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  1. Yea. Then you know burnout is a thing. I’m working my plan. 2019 was the last Year doing 240 dates. In 5 years we should be at about 50-60 making 2X the $$ between corporate, Tributes and weddings. That’s all I wanna do. We could easily get more. Life is short believe me I know man!!
  2. This is an old thread that somehow got dredged back up. I don’t give a {censored} what anybody else does. This is all I’ve done for a living since I was a teenager for the vast majority of my life. So naturally I’ll be coming from a different place than you. The shine of being on stage wore off 4 thousand gigs ago for me. I think if you love what you do and you made seven grand for three bookings was sitting on your tractor that’s awesome that’s what I wish for everyone. I made about $8000 in the last month killing myself so I’m trying to get to the point that you’re!!! no I absolutely don’t love what I do anymore but I also don’t really hate it I’m indifferent to it it’s my job but when I’m up on stage I guarantee you’ll believe that I do love it because I’m a performer and professional. It is what it is I’ve got about two more years left of playing solo and then I’ll just be doing tribute band stuff less than 100 gigs a year and that will be fine. I too will be sitting on my land looking out at my Mountain sanctuary!! Good luck.
  3. No I get it. I’m actually in a much better position than I was back when I originally posed this question. These days I have more gigs that I can physically do I’m starting to have some hand related issues playing so much as a result of age and overuse. So plans are in place to reduce the workload over the next couple years. Starting this year in which I will have three months off over the summer traveling. Thanks!
  4. I did 240 gigs in 2019 but made more money. It’s not that I’m burnt out it’s that I’m starting to have some hand arm issues from playing so much and I’m getting older. I’ll be 49 in March and between gigs and practicing I’m probably playing guitar 50 to 80 hours a week so I really need to lighten my load of acoustic gigs. We are trying to get these bands to play more as time goes on.
  5. Why do I do it? Because this is my vocation and this is what I do and this is what I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours becoming proficient at. I can’t simply stop. This is what I make 60 grand a year doing this is all I have. I am segue into being able to do it less however.
  6. Valid points. FB is evil and sucks. I hate it..but if you want to interact that’s where most people are. Well adults anyway....
  7. Lolol!!! Cool so all the old loots will stay here and 99% of everyone else and ANYONE young or new will be gone...ok buddy:)
  8. No shizz. I suggested that we take it to Facebook where everyone else has been for years several years ago but was met with indignation.
  9. 250 gigs. Almost all solo acoustic..drove 40k miles in my truck doing so. Almost $10k In tips...killed myself though. For whatever reason my corporate band hasn’t really gotten any work we wanted to take, Orlando event planners are so fickle and I’m over banging my head against the wall in frustration. Focusing now on building a wedding business up and we have an absolutely mind blowing journey tribute band it’s the best one I’ve seen out there (singer is amazing!) that we’re about to launch. Anyone wants to see some rough life rehearsal videos PM me. I definitely can’t keep this pace up and playing outside on the beach in the summer Florida sunshine literally almost killed me. There’s got to be an easier way to make a living.
  10. All of us know some all in musicians who went at it but never had the success they had hoped for. Somewhere around the late 50's to about 60 is where I have seen musicians who had previously toured and gigged a lot, start losing opportunities and begin to have less gigs available to them. Most of them have also never saved, had no retirement, etc. In fact the only ones that I know who are doing well either had some success when they were younger and invested but i'm not talking about them. In the group I'm referring to, the only older musicians that I know that have a pot to piss in really have wives that had careers that allowed them to have a pension, insurance, buy and pay off a house etc. This topic is very timely here as there have been various references here to it in other threads so I thought I would start one. I'm interested in a discussion of ideas for musicians that come to this point, as to where they go from there? I mean what the hell do these guys do? Start businesses, reinvent themselves? Gig part time and move to mexico where it's cheap? I'm sure we all have stories of people we know and our own ideas. I will say that the really talented and skilled guys I know that are around that age started to lose gigs and since they were always full time, they didn't really have other careers and when things dried up for these guys they basically stopped working. Their wives either still worked or if they were single..well there were a couple sad cases where guys i know had to move in with kids, friends or relatives. This is some scary shit!!! So what do ya do if you hit that point? My sense is that we should all try to plan for that by saving, living lean, no debt. Thats really all I have. What do you say? Eidt: Let me add that I read an interview with Francis Ford Coppolla where he said his wine business totally finances his artistic work. He is doing everything independently these days so the wine business takes care of funding it, not studios. he goes on to say that maybe in the future artists will have to have some other form of income to subsidize their art, and now the last 40 years or so in Music and 100 or so in Film were an anomaly. Before that artists didn't make much money and had to do other things to support their art. He thinks we are going back to that and smart artists will do what he has done. I think he's on to something.
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