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  1. Does tighter mean less or more? Uhh not really. I don't know. Do you know what a loose bass sounds like? Chords aren't as defined but leads just sound huge. Fuzz Faces and Muffs are different beasts.
  2. The eq could be an option but then I would have to buy a looper... Too much. It doesn't bother me to try other pedals A guy proposed a fulltone 70 in trade for a pedal that I'm selling. Should i give it a try or will I be dissapointed? The thing that really I want is to have same amount of bass. I had a Little Big Muff and the bass was a lot tighter compared to the '70.
  3. I love all the Boss pedals but their dirt pedals need to be modded before earning a spot on my board.
  4. With the mids all the way up on the Musket it's still flat. The '70 is also a Fuzz Face and not a Muff. I agree with the EQ thing.
  5. New Way Huge Pork Loin? Sorry, I'm more than set with overdrives right now.
  6. hmm interesting...DLS replace it? Yep, the thing that made me like the DLS more than the OCD was humbuckers. That was the missing link, who would have thought. Humbuckers + DLS > humbuckers + OCD. I still like single coils with the OCD better than single coils with the DLS but I mainly use my Strat with fuzz and not overdrive so away the OCD goes.
  7. Trades plus cash? I have a Fulltone OCD Ver. 3 in great condition and I'll also throw in $200.
  8. and of course Dude, weren't you pissed when Kuttner got killed off of House? And Thirteen is {censored}ing hot. I wish she were my doctor.
  9. Did Garrett make anyone else a website out of the pictures posted here?
  10. Give me a price shipped to 92115.
  11. tour box is retourded I should stopped by fuzzhuggers when I was up by mansfield last weekend! I woulda gave him a hug he'd not soon forget! Nirvana728'd
  12. Glad I'm not the only one who prefers the OCD over the DLS.
  13. white, green and blue. Insightful, you should be writing for magazines worldwide.
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