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Post Pics of your Band Performing Thread!


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So many bands!

First, one of my current bands, "Deaf To Van Gogh's Ear":



Next, my art/improv/experimental group (for those that know my pedal's artwork, my wife is the artist here), "Takahashi's Shellfish Concern":



Lastly, my old art/rock band from before I moved to the UK, "Failure, Arc of Beauty":



I'm the drummer in all three videos, as it turns out.

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They generally (the singer and her split keys duty) use the build in keyboard sounds live, but its the plan to move onto using the macbook as the soundband.
For that video it's only there for the USB mic sitting on the floor.

Latency is nearly nothing with a macbook, unless its some gigantic synth.

Does the keyboardist use a midi controller into her Macbook? I've been thinking about doing that rather than spend money on something more expensive. I just need something that works.


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It's true. He'd have some explaining to do on account of the premature ejaculation over the keyboard; there's a fair chance I count as emo and jailbait.




I am so glad I can have two people fantasize about me jacking off over the internet. You all are {censored}ing lame.

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