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  1. I have VERY small hands.. and play a lot of instruments... compensating I guess.. HA!
  2. Sort of like drummers...
  3. Thanks all! Mr Backlund.. I remember 'crowd' designing your 57 Chevy-ish guitar... fun times! Ancient, Verne -- some of the old guard .. JJPistols still around? Mazi Bee? I have seen some of the others around in the other forums and of course our esstemeed admin. I know that Aslan had passed away years ago.. what about anyone else from way back when.
  4. I am not a fan of the Kelly/Turner guitars, per se. not weighted the same way and the feel is off. They look the same, but sort of where it stops ..
  5. https://reverb.com/item/11200683-rick-turner-renaissance-rs-6-deuce-flame-maple-sunburst-074 Not my listing.. but this is the guitar I am referring to. Price point is up there... The Michael Kelly was made in conjuntion with Turner guitars. It doesnt have the same electronics nor can I confirm it they are routed/chambered the same. But if you're handy you can add this - https://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/dtar-wave-length-undersaddle-pickup-and-preamp
  6. The Turner DEUCE does... same guitar with a humbucker.. lol I understand what your saying about price. I would suggest looking at them used.. My first one was -- and I have been using the better part of 12 years and it was 10 years old when I bought it. The Godin served a purpose -- but I could never get it to 'emote' as I wanted it to.
  7. I had a Godin A-6 ultra. It served it's purpose. I was never in love with it as I felt it was very expressionless. I purchased it as a second to my #1 performer, a Rick Turner Renaissance RS-6. Ultimately, I sold the Godin and purchased a second Turner. I play solo acoustic, and THIS guitar (in my opinion of course) checks ALL the boxes. I found good deals, but the new one on your left retails for $2700. The one on your right has been with me to all the, from boats to beaches from lakes to oceans and every type of pub in between.
  8. Def not Matt.. 🙂 It is pretty bad by us in terms of 'quarantine' and I am not sure the reported numbers are correct. Everytime I turn arround I hear of another positive case or worse .... I have lost all my gigs through May - luckily April was light -- but March went from PACKED to 'whoa!' very quickly... I have been in my basement for my full time job and then just stay here since it's also my 'studio'.
  9. We in the forum are from all over.. and since I haven't been here for a while I figured I would re-introduce myself. I'm a singer/guitarist that plays all over Long Island, NY. I'm a songwriter and a studio vocalist. My main gigging guitars are #1 Rick Turner Renaissance RS-6, An American Strat and a MIM Player's Tele. I'm also a bagpiper. My first claim to fame was being on a TLC show, Four Weddings for a bride that lost (Good.. she skunked me on pay..) and having written a bagpipe tune for a wedding scene in the CW show Reign. I have an amazing wife -- and my son and daughter ain't so bad either! So -- tell me about yourself!
  10. I think the last time you did this was the last time I was here! Collection still looks amazing!
  11. Strange indeed -- but the first time I played one about 12 years ago - I fell in LOVE. The electronics are very expressive... ridiculously so. I sometimes play through a BOSE system, sometimes just 10" QSC speaker depending on the gig.. and everytime someone needs more information about these.
  12. Hey Garthman - If it's good for Lindsey Buckingham and Colin Hay.. its good for me..!!
  13. Boys. Boys -- I guess some things DONT change with time.. haha So --I have $350 in GC gift cards just itching to be spent. i dont want to add money to it. Im just looking for something maybe a little different and maybe even a little fun. I use a MIM Players Telecaster (dual Humbucker) and I found I love it.. and would like a matching LP style. Even it if WAS Epi - though the quality of Epi at the price point I would think isn't as good as Ibanez (or other similiar manufacturers) at that point.
  14. I played a Clapton model in Sam Ash somewhere in CT -- it was used and priced ridiculous.. but I didn't pull that trigger, thankfully. PLayed amazing though.. 'The one that got away' ....
  15. Thanks daddymack! I am well aquainted with Guitar Fetish. I go WAYYYYY back! Have had so many of them over the years -The picture is of my first MIM with a GuitarFetish custom pre-wired pickguard - my GAS waxes and wanes and now that we are in our homes and on our computers.. it is in it's waxing phase. Reverb has been a deadly sort of place recently for me.. I ended up with a spur of the moment $1600 purchase.. so yeah.. ARGH!! I have only recently heard of Firefly -- never heard of Grote.. I guess I need to start frequenting the forum again. So you are saying that, my initial request is not as simple as Is Ibanez a good LP styled guitar.
  16. Good morning! I havent been around in a while.. but this quaratine is getting silly! I am a performing singer/guitarist here on Long Island. I use a Rick Turner Renaissance RS-6. It's an electro-coustic in the truest sense! The one on the right is about 20 years old. The left guitar is a 2019 that I just picked up. They are amazing pieces of work.. The older has a Dtar 18v preamp that is amazing. The newer is just as amazing, but is manufactured by Seymour Duncan. The bodies are chambered, light as a feather and sound like a million dollars! The necks are to die for, at least for me .. they play similiar to my strats and other smaller necked guitars. I am a 'big guy' but seemingly have dainty hands... Anyone else play them? If so let's see yours!
  17. well -- thats even worse -- NO ONE has discussed the Art 120 ever ... haha
  18. Good morning.. Havent been around these parts in years. Glad to see that the search function was never fixed.. gives me a sense of comfort in discomforting times! HAHA so my dilemma is this.. I want a Les Paul styled guitar -- but not necessarily at Gibson or even Epi prices. I'm not a tinkerer, so something that is playable/giggable with very little changes needed. I had a Ibanez Artist years ago (my first guitar WAY BACK WHEN) and I loved it -- but was never a huge fan of the double cutaway Artist. I now find myself looking at the Art120QA since it's relatively inexpensive, and vury purty. Im not necessarily looking for a Les Paul killer, just another fun guitar in a style I don't have. Does any one have any of the Art120QAs? What are your impressions? Have you compared them to Epiphones? How about other Les Paul type guitars (like ESP?) Thanks! Tom
  19. Thanks .. it's fun to be back.. I think... I have been able to regulate my 'GAS' pretty well.. Hopefully this isn't the beginning of a fall off the wagon ..
  20. Hey all.. Long time since I last posted here.. life has kept me very busy in both good and bad ways... Who is still around? I see Ratea but where is Mazi? I am sure there are a few names I don't recall.. Billy BIlly looks like someone who changed their name... Well -- I went to the Sam Ash 'Sidewalk Sale' this weekend at their Huntington NY store.. not sure if the other had one. I was in need of a good deal on a bass which I found. The bass was being rung up when I looked up and found an Ibanez AR220 on the wall for $299. WHAT!?!?!?! So I took it down and played it.. and well.. I know have a new bass (Hofner HTC 185) and a new guitar for under $550. I used to read about deal that meade me envious .. and I think I finally stumbled upon one myself. I know.. "Pics or it didn't happen".. I will get there... I didn't think I would be able to sign on after all this time.. I will get there...
  21. New forum controls since I was last here... ooops
  22. It depends on whether or not Angus and the lads can still deliver the goods. Super Bowl producers seem to prefer hollow, dried up husks of once great bands. If AC/DC can still rock they wouldn't be a good fit. Did I mention that The Who were horrible? methinks you have been looking the other way whilst they have been out some bang up albums that past few years... and putting on some fukkin rockin shows
  23. .. and give them 15 (not 12) minutes!
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