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  1. I just used the PGS coupon code to grab the Cry Baby Mini, I'll report back when it gets here. The demos I watched sound great, and I'm trying to shake things up with my board and could really use the room.
  2. That is admirable. But I am a selfish ass who won't win anyways
  3. I voted for myself because I was surprised to find this thread in the first place
  4. I've got one for home use, great pedal but hasn't made the pedalboard yet. I think I paid somewhere around $35 for mine which was a no brainer!
  5. I bought a Mooer Bluescrab for this very purpose, so I'd recommend any Marshall Bluesbreaker style pedal
  6. I haven't purchased anything and really hope not to for 2015, but my EGC is finally shipping this week so it'll be my first new gear of the year. To be fair I made the deposit November 2013 though...
  7. I thought your sig line was your own reply. i agree.
  8. I've been running two 1 spots with daisy chains mounted under my pedaltrain 2 with no issues. I'm sure a real power supply has its benefits but it was way cheaper to go this route
  9. Pedaltrain still seems quite popular, I've had mine for ages and its held up perfectly
  10. Not sure if this helps you at all, but here is a thread where he explains the settings he used. http://www.ehx.com/forums/viewthread/1695/
  11. For any POG2 folks out there jonesing for the Mellotron sound, I found this video helpful [video=youtube;TJsZMMaPNuY]
  12. HCXF spoiled forums for me. Compared to the way things were everywhere else I've gone seems far to slow, and TGP just pisses me off most of the time.
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