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  1. Heh, the second video is definitely 'different', I threw it in as some people are into that kind of {censored} too. The monome/arc stuff has been really fun to program for. It's been hard work, but very very satisfying once you have it running, particularly past the point of fixing bugs so it's pretty stable.
  2. On and off for like 8 years or so, usually working hard it at it for a year then quitting for a few. I started it back up in August last year and have been hammering it. This is the software I wrote and am using: http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com/the-party-van/
  3. Not been around too much lately, but have been busy and all that, mainly working on moving my setup into the laptop (using Max/MSP). I play guitars (hence this forum and my posts) but I also, and more recently primarily, play drums and keys. Here are some recent vids I shot using my new digs (laptop+monome+arc). If you look carefully you can spot my modded WH-1 at the start of the first video. [video=youtube;oN7jBoYYQ_E] [video=youtube;w40o0DOvs-Q]
  4. A monome. It's basically a (similar to MIDI) controller. In the video it's being used as a looper straight up (the bottom left buttons are programmed like a DL-4 style looper (record/overdub & play/stop)).
  5. A Panasonic GH-2, with a hacked firmware (lets you do much higher bitrate and other cool things). All of the closeups are using some cheapo screw-on Macro filters. The camera is amazing. Relatively inexpensive (compared to other DSLRs) and has no limit on film duration (like the Canon stuff), which was massively important for me since I'm often filming music stuff.
  6. I sat down to try to make a review of the FrantaBit and it kind of went in a different direction..... [video=youtube;NMv7gQERNzI]
  7. I'm strictly a volume knob only guy myself too. I don't think I've ever used the tone knob (unless it's rolled all the way off for a special effect or something) in all the years I've been playing guitar.
  8. If I'm just doing 2humbuckers + volume know should I use any resistor/caps? (I've seen a couple of diagrams that have stuff). Glad ya'll like the sound of it. I really love the sound too, and making a smaller one is just so I can use it more often.
  9. I've used some on-on-on switches before, but mainly in circuit-bending where it's not directly in a signal path. I could be wrong, but my understanding is that this type of switch (enclosed toggle switch) breaks the connection from one 'throw' before making the next one (again this could be different for on-on-on switches). I would imagine that would create a small pop in the audio as for a brief moment there's nothing connected. Then again I could be over analyzing/thinking it as 3PDT switches probably work the same way. In terms of wiring, would I go something like this: lug1 - neck pickup lug2 - volume pot lug3 - bridge pickup so in position 1, lug1/lug2 are connected and I get neck pickup in position 3, lug2/lug3 are connected so I get bridge and in position 2, all three lugs are connected giving me both pickups.
  10. Heh, more info/audio/pics can be found on the original/big version called the "Specto" here: http://www.rodrigoconstanzo.com/specto/ It sounds awesome and I love playing it, but it's heavy as {censored} (6 layers of solid plywood), and real cumbersome to setup (massive 'conductor' music stand supporting it). So trying to make a version that will fit in a carry-on suitcase (a recent obsession of mine has been the international-ability of my setup), and that's easier to use. (Standard tuning pegs vs zither pins which required a special tool, onboard volume control vs volume pedal, pickup switch vs pickup fade knob).
  11. So I'm nearly done building a more compact version of this thing: The new version is just 1 'level', with normal tuning pegs and bridge. So it kind of looks like a super abbreviated lapsteel or something. I'm doing it with two humbuckers and want the electronics to simply be a 3-way switch (bridge/both/neck) and a volume pot. I think I'm going to go with a 500k pot (as per the recommendation of the seymour duncan diagram chart), but for the switch I want to use something like this: as it's compact, and fairly shallow. I'm building this out of one layer of plywood so I don't want to route out a whole section for a les paul type switch since it might effect the stability of the wood. SO Has anyone wired a pickup selector switch with one of those generic 'break before make' switches? Do you get pops when switching? Anyone know of a compact 3-way 'pickup selector' switch?
  12. Thanks for the kind words. We've got some real gnarly tunes that we need to record too. These were the two that were easiest to record for this festival application we needed done crunch-time style. It is fun to explore that group type, particularly since none of us are purists when it comes to improv or jazz. Like a "piano trio" is a done done done thing. But not often loud/mathy/superquiet/noisey. The bass player is a wicked ass composer too (contemporary classical) and he's starting to bring some of that {censored} to the writing too, which kicks it up a whole other notch too.
  13. Post-jazz is weird term. I wouldn't know what to blanketly call it otherwise. There's jazzy elements for sure (some of the harmony and piano/bass/drums), but it's definitely not jazz. Been working on tons of Max/MSP programming lately, which is going to work its way into this project as soon as my patch is ready (nearly there).
  14. So I've put the guitar (and drums) down for this project and am playing piano/keyboards. It's a trio of piano, electric (fretless) bass, and drums. Sort of post-jazz meets math-rock meets contemporary classical meets electronics (not on the demo yet). Just put up the webpage yesterday though the group's been going since about last summer. Might be up some people's alleys. http://www.agreaterhorror.com
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