of anything anymore and return to discussing Solo and Duo Acts if that would be ok?
  18. I started the thread to discuss the reemergence of live music, not get into an argument about the virus. I have no cause to lie and I no longer attempt to convince anyone of anything, I'm simply stating facts. Perhaps you don't understand what airborne actually means? Initially my wife, who actually is a doctor, told me that but by all means look it up on google: " Common question Is the coronavirus disease airborne transmitted? According to current evidence, COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact routes. In an analysis of 75,465 COVID-19 cases in China, airborne transmission was not reported."
  19. That won't work, a lot of people don't seem to understand that this virus is not airborne, you'd need to spit in one of his orifices.
  20. That sounds like a horrible experience, so sorry to hear about the losses you're experiencing. I guess I should be very grateful we're not having any problems like that here where I'm at!
  21. Thanks Notes! I'm sure it will be a fun adventure for us, our annual M/C trip is something we both really look forward too and this is going to be a great opportunity to put some of the weirdness that has been 2020 on the back burner for a while hopefully.
  22. My wife and I pretty much expected that we'd cancel due to weather but then we were told that if it was going to rain we would be inside which was a little surprising figuring there were still supposed to be some capacity limitations and such. We kept an eye on the weather and the chances were diminishing. When we got down there we were still a bit undecided and so I said let's just setup inside but after going back outside I changed my mind again and we decided to take our chances outside. It worked out great, it was hot and humid but we had a great turnout, folks really seemed to enjoy it and we stayed dry! The last minute gig worked out great because we picked up some extra "travel" money for our vacation we're headed out on soon! Hopefully things won't be too weird on our M/C trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway and other destinations we've planned.
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