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Guess who I am seeing tonight?!


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saw them when they mattered


Well, you NEVER mattered. No one asked your dumb ass to come in here. Your music sounds like lemmy's haha. A big pile of {censored} compared to Jerry's.


Anyways. Here are some pictures that I took last night for the rest of you who aren't fags.


Ten56, Im uploading you video for ya. It's gonna take a little while though. Hold on... :thu:















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Check my brain was awesome, Doug. Yeah, its Eb tuning and bends at the 1st fret of the low Eb and ends with the 2nd fret on the low Eb. Great song. It had such a punch and drive to it like most of the other songs.


Here is the setlist (not in order, but close as I cn get them):

all secrets known

lesson learned

dam that river

rain when I die

Aint like that

check my brain

last of my kind

them bones


Got me Wrong

No Excuses

Man In the box

God Am


Angry Chair






The rumor is that elton john is going to play black gives way to blue with them tonight...We shall see.

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I was only gaming because you wanted to chat. I felt like {censored} but I party hard at shows. haha. Everything hurst today.


I will try and get those vids up but they slow down my internet sooo much haha. We were on the mezzazine seating. the balcony above GA. Cool seats but for AIC, I still prefer GA. 40$ seats though :thu:


When a ticket opens up, everyone calls me haha. I love it!

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