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  1. Well, my pickups were a little hot, so I used my trusty demagnetizer on them to reduce battery usage. Now here I am with 4 AA batteries that aren't cutting it. I should try newer batteries and see what happens.
  2. Guys, why are the 4 AA batteries not powering up my GFS Redwire active pickups? When I bought this guitar, they had two double A batteries going, but said I could add 2 more for the volt mod. So here I am with 6 volts going and there's nothing but silence.
  3. I have some in my "waiting box" to use, but the initial ones I used sounded dead and flat. Glad to hear you're having a great customer service experience with them!
  4. Originally Posted by GibsonVMan Possible trade going down...... Still up for a trade?
  5. Originally Posted by GibsonVMan Possible trade going down...... Still up for a trade?
  6. Glad I never touched the stuff. If you want some flavor in your water, check out the drops made by Sweet Leaf. They're flavored stevia drops.
  7. Mojo dude. Such beautiful pups.
  8. Here's my Indo Ibby I think I got last year. Not too shabby. I wish the neck was a wee bit thinner and the stock pickups suck. I now have a Steve's Special in the bridge, a Chopper 2 in the middle, and I have a 36th Anniversary for the neck that I still need to install. Overall not a bad guitar, the rosewood looks funny when compared to my early/mid 90's Universe.
  9. This was from the mugshot thread.....yes blasphemous self posting of self in a post of self........
  10. Definitely sounds like something new, go for it dude!
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