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Post Pics of your Band Performing Thread!


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Dude that guitar is Sick! do you have anymore details or pics of it?


Thanks! Its an all original '77 Strat that I picked up last summer. It's been my main guitar ever since. I don't have any great pics of it, but its all beat to {censored} and feels like a worn in pair of jeans. It sounds the balls!



*edit* another action shot


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Is your band seriously called "Christ{censored}er"?


Yes, yes, and more yes.

To make it even better, our singer is a 38 year old Jew who speaks fluent Hebrew and has tourettes, and his tourettes is IN HEBREW!!!

We're recording a new LP called 'Fighting A War With Jesus'. All the current recordings up on the page have the singer playing guitar, and the old (inferior) bass player.

That being said, I just looked through all 13 pages of this thread, and only found one band I'd want to play with.





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