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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Buy a guitar to celebrate!
  2. I don't have as much time as I thought I had to sell this guitar. Bills are coming in and I gotta make a move. $1330 shipped if and only if you can pay today via paypal. First PM gets it! edit: Happy to chat with people about the guitar, too. PM me for my phone number if you'd prefer to do that.
  3. --> Shipping is a flat $5 for anything and everything in the continental US! Cleaning out the parts drawer. Could use the money today, so if you want one or two things and can pay today via paypal, I can work with you even more on prices. Kahler 5-string bass tremolo This thing's awesome and I wish I had a bass to put it on. Clean, except for finish wear on the arm. Tuners included. Askin' $80! Kluson Deluxe Rotomatic 3x3 tuners 15:1 gearing. Came off a Gibson. Bushings and screws are included, but not pictured. 8.8mm post (smaller than keystone holes, but can be fitted with conversion bushings - the screw holes line up fine). $15! Grover copies, 3x3 These came off an Eastwood. Functionally, they hold tune fine but don't feel as precise as Grovers when you're doing the actual tuning. $15! Grover Self Lock 3x3 Grover locking tuners. Rock solid! $30! Lindy Fralin Dogear P90 Killer P90 for your Les Paul Junior-style guitars. Never ended up installing this because I sold the guitar I bought it for. So, hey, brand new! Some light scratches on the cover from kicking around my parts drawer. $60! Fender Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Telecaster neck pickup I bought the pair and ended up using the bridge with a TVJ in the neck position, so the SCN neck sits here unused. Never installed! I believe at its core, this is an Alnico V stacked humbucker. It's marketed as being "even quieter than a normal humbucker" (in terms of noise). I really liked the bridge one and kept this around in case I ever ended up with another telecaster. Yours for $40! (second photo here) Faux humbucker Actually a single coil in a humbucker cover, like Supros, Airlines, and the like used to use. Not sure of its provenance. Resistance is only 5.42k. The braided lead appears unoriginal. $30! (second photo here) (third photo here) DiMarzio Virtual PAFs DiMarzio doesn't make these anymore. I have noooo idea why. They capture the PAF vibe, but with just a bit of a kick in the ass. I've had these in a couple guitars, and if I had another dual HB guitar kicking around that needed pickups, they'd be in one right now, too. But I don't, and I could use the money more than I can use the pickups. $100 for both! (second photo here) (third photo here) Vintage Vibe HS-90 (Bridge) If you're not familiar with this pickup's gimmick, it's gonna take a little explanation: it comes with multiple sets of magnets so you can swap 'em around to adjust the tone how you like. All you have to do is unscrew the plate on the back, slide the magnets out, and slide a new pair in. It currently has (I believe) Alnico IIs in it, and it also comes with the pictured magnets - Alnico V (for your classic P90 sound) and ceramic (for your modern edgy sound). The gimmick is neat, but what matters is the result: with any of the magnets installed, this is an absolutely killer pickup. Between the three magnets, there's no "best" choice. I just changed them by mood. It's really a wonderful idea with amazing execution. This is a $95 pickup new and I'd like $65!
  4. SOLD I haven't been playing my Gretsch a lot these days. In fact, I've been leaning toward short scale Fenders and Gibsons and the poor thing sits unused in its case. This is a Gretsch G6120, ser # JT09083540: the 3,540th guitar built in 2009 (August production) in the Tarada factory in Japan. It is current Fender-era production. The case has a little damage to the tolex on the top. The bridge pickup has a bit of gold worn off one corner. The back has light scratches (nothing through the finish) from use. Aside from that, it's completely clean. I couldn't even find a single ding on the guitar. The Bigsby could maybe use a polish, but the plating is fine. I've got an aluminum Compton compensated bridge on it (cut for .010-.046 strings) and a wire arm for the Bigsby (which looks amazing, is less obstructive, and has a wider range of motion than the spoon handle). The original Tuneomatic-style bridge and flat spoon Bigsby handle are also included and I can set it factory stock before shipping it, if you like (though I'd strongly recommend keeping the Compton bridge on there; it's great). Price: $1330 shipped (down from $1500) if you can pay today via Paypal in the continental US! International shipping might be possible. We can talk about it. Trades: I'd love a Fender Blues Deluxe 1x12. Not really looking for a guitar, but it's hard to say no to a nice SG. Contact by PM or email tomgion at gmail. Let me know if you have any questions, photo requests, or offers. (this last photo is older than the others; it's just a nice angle.)
  5. Never thought it could happen, but our 34 year-old family business is kaput and I need the money far more than I need the guitars. But enough of the sob story, here's the gear! 1. Gretsch G6131 Jet Firebird, made in 1989 (SOLD) This is a Gretsch from their first year of Japanese production, before Fender got involved. For those unfamiliar with Jets, it's a mahogany body with a carved maple cap (like a Les Paul), but it's chambered with the pickups being mounted to a center block, like a semi-hollow. Unusually, this guitar has a non-trem tailpiece and a master tone knob (instead of a 3-way 'tone switch' like they usually have), both of which are rather uncommon on Jets - the tone knob is particularly nice to have! It also features humped block inlays and a lot of sexy gold. For a 21 year-old guitar, there's surprisingly little wear - maybe 3 dings, minor oxidation on the hardware, and minor surface scratching. Gretsch HSC included. Asking $999 (SOLD) (more photos) 2. Gretsch G6120 This is a late-year (2007 or 2008) Fender-era G6120, perhaps better known as the Chet Atkins model. I bought it new and never had a chance to gig it, so it's pretty pristine. No dings. I replaced the Bigsby's bar with a curved Chet Atkins-style one, and the bridge was swapped for a Compton bridge, which is a solid piece of milled aluminum cut and compensated for this model - it sounds fantastic. Original parts included and require no tweaks to the action to swap back. Gretsch HSC included. Asking $1699. (more photos) 3. Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany This is a 2007 LPVM, back when they were still called that rather than their new designation, "Les Paul Studio Faded." It's a chambered, bare bones LP - well, they usually are, but I've modded mine quite a bit. Pickups are Burstbucker 1 and 2 (taken from a Custom Shop LP), plastic has been changed for black, bridge is a Schaller Rolling, tuners are white-button Klusons, and the electronics were upgraded to RS Supershaft vol, CTS tone, and oil-in-paper caps. Oh, and it has a Graphtech nut professionally installed with a setup. In summary, it's a Les Paul that looks unique, has Custom Shop-level guts, and never goes out of tune with the new nut and bridge. I put a lot of work into her and will be sad to see it go. Gibson HSC included. Asking $749. (more photos) 4. Gibson SG Special, made in 1969 (SOLD pending payment) Let's not beat around the bush: there is very little that's original to this guitar and it's definitely not a collector's piece, so don't buy to invest unless you're planning to restore it (and even then...). The good news is that this thing rocks, and it's my #2 gigging guitar. It's not nearly as neck-heavy as many SGs I've owned, possibly due to the narrower nut width. It's had a big chunk of the body knocked off and glued back on. It's been routed for humbuckers, and I've got in it: Gibson 500t bridge, Vintage Vibe P90 neck. Tuners are Grover, nut is brass, tailpiece is where the stock trem was and is a Les Trem vibrato. The finish is checked all over and worn off entirely in places on the neck. Surprisingly, the headstock has never been broken and the finish is original (but heavily faded)! This is a gainy guitar that loved to be driven hard, so I wouldn't recommend it for more subdued music. It isn't pretty, but it sure as hell gets the job done. Gibson padded bag included. Asking $799. (SOLD pending payment) (more photos) 5. Gibson Les Paul Junior, made in 1961 Unlike the SG above, this is a beautiful example of its class. This is a featherweight, acoustically resonant, ridiculously good player of a guitar. The only non-original parts are the truss cover, knobs (70s speed knobs pictured below but I'll include more appropriate repro black bell knobs), and tuners - but the original tuners are included. The tuners on it right now are TonePros Klusons aged by Dan of Danocaster Guitars, and they work wonderfully! The electronics are untouched, it's never had a headstock repair or needed a neck reset or anything of the sort. The finish is checked, but the intensity of the red is amazing - very little fade, most of it on the back of the neck. The rest is still a luscious, deep cherry color. There's more to say about this guitar than I can fit here, so PM me if you're interested. Pink-lined black Lifton HSC included. Asking $4999. (more photos) 6. Eastwood Airline Map I bought this new a little over a year ago and really enjoyed it, except for the horrible, muddy, lifeless stock pickups. I tried a few things in it before it finally occurred to me, "Duh! It's a chambered mahogany guitar like a Gretsch, try some TVJs in it." Yeah, they're kind of silly-expensive pickups, but they're worth it. They are a TV Jones Classic in the neck and a Classic Plus in the bridge. Two other small mods: The Grover copy tuners were replaced with real Grovers (with art-deco knobs), and the knobs are chrome-insert top hats (original solid chrome knobs included). Eastwood HSC AND sweet matching strap are included. Asking $799. (more photos) I may end up listing a Fender Custom Shop 1960 strat, too, but I'm trying to find a way to justify keeping it right now. Please, PM me with any questions! NO TRADES at all. Sorry, I'm in liquidation mode here. ...Oh, and since I'm sure many of you are wondering (yeah right), "Wow, if those are the ones you're selling, then what are the keepers?" I'm keeping my Gibson CR8 and my Kirn Jazzmaster. I can get by just fine with two.
  6. Just take off the control cavity plate. You will know when you see it if it is chambered. I am sure it is weight relieved but chambered would surprise me. Taking off the cavity plate doesn't help in this case because it's chambered this way (which is how I believe all chambered production Les Pauls are done) as opposed to this way (which is the Historic / Custom Shop method and the way my CR8 is done). The LPVM was introduced in 2004 without chambering, but sometime in 2006, they started chambering them until they were discontinued in 2009. This one's an '07.
  7. That guitar is not chambered They were built chambered for at least a couple years back when they were the "Les Paul Vintage Mahogany" and before they became the "Les Paul Studio Faded." It weighs about 7 lbs and has a hollow knock to it if you rap the lower bout with your knuckles. I'm nearly positive that these conditions would indicate that it's chambered, but I'll certainly be sure to double-check when I get home! Thanks for the comment!
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