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  1. Thanks for such a comprehensive answer. I actually ended up doing something similar to this, epoxy putty but topped with a thin layer of the closest matching wood veneer I could find. The smaller holes were filled with toothpicks and then covered with shavings of Briwax, wax filler sticks meant for wooden furniture repair. Then a layer of Dr Duck’s Ax Wax over the entire body. The end result is much like my wife - not too pretty if you get up close but does the job from a distance.
  2. Fun fact - they were intentionally designed so that the neck was interchangeable with that of a telecaster. That being said, for my money I honestly think the neck holds its own against any Fender neck I’ve come across. It’s almost like if Rickenbacker decided to make a strat copy, this is how it would play. I love these guitars, they are so synonymous with peoples’ first guitars from the 80s that they are kinda frozen in time there for a generation and really underrated as a result
  3. I’m joking of course. We all know there’s no way Fonzie ever left town.
  4. Legend has it Hartley Peavey bought them as a job lot when Arnold’s Diner closed after Fonzie left town
  5. From the sheer number of screw holes and the area they cover I’m wondering if there were actually two different systems in play at different times here. My current thinking with the larger holes is dowels topped with a thin piece of ash veneer, that way I should be able to find a relatively close match to the rest of the finish.
  6. Hello all I have a Peavey T-60 in the natural ash finish here that has been modified by the previous owner to accommodate some sort of tremolo system, it was returned to the stock bridge before I got hold of it and so I am left with a bunch of screw holes and a deep channel that extends either side of the bridge. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I could best mask these in a way that would blend in with the natural finish? Obviously if the body was painted this would all be so much easier, but it isn’t and I don’t want it to be. Or alternately, if anyone recognises what type of tremolo it would have been from the placement of the screw holes I might be inclined to return it to that as a solution. Thanks in advance for any help!
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