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    All Prices Shipped Conus. Open to offers.

    Catlinbread SCOD and Heliotrope - $100 each

    Buster Jangle - $200

    Roland Jet Phaser (no battery cover) - $400

    Roland Double Beat - $220

    DOD 680 Analog Delay - $150

    Toadworks Mr. Squishy Compressor - $100

    Jaques Mercer Box - with original manual and box - not sure if the old Jacques stuff has mojos or not hoping someone would pipe up if $150 is too much/little

    Jacques Trinity Wah - $125


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      Boss BF-2 Flanger MIJ (one replaced knob) - $60

      Boss CE-2 MIJ - $100

      DOD FX-10 Bi-Fet Preamp (almost mint) *- $70

      DOD 490 Phasor *- $70

      J. Everman Fuzz Drive - $150

      SIB Fatdrive - 150

      Danelectro Chili Dog and Hash Browns (want to try to ship together) $40 for both

      Baja Tech Das Fuzz - *$100

      Zvex Seek Wah - $160


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        [COLOR="red"]Sovtek [COLOR="black"]Small [COLOR="red"]Stone

        $100 + Shipping

        Skullcandy [COLOR="red"]Headphones

        $10 + Shipping
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          box o' pedals. some working, some not so much. snarling dogs wah, morley bass wah, jekyll and hyde, metalzone, dano tuner, roktek comp

          Dead Soldiers


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              Never thought the day would come, but I'm flipping my beloved Zoom G3. Easily the best multi-effects I've ever worked with thanks to its amazing interface. Killer looper with sync'd drums make it the perfect practice tool. I'm just having too much fun with analog pedals and want some extra funds for that endeavor. I only used a few of the Zoom's many sounds anyway. If you're into filters, weird modulations, and such, the Zoom will not disappoint. Also delivers on the more conservative sounds. Amp modeling is quite good as well. I went straight to the board at church with good results. This one has been well-used with a few nicks around the edges, but I applied screen protectors early on so its screens should be flawless. Never saw any gig except a few Sunday mornings. Works perfectly. Will include the tap tempo switch I made for it. Just connect it with a patch cable.

              Also have a Moog expression pedal. It makes a great companion to the G3. Allows one to work the wahs, whammy, delay times, and such.

              G3- $150
              Moog- $25
              G3 + Moog- $165


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                DEVI EVER BIT: hand painted ugly pedal. ugly fuzz. try it.
                SIRKUT TREMBLING HO: tremolo. use it with your new fuzz
                ZAZA FUZZ: made by forum member Melx, battery powered only.
                $100 for all three.

                BOSS RV-5: $85.

                trades of any kind welcome. lots of good deals here thus far.

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                  $100 + shipping
                  DIPLOMAT DTM-1 Wah Multieffect.. Dinosaur.. What?


                  (more pics in spoiler below)

                  It's a pretty cool three-in-one effect. I honestly can't find much info about it, so here is what I've gathered from playing around with it.

                  The main effect is a wah.. pretty straight forward wah, sounds and operates very similar to your normal dunlop wah.

                  BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! One side is a pretty raunchy distortion.. not my favorite effect, but I don't use distortion pedals to begin with. I had a DS1 a while back, but it doesn't sound too much like that. The cool part is an analog chorus. The effect has an MN3207 inside to create the chorus effect.

                  Each effect is foot switchable and independent of each other, and also individual LED indicators. It's a solid enclosure, the die-cast type like the dunlop wahs, not plastic. It comes in the original box, instructions, unfilled warranty card, and even the receipt from GOD OF THUNDER INC, Ft Lauderdale, FL. The card was swiped for $498.19, so either you are getting a great deal here, or he bought some other stuff PM or email me at if you are interested.




                  Also, looking at doing a small run of Ibanez Standard Fuzz clones... PM me for interest.

                  ✌ ♥☺