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  1. Just the reverse of the Cycle of 5ths. Cycle of 5ths: C-G-D-A-etc... Circle of 4ths: A-D-G-C-etc... John
  2. Yeah, probably wouldn't be noticeable on a fast passage. I still prefer a seamless connection. Though being an old geezer, I'm from the old school. Best, John
  3. "Cross under with your thumb to make the fingering smooth” ~~ For Right Hand: stretch the thumb under while pivoting on the last finger used (often the middle finger). Don't jump the thumb to the next key - reach. This is for ascending scales. During descending scales the thumb is used as the pivot and the finger(s) go over the thumb. BTW, ascending is the movement going right on the keyboard. Descending is going left on the keyboard. ~~For Left Hand: Descending: stretch the thumb under while pivoting on last finger used. When ascending use the thumb as the pivot while the finger(s) reach over it. Then again, I may be making this more confusing. Forget everything I said. Best, John
  4. ~~If you're a classical trained pianist an electric trill would be the way to go. Starting soft and build. Software like the East West Quantum Leap Orchestra includes tympani builds. Best, John
  5. Oh, dopey me... As for Chopin, start with the Preludes. The famous E Minor Prelude is a good one to start with.
  6. What do you mean by all the low notes 1001? The bass clef only? Why not learn the complete waltz. Both treble and bass clef.
  7. Wow.. Accordion adventures. I don't have any of my own. I did hear a story about a guy who went to the mall with an accordion in his back car window. When he returned to his car the window was smashed and there were two accordions in there.... (sorry, couldn't resist) Good one Phil! John
  8. May find some answers here as well: http://www.keyboardforums.com/ Good luck, John
  9. Originally Posted by Dominic2oh9 Using the same form in the "Title" section? Yes, e.g., "Mystery Grooves" - songs contained in title: 1. Eerie Encounter, 2. Espionage, 3. etc.... Best, John
  10. If I've leaned anything in the past 40 years of doing this, it's this: never sign anything with anyone using the words 'quick' or 'star' in their business name. Also companies that associate their name with famous companies, places, people, things, etc. Like Paramount Group, Hollywood Productions, Hitt Records, Manilow Records, etc... John
  11. Originally Posted by Surrealistic Hey, not me - I look GREAT in the mirror. Mind you, I think I do need some new spectacles. I'd like to think I still look young, but too many checkers in grocery stores give me the senior citizen's discount automatically. John
  12. "Donchya know 60 is the new 17?" That's the spirit Blue! As long as we stay away from mirrors we may convince ourselves of that. John
  13. Unfortunately I'm old enough. Thanks for sharing Mark. Oh, and thanks for the memories. Best, John
  14. Pump Audio has changed the 50/50 licensing fee split to 65/35 this year (in favor of Pump). However you still receive 100% of the PRO writer's royalties and 50% of the PRO publisher's royalty. Not that bad of a deal. Make sure Pump/Getty Images register your tracks with your PRO. Their reviewing process is very, very slow. Figure on waiting a year before your tracks are accepted and in their library. John
  15. "It's hard to imagine an A&R person saying, "Gee, I really love this music, but this demo was only done on a four-track, I think I'll pass." They're looking for hit songs and unique artists! One of the most successful songs to come through TAXI was recorded on an 8-track in a bedroom" Yeah, but that was years ago. Most listings today ask for broadcast quality. Also, it's gotta be exactly what the listing is looking for or it won't make it through TAXI's mechanism. Best, John
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