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  1. Saying that their expansion is directly attributable to human actions (the extermination of the region's wolves, conversion of forests to farmland, human introduction of food supplies via garbage and livestock, etc.) and then saying they expanded their range and habitat "naturally" is contradictory. I do understand and agree with your point about the problems from a highly adaptable and efficient introduced predatory species - cats can be devastating to not only the local rodent population, but also to desirable animals and birds too. No, the change in the ecology of the North American continent was not natural, the expansion of the coyote habitat in response to the change in ecology was.
  2. Which neck is on it? Interested in any trades?
  3. ...but they're still not native to Georgia, any more than the cats are. They aren't an introduced species though. They have expanded their habitat naturally due to numerous causes, such as the conversion of land into farmland and the elimination of predators such as wolves. Whereas domesticated felines are an introduced species. To try to say that introduction and expansion are equivalent is silly.
  4. Actually, coyotes are not native to Georgia. Georgia isn't their natural habitat either. http://georgiawildlife.com/node/1391 Coyotes have expanded their habitat in response to the urbanization of the contitnent, but early maps (1850s) show the range of coyotes to extend from Central America to Canada and from California to Missourri. Again, the expansion of the habitat was caused by human actions, such as the introduction of prey into areas not previously habitated.
  5. So, how is getting revenge on an animal that killed your friend not just as much a natural behavior of humans as coyotes killing small furry animals? We're animals living in our natural habitat, too, you know. You think a bear would be like oh boo hoo the coyote is just being its naturally dickish self if one of its children was killed by a coyote? No it'd {censored}ing kill the coyote. Your grasp on logic and critical thinking is staggering. The coyote is eating the prey that was introduced to its natural habitat. OMTerria most likely has no way of tracking the individual coyote that killed his cats, therefore his revenge is misplaced. Finally, what mhuxtable said.
  6. I bet that Adana-KC flight must be expensive. Adana > Istanbul > Amsterdam > Chicago > Wichita. Last ticket I bought was $1200 round trip. Not too bad if you plan ahead. I moved from US farm country to Turkish farm country. Combines on the highway and tractors in town. I lol'd the first time I saw a Turk wearing John Deere merchandise, but they are a minority here, New Holland has the market cornered.
  7. Coyotes are pests, plain and simple. They can do more harm than just their attacks also: All-around coyote grossness I know right, living in their natural habitat, being encroached on by humans that insist on bigger yards and letting lil' Fido and Kitty run free. Damn those pesky coyotes. Before you try to pigeon-hole me, realize that I grew up in rural KS and my family are ranchers, so I'm not some out-of-touch city-dweller that has no first hand experience in the matter.
  8. Domesticated felines are a non-native species and should not be allowed to roam outside. Cats are a menace to local bird populations, are more susceptible to disease , and generally, just die younger outside. Killing the coyote for doing what it should be doing, where it should be doing it is crazy..
  9. I used to live in Taiwan and wanted to buy a road bicycle, but all the bicycles sold there were too small. Trek bicycles are made there, but they export all of the XL frames. After talking to my bike shop a couple of times, an XL frame magically appeared, with an export only sticker on it. I had a friend who lived in Quingdao and he bought a couple "Gibsons" from the Quingdao Epi plant. Lunchtime and after hours specials. Happens a lot in the toy world as well.. Not sure if they still do make them or if another factory is doing it now, as this was a couple years ago. But, there is at least a few factories doing this in the Beijing area.
  10. The line isn't perpendicular to the strings so I'd say it is, but only just. And yes, it is a nice guitar. I always thought that perpenidicular was if two-lines crossed, but apparently I've been wrong all these years. Thanks RadioSilence.
  11. I understand that part. What I don't like is the continual disrespect for women. where?
  12. fuck fran. my peachfuzz got fried and i emailed her about sending it back for repair. she told me that's "not really how we do things here" and sent me a link to the buy page for a new peachfuzz, which was now $340. that being said, the peachfuzz is the best dirt pedal i've ever had. That is truly lame.
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