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Post Pics of your Band Performing Thread!


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When you want rid of it....i have teh poundz

hahaha, you would be let down, and i dont wanna see my name in a "bad trades" list.

The guitar was $300, which is like 100pounds?:idk:...and the pickups were $60us...almost half the price of the guitar itself. haha

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I dont understand the people posting pictures of their bands and then not linking to their website or mentioning their name

You mean you HAVENT heard of us? :p But seriously, there's a link in my sig, I just assumed people would check if interested.

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Here's a fan:


Having an enthusiatic audience is a blessing. I sure hope someone took the time to try to put their penis in that fan to show the band's appreciation

AFAIK at the time, none of us were YOUNG enough to not go to jail.

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My old poppy band: The Premier


Tuning in Connecticut in '05. I'm on the left. This is pre-pedals and {censored}.



I used to wear that shirt a lot. Singing and looking retarded in Pittsburgh in '06.



Last show in our hometown in December of '06.



A hardcore/metal/whatever band I play drums in: Leavenworth (We don't play very often anymore.)


In central PA



On tour in Lubbock, Texas. Marine bassist GOT SOME UPS.



In St. Louis, Missouri.



In a mall with a Scottish band we took on tour. LOOK HOW SWEET I AM IN THE MIDDLE.



Can't find pictures of other bands. WUTEVS.

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