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  1. Valid points. FB is evil and sucks. I hate it..but if you want to interact that’s where most people are. Well adults anyway....
  2. Lolol!!! Cool so all the old loots will stay here and 99% of everyone else and ANYONE young or new will be gone...ok buddy:)
  3. No shizz. I suggested that we take it to Facebook where everyone else has been for years several years ago but was met with indignation.
  4. Oh bummer..so sorry man.. there’s a lot of that kind of thing going on with people in my world too:( God Bless.
  5. It’s always been a drunkin display of varying degrees of idiocy every gig I’ve played over the years. Lol! These days I don’t play Irish stuff or book it anymore but I’ve definitely seen some crazy stuff!
  6. 250 gigs. Almost all solo acoustic..drove 40k miles in my truck doing so. Almost $10k In tips...killed myself though. For whatever reason my corporate band hasn’t really gotten any work we wanted to take, Orlando event planners are so fickle and I’m over banging my head against the wall in frustration. Focusing now on building a wedding business up and we have an absolutely mind blowing journey tribute band it’s the best one I’ve seen out there (singer is amazing!) that we’re about to launch. Anyone wants to see some rough life rehearsal videos PM me. I definitely can’t keep this pace up and playing outside on the beach in the summer Florida sunshine literally almost killed me. There’s got to be an easier way to make a living.
  7. an upbeat tune is a faster tune dude. Take it easy, Crazy little thing, What I got, Me and Julio, Jack N Diane, etc etc...MANY MANY acoustic performers play too many slow tunes and I get the comment all the time by patrons and managers that they like me specifically because I play upbeat stuff when appropriate. You do have to read the crowd which in itself is a skill that MOST performers don't possess either.
  8. You’re a musician not a comedian. I’ve found those who banter a lot are not good players/singers. A little talking every few songs is cool. But they want to hear you play/sing believe me.
  9. Disney screwed this franchise up in every single way. I’m not going to get into the SJW or political crap that they pulled which really pissed the fans off. I will say that completely changing characters and not giving the fans what they want is the real issue. These movies were made for fans more than casual observer‘s and many of us have been massive fans for 40 years and Disney’s handling of the franchise, Kathleen Kennedy specifically, and Rian Johnson, have been The antithesis of anything a reasonable person would expect.
  10. I didn’t even know anyone still sold or bought CD’s?
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