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  • JUNE Spam Thread! There's SPAM in here.>>

    Got something guitar-related that you need to sell? Post it here! All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    Also, help keep the length down. Please don't bump this thread with the whole quote + "Still here" shtick, and don't post an update unless you delete your original post.


    If you see something you like, make an offer please. (not interested in trades at this time though, unless for maybe a looper pedal)

    PM me with questions. Will offer free FedEx ground shipping on all items to lower 48 states only unless otherwise stated.

    Feeler spam, thinking of selling my 1996 Fender Sambora Standard Strat - comes with gig bag - $500

    Parting out this MIJ Floyd Strat - body/empty pickguard $95, neck/tuners/nut $150.

    M-Audio Studiophile BX8 monitors - brand new condition even have the box, $300 plus shipping. Will post pics soon, or PM me for more info. Great for using with a POD or other digital amp, or to use for your home studio recording station. Will post pics soon:


    Eagle Soul T-180. Swedish company, guitar Made in Korea. $295 comes with a gig bag

    Looks to be solid 2 or 3 piece alder body with flamed maple veneer. Back of the body stained to look like mahagony. Nice wood grain. Black binding on the top.

    Two alnico P90 pickups with the neck one being RWRP for hum canceling in the mid position. (3 way switch)

    22 Medium jumbo frets, no wear whatsoever on them. Abalone dot inlays and the name C.Yngstrom inlayed at the 12th fret. Grover type tuners.

    1 11/16th" nut. 25.5" scale neck, dark rosewood slab fretboard, maple 2 piece neck with scarf joint.

    Thin C shaped neck. Steel bridge with cast roller saddles and cast block. Pop in trem arm.



    1985 Ibanez Roadstar II RS410 was $325 now 275 or make offer with beat up vintage original case, free shipping.

    It's a 1985 Ibanez Roadstar II RS410 in a rare Ivory color, which is pretty similar to Fender's vintage white.

    In my research I found that the RS410 was a mid-1985 release in the line and therefore doesn't show up in any catalogs.

    The colors available were IV (Ivory) PS (Pink Sunlight) and BK (Black). The RS420, the two humbucker model, was available in Black and SB (Soft Blue)

    The pastel colors (IV, PS, & SB) were only available in 1985 and only on these 2 models. It's probably safe to assume the production was limited to a few hundred, since they were only available for a short time.

    The trem is a ProRock'r, which evolved into the Ibanez Edge the next year.

    I love the necks on these Roadstars, they are a little bit smaller than a Fender C, and they feel great.

    The IBZ pickup is hot and tight! Sounds great, and has the duo-sound push/push volume pot switch. It sounds like it switches between series and parallel, as there's no drop in volume when switched, just a noticable difference in sound.

    There are a couple of dings on the back, but the front is in great condition. Frets are in great shape. Overall a great playing guitar and a fine example of the 1980s MIJ quality. Has schaller type strap buttons.

    If you want to SAVE ROCK 'n' ROLL, Join The MAZI BEE KICK ASS MILITIA!!!

    **FOR SALE**

    more stuff soon

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    FT: 2007 Gibson GOTW Silverburst SG Standard
    +/- Cash


    Beautiful ebony ... Just.. not.. a Gibson player. It's in superb condition, would be mint if not for the light marks on the pickguard.

    Interested in:
    Fenders, G&Ls, Semi-Hollows, Ricks, Stereo Memory Man

    Not Interested in:
    SGs, Flying Vs, Amps
    The Good Traders List: 6StrngStrangler x2, LionHeaRT07, GRINGO_LOCO x2, befey


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      Short version of the story, I took this to a gig and it just didn't do what I needed. It feels great looks great sounds great, but not me.

      Trades? $350? Looking for quality pedals or ???? Let me know. I keep thinking that I will bond with this guitar. This is a steal for this guitar in perfect shape, buckle rash can't occur if your belly sticks out further that the belt buckle. Shipped in a well padded Washburn Gigbag. I am going to set up Paypal today or Money orders or some new **************** to play with.

      Set neck, custom custom in the bridge and 59 neck, coil split and very tonally broad. Super thin fast neck and awsome quilt top.

      Great Deals

      Originally Posted by jjpistols

      Damn son! Not only are you a master dealer, I also crown you king of the multiquote!


      SG ARMY: pfc, res.
      Ibanez Art Corps


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        Eastwood JR Elite Johnny Ramone Tribute Mosrite Style, excellent condition, comes with gig bag, barley played, 100% stock $500 inc shipping and paypal for HCEC Forum Memebers.


        Model Name: JR ELITE

        The Mosrite Mark II model was made famous by Johnny Ramone. The JR Elite is our tribute to Johnny and his Mark II. The guitar features his unique pickup configuration - mini-Humbucker in the neck and high output single coil in the bridge - knurled volume knob
        Colours: White
        Body: Alder
        Neck: Bound Maple, Bolt-on
        Fingerboard: Rosewood, Vintage Mosrite Mini Dot Markers
        Scale Length: 24 3/4"
        Width at Nut: 1 1/2" ZERO Fret, Metal Nut
        Pickups: Mini Humbucker Neck, Hi-Output F-1 Fixed Single Coil Bridge
        Switching: 3-Way
        Bridge: Vintage Mosrite Style Adjustable Roller Bridge, Stop Tail
        Unique Features: Replica Mosrite style made famous by Johnny Ramone


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          Link in the sig
          Guitars: PRS, Fender, Gibson, Epi
          Pedals: Octophant, Wilson, Danelectro, Monsterpiece, Way Huge, Custom, Line 6
          Amps: Egnater, Ampeg

          Good deals (70+!)


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            This is a Fender 5760 Strat (MIM), limited run of 250 (not saying it's "extra rare," just giving info). Unless you know someone that bought one of the other 249, you will be the only person with a guitar like this. It has vintage voiced Alnico V pickups that sound great (mucho quack, loves dirt). 7.25" radius, vintage frets. It has a 50s body with a 60s neck (no skunk stripe). I have changed the pick guard to tort, but will include the white parchment original.

            It has the six screw bridge, split shaft tuners, and a rosewood board. There is a shiny spot around the fourth fret, I am the second owner and do not know where it comes from. It has zero affect on playability. I added a shim (two sheets of medium thickness paper) to the neck to give me some room for playing slide, it's easily removed.

            Condition is 9.5 out of 10. I will ship it with a used but functional case.

            Price shipped/paypalled is $550.

            LTD MH50, 9.9 out of 10, bone stock with non-original hard case: $260 shipped/PP

            This is a stock photo, but the guitar is exactly the same. If you want pics of the actual guitar I'll be glad to e-mail them. This is a great playing guitar with a fast neck and extra jumbo frets. A good backup or something to have around with a licensed Floyd, that is not bad for a licensed Floyd.

            BBE Green Screamer NIB (with power supply): $75 shipped/PP

            BBE Orange Squash NIB (with power supply): $95 shipped/PP

            Two sets of Fender tuners for MIA or MIM Strats, new : $30 shipped/PP each [COLOR="Red"](One set Sold, one set left)

            Trades I will consider: I like Strats, Gibson SGs, semi-hollows, higher-end Epi LPs (similar quality LP clones), tube amps 50 watts or less, or a good true bypass wah.

            Shoot me a PM
            ................The REAL Brah

            Good trades/deals with: Fusion1, SOLARPIMP, Lonnie99, twotimingpete, Tupelo Sun, moon shadow, Florbastang, shooter 123, Wolfboy1, almost enough, meowy, ntmo, lovellintn, fulcrumpoint, matt rhoades, kojdogg, cadfael, Daveydude, DaveAronow, Smithshred


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              Crate Blue Voodoo 100 watt head (w/carvin footswitch)- $300
              Local pickup only (Chicago)

              Good dealings: Lawton, outkastin2g, jshaft37, radonballoon, grygrx, bengerm77, roodog, 7PlaGues, JimboJ


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                I'm selling my Digitech Vocalist Live 4. It is currently on ebay at:
                http://cgi.ebay.com/Digitech-Vocalist-Live-4-MINT_W0QQitemZ170339392474QQihZ007QQcategoryZ3278Q QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem



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                  I have an American Vintage Reissue '62 Jazzmaster for sale. Included is the case as well as all the case "candy." The guitar is in good shape, some light surface scratches, mainly on the back, which aren't through the paint. There is one scuffed area along the bottom edge of the guitar, shown in one of these pics. I'm not sure what happened here, but it looks like the outer gloss layer of the finish has been worn away, while the area beneath is still black. Asking for $1300 shipped, PM me if interested and I can answer any questions or supply more pictures. Thanks. Oh, the buzzstop shown in the picture will not be included, sorry, it's already spoken for.


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                    Like new condition and rarely played from Fenders Special Edition series. No dings , dents or buckle rash. Has Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in Bridge and 59 in neck with coil tap option. Mahagony body, Maple top and set neck. Comes with nice gig bag. $475.00.or trades for other quality gear.
                    PM me with questions or info.

                    Here are the specs:

                    Model Name Custom Telecaster


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                      I will take pics of any item if requested. Just PM me.

                      Buyer pays shipping.

                      The list:

                      Boss RC-20XL Looper - Like new - $200
                      Rocktron Heart Attack dynamic filter - Like new - $50
                      Wilkinson black trem for Strat. - Never installed - $40
                      GFS Dream 90 neck pickup. - Soon to be uninstalled from my LP barely ever used. - $20
                      Epiphone V Jr. head


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                        See Siggy!
                        FS/T-- (all prices PP Gift and Shipped)

                        Strymon Brigadier Delay in box--$250
                        Lee Jackson Crate Stealth 100--$325
                        Marshall Artist 3203 Head--$500
                        EQD Monarch OD Distortion Pedal---$110
                        EQD White Light OD Pedal---$100
                        EQD Hoof Fuzz 4 knob--$110




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                          PRICE REDUCED on this fine MIJ collectable!

                          Full details here:


                          Thanks for looking!


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                            I'm looking to trade my early '90's Pre-Fender MIJ Jackson Kelly KE4. I've upgraded the pickups to a gibson 490 in the neck and a SD JB in the bridge. It needs a new front pickup ring and there are two wood showing dings in it. Otherwise it's in great shape. I'm interested in small tube amps, teles, or LP type guitars. I'm in the Northeast Ohio area and would prefer to do all trades in person. Pics below, I will take pics of the dings upon request:



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                              Valvetech VAC 25/35, $700 shipped in cont. 48. more pics/details here-


                              Laney TT50 112, $800 shipped in cont. 48. More pics/details here-

                              good transactions with- 5369chuck, indicagold22, Hoboman, Mazi Bee, iplayanesp, tms13pin, Mizati20, mincy, Cobra_13, bahnbaban, ZombieCat, greg apocalypse, madryan, knucklefux, phatgirl, metalone, Crunchtime, Fusion1