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April SPAM Thread: Uncle Sam's sending you a check to buy a new guitar!


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  • April SPAM Thread: Uncle Sam's sending you a check to buy a new guitar!

    Ok, I'm at the point where it's called "thinning out the herd". I'm going to be listing a bunch of stuff over the next couple of months so check it out and see if there's anything you want.

    Make me an offer on anything.

    MIK B.C. Rich Bich, Platinum Series. Metallic Red, Jumbo Frets, flat radius, stock pickups are some of the best stocks I've ever heard. Hot, if that's what you like. This is a Made In Korea guitar, very well made, great quality, what you expect from a Korean guitar, very thin, comfortable neck. Excellent condition, hardly played. Comes with Fender Acoustic basic gig bag, which fits the body shape strangely enough. LOWERED PRICE $165. Plus shipping.


    Beautiful Blue flamed maple Mighty Mite body with Floyd Rose routing. Will fit an OFR. Solid ash with maple veneer. $95. Humbucker routing modified due to original routing being a little off center. Humbucker ring covers the route, use a covered EMG type pickup and you won't notice a thing, use an uncovered pickup, you might notice pole pieces off center by a hair. Will fit standard size Fender strat necks and similar. Post anchors fit OFR studs.


    DC Case Company Flight Pedal Case. 7.5" x 16" x 37". Comes with riser shelf. Will fit 20 or more pedals depending on how big they are, please see photo. Pedals shown are NOT included, they are show for scale only. $189 plus approximately $40 shipping via FedEx ground. Will give exact quote once I get your zip code. It weighs about 33lbs, it's a solid, heavy duty case built to withstand touring. Excellent condition, has never left my house.

    Squier 51 Tobacco Sunburst project. $120. Body is in excellent condition, comes with custom GFS Pearloid Pickguard. This is a mod project I started and never finished. I sprayed the neck with ReRanch tinted clear nitro. Fender tele decal on headstock. ("Squier 51" has been scratched into heel) The frets are very nice on this, I spent some time rounding the fret edges before I sprayed it. I was going for that vintage look. Finish is still rough, will need final sanding, polishing, and remaining clear coat removed from frets. I oversprayed too much on the 15-19th frets so the finish pooled up and ran a little strange there. With some effort and some finishing work should look fine. There is no nut included. PM me if you would like more photos of the finish on the neck.

    Shipping for guitars will be actual cost probably around $20-30, will give an exact quote before shipping. All shipping will be fedex ground. Paypal and shipping to confirmed address only.

    All items as is, please ask all questions upfront, no refunds. Thanks!

    PM with questions and references please.
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    **FOR SALE**

    more stuff soon

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    Still on the block is my clear-lucite LP copy in Minnesota. (Local pick-up only.)


    I'm cutting the price to $300 in a week or so. You people get to know about it now. Yay, you.
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      JSD's Guitar Shack, your online source for great guitars.

      Swing by the site and check out some of the great guitars in stock featuring the original line of Dillion guitars from Dillion Guitars Canada like this beautiful Dillion Korina Flying V.


      Also be sure to have a look at the Roxbury Custom Shop Guitars in stock. Beautiful guitars, quality construction and great features. Feast your eyes on this singlecut beauty!

      Give me a shout if you see something you like.
      Your online source for great guitars
      JSD's Guitar Shack / JSD's on Myspace


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        On eBay

        Also a [COLOR="DarkRed"]Peavey USA Millennium Bass

        and a [COLOR="Blue"]Roland VG-88


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          Compacting my collection to make room for some higher end acoustic stuff...

          MIK Ibanez SZ320MH (Mahogany) Slim, set neck, 25.1" scale - great sustain and playability.Gibralatar III bridge, Ceramic Duncan/Ibanez pickups. This has been gigged a few times, has one scratch to prove it (on the outside of the lower bout). The fret work is immaculate, everything stock. It is a beast of a guitar. (with padded gig bag)

          $325 shipped

          SX GG1 LTD2 NA w/Case -- not much I can say about this one. I bought it, it's cool... but I haven't played it. It has stayed in it's case since purchasing it...other than some noodling it is in unplayed condition

          $215 Shipped

          From the Rondo description:
          Single cutaway body made from solid Ash
          High quality case included
          Maple bolt on neck with an adjustable truss rod
          Maple fretboard with 22 jumbo (2.4mm) frets and dot inlays
          Black speed knobs.
          High quality gold humbucker pickups help reduce hum and noise and offer superior performance by giving a thicker fuller sound than single coils
          Two volume and two tone controls tailor your sound
          Angled double bound headstock for improved sustain
          Gold hardware (including diecast sealed tuners)
          Actual Weight is only 9lbs. Bridge studs are 3" apart. Width of the neck at the nut: 1 5/8"; at the 22st fret: 2 3/16" Overall length, including the strap button: 40"; Scale length: 24.75"
          Body thickness is 2" at the edge, about 2 1/2" in the center of the arch top
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            Still didn't beat JSD though
            DC in DC

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              Zoom G2.1u Multi-Effect

              Like new with manual, box and adapter

              $110 Shipped in the Con. U.S.

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                I also have a Brand new Gibson Melody Maker for sale or trade in post #97

                All working 100%

                $30 each includes ConUS Shipping

                GFS Fat PAF Bridge
                chrome cover
                w/ mounting hardware and ring

                GFS Fat PAF Neck
                chrome cover
                w/ mounting hardware and ring

                GFS P90 soapbar Bridge [COLOR="Red"]*SOLD*
                black cover

                GFS P90 soapbar Neck [COLOR="Red"]*SOLD*
                black cover - cover still has protective plastic laminate

                GFS Alnico Fatbody OVERWOUND 10K Tele Bridge Pickup
                brass bottom
                w/ mounting screws and springs

                GFS ProTube Lipstick
                Mid position RWRP
                w/ mounting screws and springs

                $30 each includes ConUS Shipping

                PM if interested
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                  Hyper Pak is SOLD.

                  Indyguitarist/Wampler Plexi Drive - $95 or trade for a BOSS RV-5, ISP Decimator, or what have you.
                  several thousand dollars worth of gear and about five bucks worth of playing


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                    JSD's Guitar Shack, your online source for great guitars.

                    Give me a shout if you see something you like.

                    Isn't there a Dillion Jazzmaster-type guitar? Got it in stock? And I didn't know Dillion was Canadian!

                    I still have my Yamaha Pacifica 302s for sale (200$) or trade for a Jazzmaster style guitar. Squier Jagmaster is on top of the list...

                    SEE SIG!
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                      Put a couple of guitars on the bay. First up, my ESP eclipse semi-hollow

                      Next is my USA Custom Head guitar.

                      Also considering selling my Red M1 and Horizon, if you're interested pm me and we'll work something out.


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                        Like New Rocktron Xpression with box, manual & patch list - $235 Shipped & Paypal'd in the Con-US. Firm


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                          I'm selling my beloved Carvin V3 head.

                          Here is a link to the ebay auction for my V3. The starting bid is really low at 699$.
                          http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=110239156629&ssPa geName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=001


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                            Trade References

                            Matao MIJ Strat
                            CLEAN 06 Ringtone Zvex


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                              L500-L - $55 shipped I have a BL (Bill & Becky) L500-L for sale. It has about 4" of leads and the pickup mounting ring. This one is like brand new--black/black coils with the chrome surround and Bill Lawrence handwritten on the back. I do NOT have the screws that hold it into the pickup ring. FYI, they are an odd size. Otherwise, pickup works great. I also have the extra 4" of lead wire for each color that was originally trimmed to fit this into my Kramer.

                              Dunlop Crybaby 535Q - $87 shipped Great pedal, it's just too complicated for my liking. Used, but in good condition.

                              Fireman FX 'Baron Boost' - $100 shipped Cool, boutique boost pedal with an extra control that adds fatness and grit. Works GREAT with lots of overdrive and modern pickups, but I usually go light on the OD. Sounds amazing with my Mesa + my Kramer, but my main amp is clean and I usually use PAFs, so this one doesn't get enough love.

                              I'd be happy to combine shipping, and you are welcome to PM me for pics/with offers.
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