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  1. Someone here should make a cool youtube channel testing out gear like its a {censored}in mid day talk show. That is not a half-bad idea. Problem is, there are really only two ways for this to happen: 1. A hobbyist just does it with no industry support. You would have to buy A LOT of gear for the show to be worth following, bleeding money in hopes of eventually finding a way to build it into enough of a success that it could be ad-supported. 2. Somebody with industry connections gets their hands of lots of free gear for evaluation. The problem there, of course, is guitarists will take you a little less seriously, because even if you're not a shill, you'll come off as one. And honestly, even somebody who doesn't set out to be a shallow pitch-man will be awfully tempted to give glowing reviews to Devi Ever fuzz boxes if Devi herself is sending free loaners and being nice to them. It's almost impossible to maintain objectivity once you have even the shallowest of working relationships with the people you are reviewing, which is why Consumer Reports never accepts free samples or demos of anything.
  2. Hello Music has the MOTU UltraLite MK3 Hybrid for $350 I've heard not-great things about these MOTU firewire units when used with PC's, but I can say for a fact that they are great with Macs. I've got the old 1st Gen 828 and I love it. I snapped one up, and it will either replace the old 828 or maybe I'll use them together in the studio. We'll see. The MK3 is better for live applications than my old rig, because it can be "pre-set" and then run without the computer, and it also has better no-latency monitoring options.
  3. I'm not feeling this frenzy. It's not just this model that's discontinued; the whole platform is dead. It goes even beyond that, the entire COMPANY is being restructured. HP is spinning off their computer division to become a new company, and flat-out dropping their venture into tablets & phones. Everything about it is going away, which is why they are clearing them out. If you really want a touch-based computer, save up your pennies for an iPad or shop around what some of the Android-based tablets from other companies have to offer. Buying one of these already-obscolete HP pads is penny-wise and pound-foolish.
  4. The deal from the end of the July thread about Hello Music selling the ZT Lunchbox for $200 is worth repeating. People who have been around this forum for a couple years know that I'm a bit of a tube-amp snob, but if you're looking for a gig-worthy solid-state amp, these little miracle boxes are just about the best deal out there, even at full price. The "200W" thing is pure marketing BS, but if you pair the Lunchbox with the little matching $100 Lunchbox cab, you essentially have a pocket-sized, 17-pound replacement for the massive (and massively expensive) Roland JC-120, minus the reverb & chorus. Yes, I'm serious. It sounds that good, and is loud enough to play clean in rehearsal with a full band. People will be astonished by how much sound you're pushing out of two tiny 6.5" speakers. Also, now that Crate has (for some baffling reason) stopped making the Power Block amp head, the ZT Lunchbox is the best available "backup amp" for hiding under one of the seats in your van and leaving it there just in case your regular amp craps the bed at a gig. At $200, this is a no-brainer purchase if you have use for a loud, clean, sweet-sounding ultra-portable amp and don't already have one.
  5. Meh. Singers are the the only band members that are easier to replace than guitarists. Go out to a few karaoke nights, find somebody that sings well and looks good, make sure they aren't a head-case, and you're all set.
  6. I am seriously embarassed by most (not all6 of the Jack White hate on the boards. Dude is just damn good pop songwriter. It's like this on any guitar forum, where the only modern music that is praised is "throwback" to Zeppelin or AC/DC. Some of us LOVE Jack White.
  7. Plus I noticed how the back of his Danelectros neck is worn. He really must have played the hell out of that thing:eek: Nah. I bet he relic'd it.
  8. I sure hope that was all pro bono....otherwise, that poor bastard just threw good money after bad. I charged him a few bucks (nothing like what a pro tech would charge him. This is my hobby.) When I was done with it, it played like BUTTER. I spent a ton of time on the frets & the nut, I got the intonation set really nice, I cleaned up the electronics a bit, and I dropped in a pickup upgrade (JB/Jazz). Before you say, "a set of Duncans in that POS!?" let me just say this: 1. He got the guitar as a gift and really wanted to make the best of it for a couple years. 2. I caught them on sale. 3. I gave him back his old pickups in a box when I was done. When he's ready to step up to an Agile or Epiphone or whatever, he can drop the old pups back into the cheapie and keep the Duncans to upgrade his next guitar. Heck, I'll probably do the swap for free. The control cavity was really easy to work in so I can probably do it in a matter of minutes. Sooner or later some of the cheap hardware on that thing is going to drive him nuts. Either the frets will wear out way too fast, or the cheap jackplate will go bad, or who-knows-what. But for a couple of years, he's got a guitar that plays as well as pretty much any Epiphone off the shelf and has a rather nice tone to it as well. This is what I do. I rehabilitate guitars. I am... the turd whisperer.
  9. They have a better engineered bridge than what they put on the Epiphone, except for the crap pot metal they make it with. The bridge was a clever design, I gotta give it that.
  10. I had the misfortune of fixing one of these up last month. These are the guitars that Gibson sells in cardboard boxes in department stores to compete with the cheap First-Acts and other sub-$100 impulse-buy guitars. What a piece of junk!!! Uneven, poorly-seated frets, cheap bolt-on neck, dirt-cheap hardware throughout, and awful pickups. With a neck shim, some new pickups, and a ton of work filing, leveling, and dressing the frets, and a complete setup, I was able to turn it into... a guitar I still wouldn't buy, but at least it won't interfere with a beginner's progress, and he can pull the pickups and use them on his *next* guitar, which he should be ready for within a year or two. Now why, after many many years of insisting on fiercely preserving the "Gibson" brand's reputation by only putting "Epiphone" on the headstock of their more-affordable instruments would the even consider releasing this TOY GUITAR and slapping their name on it??? If you see one floating around on Craigslist, don't offer more than $40. The quality doesn't even rise to that of an Epiphone "Special II".
  11. Aren't these guitars worth like 60 bucks? I bet mine is worth 20 bucks, but if I get famous it will be worth millions. You are absolutely right. $20, tops. I'll tell you what... I'll take yours off your hands for $25.
  12. I once intended to drop a Squier II (MIK) neck onto a USA Predator, and they are indeed a different size. The old Predator has a narrow neck, HSS routing, cheap-ish hardware, and merely okay pickups. It's sort of like buying a cheap Asian guitar that was made in the USA... except for the fact that they were VERY well-constructed. They're nicer than just about any budget strat from their era, with the possible exception of the Yamaha. But while they are outstanding guitars (I'd take one over an 80s Teisco in a heartbeat) they never gained the kind of following other cheapie guitars did (like... the Teisco.) Like GAS Man, I was waiting for the inevitable "rediscovery" of the old Peaveys that would rocket values up, but it never seems to happen. I've given up on it, too. The improving quality of Chinese-made CNC-cut budget strats has rendered them as "great budget strats... for the time", but it doesn't seem likely they will ever command big money. So I say go ahead and mod the crap out of it. I've got a beat-up one in the shop which I'm re-finishing and dropping a loaded G&L pickguard into.
  13. People get upset about "lowballers" on Craigslist, but they never really bother me. If I list a guitar for a fair market-value price, it eventually sells for that price, therefore the lowball offers are irrelevant. If it doesn't sell at the price I'm asking, that probably means I've listed it for too much and maybe the "lowballers" have a better idea of what the ACTUAL market value of the guitar is than I do. People shop on Craigslist for one reason and one reason only: To get a better deal than they would get buying from a pawn shop like Music-Go-Round. People sell on Craigslist for one reason and one reason only: To get more money than they would get selling it to a pawn shop like Music-Go-Round. A fair price falls somewhere in between what a pawn shop would pay for the guitar, and what they would turn around and sell it for. If you try to sell for more or buy for less, then you're really just rolling the dice on being able to take advantage of somebody else's ignorance of the market.
  14. lol, my point is that the old USA Peaveys are better guitars than the best of the ones coming form panda land. I disagree. I've had a few old Peaveys, and they are often excellent guitars, but so are many of the new Peaveys being made in Asia. My '98 Predator Plus (Korea) blows away every USA Predator I've ever touched, and I'll take my '06 JF-2 (China) over any of the T-series Peaveys of yesteryear.
  15. $5 cover charges for downtown bar stages on weeknights. Roots-influenced bands singing "John the Revelator" a cappella with hand-claps. Bass players who make their lines too busy for what the song needs. (The great ones all know when to back off.) People who anonymously hate on other local bands in the "musicians" community forum on Craigslist. Sellers who obviously know better omitting the name "Squier" from their "Fender Guitar" for-sale ads. Aging hair-metal tribute acts. (Nothing wrong with liking that music, but they are becoming about as ubiquitous as the "white guys in hawaiian shirts playing 90s-revivalist style blues" bands. Also, spandex pants and open-front tops don't usually work so well when you're on the wrong side of 40. Put on a hawaiian shirt and go play Kid Johnny Lang covers with the other old-timers, 'kay? Thanks.) Live solo acts using loopers. ESPECIALLY if they are looping on an acoustic, and set up a "drum" track for each song by whacking on the face of their guitar. Done. To. Death. You know what? That felt good to get off my chest.
  16. Is it just me, or does anyone else find the maple fretboard on a MIM guitar sticky? I really notice it when I do fast oblique bends such as those found in an SRV song. The rosewood board on my squier is much dryer and less sticky and I can do these kinds of bends much, much easier. Is this the kind of thing people are thinking of when saying that they like a rosewood fretboard more? 1. It's the finish, not the wood, that makes the difference in the texture feel of a neck & fretboard. 2. Try using bacon.
  17. Sensitive bunch, those texans, eh? I've been to Texas a few times, and found the people there to be downright nice. There seems to be something about Internet forums which either makes people hypersensitive, or just somehow attracts those with knotted panties. Although I do think we should be given our hockey team name back. The "Minnesota Wild" is a terrible name for a sports team, and (let's face it) the North Stars do not belong in Dallas at all. People down there think hockey is an indoor sport, for crying out loud!
  18. It seems strange that a company would go to all the effort of developing a lucite guitar, and not make it a decent guitar. As far as I can tell, making a lucite guitar is trivially easy once your factory is tooled for it. They probably use a factory which is/was subbed out to make bodies for some other maker.
  19. there aint nothing wrong with Galveston other than the massive damage done by the last storm that came through. beside that guitar company isnt even from texas. we actually like playable guitars down here. i think they're from ohio I never said they were from Texas. I said never buy a cheap Asian guitar NAMED AFTER a Texas city. It's a handy rule of thumb. If somebody is selling a Vietnamese-built guitar on eBay called a "Waco" or a "San Antonio", don't bid on it. It's almost certainly crap.
  20. Okay, but seriously: Galvestons have cheap hardware, horrible necks, worthless pickups, bad wiring, and poor construction. Their clear-lucite line is fun though, because you can swap out EVERYTHING and end up with a relatively nice clear-lucite guitar for far, far less than buying a lucite guitar from a well-respected maker. It's not like you have to worry about poor wood quality; lucite is lucite.
  21. Rule #7: Never buy a cheap Asian guitar named after a city in Texas.
  22. It's got little to do wth twang, which is mainly dwon to the sound of a tele pickup, but mainly about overall tone. I've fitted B5s, B50s and the cheapo Vibrotones to Teles and they just simply seem to take something away. To Golias I'd say simply this, as it's a 101, got for it, it's better than listening to anybodies advice, but 101 pickups are utterly fucking horrible. I have a pretty proud boast that I can make most guitars playable, but S101s are truly appalling guitars, equalled only by the brand Wesley that we have in the UK. Look for Bigsby clones, but don't even bother to splash out on a B50, which for the record have better tolerances that the US made Bigsbys, and the castings are better, but the alloy isn't quite as good. Either way, Bigsbys look bloody beautiful, sound meh, and divide opinion. The best that can be said for them is they provide jobs for good sandcasters I've heard horror stories about S101 guitars, but honestly, other than it being a little on the heavy side for a Telecaster, it's not half bad. The neck is nicer than many tele clones I've tried, both pups (which I was planning on replacing and still might) sound half-way decent, certainly better than various Squier teles I've tried out in stores, and the fit & finish is better than I was expecting. Maybe some runs of S101s are better than others. I seriously doubt they are all made in the same factory, year after year. Or maybe I just happened to stumble on a decent one. In any case, this is my new Turd Polish project. I'm going to make this goofy sweat-shop tele into something special.
  23. So, over in another thread, Ratae insisted that this mod would completely ruin the tone. "Take the Tele out of the Telecaster" was the expression he used. I've never done this mod before (like I said, first Tele ever), but I've heard Teles with Bigsbys being played, and always thought they sounded good. Is there anything to this? What harm, specifically, would the addition of a Bigsby do to the tone of the guitar (if any)?
  24. nonononononononono do not do Why not? Bigsby trems are like salt - They make EVERYTHING better.
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