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  1. That’s my entire point of my trolling..
  2. Good. Stay inside for the few years you have left you old {censored}...I’m just down the street from you in Jupiter. Maybe I’ll come and breathe on you!! 😂😂😂😂🖕🏿💀🖕🏿
  3. Notes those figures are BS bro...Of course people are turning out to test positive for it because they are finally getting tested! However the deaths are going down so it doesn’t jive. Also you’ve got 50 to 90% false positives in these crappy tests and they can only test for a coronavirus not the specific one. Don’t believe everything you hear there aren’t bodies stacked at Hospitals and in the streets. Seriously guys. How long have you all been on the planet? Did the world ever completely shut down when they were years like every year when millions of people die around the world from tuberculosis? This whole thing stinks to high heaven. I guess When we’re all bankrupt and on the street we can come visit you though when we need food. Karens and Kens...scared old people will be easy to find. 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡
  4. You old men as so funny...😂😂😂 There has NEVER been a successful coronavirus vaccine on humans and there likely never will. Also, 99.97% of the population haven’t died of Corona yet you have no problem altering your existences forever and you’re fine with 50 million unemployed and the probability of this destroying our country completely. Ok...fine. Stay in your caves and rot. Your attitudes are anti-civilizational, irrational and have zero basis in observable reality, science fact or history.
  5. Sup peeps. I’m a bit south of Notes these day’s in Jupiter FL. Had my last gig on March 15th and was locked out of work until I played on the 29th of May and again this past evening. I had 21-26 gigs a month booked and lost about $20K worth of work. My steady Weekend stuff may start back up after July 4th I’m told and my Wed thing starts back up on the 24th. I was having my best 2 Gigging years financially before the shutdown. In fact my family and I were getting ready to take off for 3 months RVin around the west then come back to FL, live in the RV, work the season and next May head out to Alaska for most of the rest of the year. The only reason I was able to survive is because we had moved to SFL closer to my gigs, got rid of house and were saving to become nomads for a couple years, and I was making great $$ all that time. Things got messed up and plans changed a bit obviously. I had signed a lease here since last summer till Mid July this year when we were to take off. I don’t want to be playing outside in the summer FL heat EVER again and face hurricane season etc. so we were very much looking forward to the next adventure. When everything shutdown we had to make some hard decisions and at the time, we felt we had no choice but to sign another expensive lease here until next May thinking we shouldn’t move into an RV in Hurricane season if we are stuck here...We held off buying it but already had the big Diesel PU to pull it. So through it all My wife who is a restaurant manager has been working so we were lucky to still have her income. I immediately signed up for unemployment when it became available and did finally start receiving it albeit in weird wonky chunks in early May. We received our Trump Bucks stimulus at the end of May. Also we had been building a successful Tribute band that was taking off booking lots of $$ shows some regionally and nationally with national representation and those all cancelled. I did Book a smaller show north of me for August but we had $50k of shows cancel with that business and that was going to segue into my full time gig by the end of 2021. The plan was when that built up to replace my income from solo work we would have found a place we wanted to be out west in the mountains and chilled out there in the RV hiking, fishing, shooting motorcycle riding etc and I’d fly out for gigs. Winters we would probably still come to FL and I would do solo work in between tribute stuff. And in 5 years we would buy some land, build and off grid Cabin or buy a cabin on sone land in a mountain state and set us up for the future. Now we are in a holding pattern at least until after the elections as I believe the crazy violence will ramp up at least till then and possibly after. We have been preparing for that as well. Anyway, I don’t see things getting back to “normal” possibly ever again. We’re definitely in new territory here. Stay safe everyone and God Bless. Sean
  6. Yea. Then you know burnout is a thing. I’m working my plan. 2019 was the last Year doing 240 dates. In 5 years we should be at about 50-60 making 2X the $$ between corporate, Tributes and weddings. That’s all I wanna do. We could easily get more. Life is short believe me I know man!!
  7. This is an old thread that somehow got dredged back up. I don’t give a {censored} what anybody else does. This is all I’ve done for a living since I was a teenager for the vast majority of my life. So naturally I’ll be coming from a different place than you. The shine of being on stage wore off 4 thousand gigs ago for me. I think if you love what you do and you made seven grand for three bookings was sitting on your tractor that’s awesome that’s what I wish for everyone. I made about $8000 in the last month killing myself so I’m trying to get to the point that you’re!!! no I absolutely don’t love what I do anymore but I also don’t really hate it I’m indifferent to it it’s my job but when I’m up on stage I guarantee you’ll believe that I do love it because I’m a performer and professional. It is what it is I’ve got about two more years left of playing solo and then I’ll just be doing tribute band stuff less than 100 gigs a year and that will be fine. I too will be sitting on my land looking out at my Mountain sanctuary!! Good luck.
  8. No I get it. I’m actually in a much better position than I was back when I originally posed this question. These days I have more gigs that I can physically do I’m starting to have some hand related issues playing so much as a result of age and overuse. So plans are in place to reduce the workload over the next couple years. Starting this year in which I will have three months off over the summer traveling. Thanks!
  9. I did 240 gigs in 2019 but made more money. It’s not that I’m burnt out it’s that I’m starting to have some hand arm issues from playing so much and I’m getting older. I’ll be 49 in March and between gigs and practicing I’m probably playing guitar 50 to 80 hours a week so I really need to lighten my load of acoustic gigs. We are trying to get these bands to play more as time goes on.
  10. Why do I do it? Because this is my vocation and this is what I do and this is what I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours becoming proficient at. I can’t simply stop. This is what I make 60 grand a year doing this is all I have. I am segue into being able to do it less however.
  11. Valid points. FB is evil and sucks. I hate it..but if you want to interact that’s where most people are. Well adults anyway....
  12. Lolol!!! Cool so all the old loots will stay here and 99% of everyone else and ANYONE young or new will be gone...ok buddy:)
  13. No shizz. I suggested that we take it to Facebook where everyone else has been for years several years ago but was met with indignation.
  14. Oh bummer..so sorry man.. there’s a lot of that kind of thing going on with people in my world too:( God Bless.
  15. It’s always been a drunkin display of varying degrees of idiocy every gig I’ve played over the years. Lol! These days I don’t play Irish stuff or book it anymore but I’ve definitely seen some crazy stuff!
  16. 250 gigs. Almost all solo acoustic..drove 40k miles in my truck doing so. Almost $10k In tips...killed myself though. For whatever reason my corporate band hasn’t really gotten any work we wanted to take, Orlando event planners are so fickle and I’m over banging my head against the wall in frustration. Focusing now on building a wedding business up and we have an absolutely mind blowing journey tribute band it’s the best one I’ve seen out there (singer is amazing!) that we’re about to launch. Anyone wants to see some rough life rehearsal videos PM me. I definitely can’t keep this pace up and playing outside on the beach in the summer Florida sunshine literally almost killed me. There’s got to be an easier way to make a living.
  17. an upbeat tune is a faster tune dude. Take it easy, Crazy little thing, What I got, Me and Julio, Jack N Diane, etc etc...MANY MANY acoustic performers play too many slow tunes and I get the comment all the time by patrons and managers that they like me specifically because I play upbeat stuff when appropriate. You do have to read the crowd which in itself is a skill that MOST performers don't possess either.
  18. You’re a musician not a comedian. I’ve found those who banter a lot are not good players/singers. A little talking every few songs is cool. But they want to hear you play/sing believe me.
  19. Disney screwed this franchise up in every single way. I’m not going to get into the SJW or political crap that they pulled which really pissed the fans off. I will say that completely changing characters and not giving the fans what they want is the real issue. These movies were made for fans more than casual observer‘s and many of us have been massive fans for 40 years and Disney’s handling of the franchise, Kathleen Kennedy specifically, and Rian Johnson, have been The antithesis of anything a reasonable person would expect.
  20. I didn’t even know anyone still sold or bought CD’s?
  21. Yes CD’s are dead. I gave all my CDs away 8 years ago. My Ram truck doesn’t even have a CD player. We don’t have a player in the house either. I have a couple hundred of my records left. I haven’t brought them out to any gigs in years but I was thinking of just bringing them and giving them away. The Indie artist has lost a big piece of their income and as yet there is no replacement other than begging for crowdfunding which has never sat well with me. All of this and other industry changes caused me to stop writing music before I moved out of Nashville 4 years ago? What’s the point anymore? It was to try to get it out there, get people to listen, buy records try to get cuts..I accomplished my personal writing goals so what’s the point. My music business doesn’t exist anymore either. and yes I’ve been a subscriber to Spotify for many years but full disclosure, I rarely listen to it other than for learning band tunes. I have Sirius in my truck and listen to that a lot but it’s 70/30 talk/music.
  22. Since Ive been back in FL gigging outside in warm temperatures I started wearing the cooling water wicking material golf shirts. That sufficient head wear sunglasses sunscreen, and a high-powered blower fan is about the best u can do!
  23. Hey man, build the guitars at PRS quality at PRS prices and Gibson will be successful. PERIOD. However it might take a long time to pay off 500 Million in debt that way:) anyway wheres the meetup if the lights go off here?
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