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  1. Learned on one. Would love to find another just for nostalgia’s sake. If memory serves correctly it wasn’t THAT bad. Double covered single coil and a bridge humbucker, Floyd copy, three way switch, vol and tone knob, and maybe a mini switch or three. Reverse headstock, shark fin inlays, and that sweet sweet red crackle finish. I thought it was the most amazing looking guitar at the time, as it was the mid 90s, and ‘my’ first electric guitar experience. I played electric guitar (badly) in my small church’s praise and worship youth group band and the leader (and my guitar mentor) let me borrow it for over a year. Busted out some SWEET G/C/D progressions on that beast through an old DOD Grunge into an old Crate 2x12. Unlike the Lord’s grace, tone was never found! 😂
  2. Thank you for the response. I appreciate it. I decided to pass on the JCM900. I'm gonna try some EL34s in the Triple Rec and try the 'Spongy' switch on the back to see if I can get a little closer to the territory that I want to cover. The 'ugh' was directed at the lack of activity on the HC boards. I used to post on here frequently, then took a break once the forum switched to it's new look. I came back and it seems like a ghost town now! Any idea on where people migrated to?
  3. Link to some hi-res pics: http://imgur.com/a/avL8L I am looking to trade my 2010 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro with original hardshell case for a Gibson SG. Let me get this out of the way right away. This guitar has been played. It is not a showroom floor piece, so if you are looking for a 'lawyer dad' dream guitar, this is not it. There are some bumps and bruises, some buckle rash, and a little wear on the pickups. This guitar has been used, but never abused. There are no deep gouges or scratches, nothing that goes through to the wood, but there are scratches and other minor imperfections. The guitar is rock solid. NO cracks, splits, or any structural damage at all. Nut and neck joint are perfect and solid as can be. Guitar comes from a smoke free home. Now, to the good stuff. This Les Paul plays GREAT. The action is low and fast, the neck is straight and true, and the (coil tap capable) pickups sound FANTASTIC ('57 Classic in the neck position and a Burstbucker 3 in the bridge position.). The neck is in VERY GOOD shape, and the 50's profile feels great in your hand. It's fast, but thick and it feels very solid. Frets are still in great shape with minimal wear. The locking Grover tuners help the guitar stay in perfect tune, even in low tunings. It is currently set up with Ernie Ball Cobalt 10's. Guitar comes with the original hardshell case. Case is in good condition. There's a little discoloration inside the case, but structurally, the case is 100%. All latches and hinges are perfect. Also comes with the original cream plastic pickguard and knobs. Here is a link to a ton of info about this LP: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Traditional-Pro.aspx Here is a link to some hi-res pics: http://imgur.com/a/avL8L I am looking for a Gibson SG Standard, preferably in black, brown, or silverburst. I am not interested in any of the 'Faded' or 'Special' SGs. No offense, but it has to be the real deal. The SG must be in good condition with no neck issues, and have a hardshell case included. I am not interested in any other guitar at this time, so please, no other offers. The guitar is NOT for sale at this time, so please, no cash offers. I am not in a hurry at all to get rid of this guitar. If I can't find the right deal, I will just hang on to it. It's a great guitar that plays and sounds amazing. The only reason that it is up for trade is that I've just never been much of a LP kinda guy. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a PM. I'll reply ASAP. Link to local Craigslist post: http://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/msg/4839430880.html Thank you for looking and have a great day.
  4. SOLD! I bought this bass a few months ago, and it has sat in it's case for most of the time I've owned it. It is in absolute minty condition and has only been played a handful of times. No dings, dents, or scratches other than the slightest surface swirls from polishing. There was a tiny imperfection by the stock bridge, but the Hipshot bridge covers it up nicely. Fantastic condition overall. It has been upgraded with a Brass Hipshot bridge (link), and the pickup cover has been removed and the cavity now holds a cove-style Trebel Bezel from PickoftheRicks (link). The replacement bridge comes with extra parts, and original bridge and pickup cover will be included. All case candy is also included. I did use the supplied polish cloth a few times, if that makes a difference. What can I say... I am just not bonding with it. It's a beautiful bass, and I had wanted one for many years, but it just doesn't fit my style. It sounds great, looks great, and plays great, and it is definitely one of the most solid instruments I have ever had my hands on, but unfortunately it just doesn't feel like the bass for me. I am primarily looking to trade for an American P Bass or perhaps an American Ernie Ball Stingray. If you have a different bass, feel free to make an offer, the worst I can say is no. (Possibly +/- a bit of cash depending on what you offer.) I am not really in a hurry to get rid of it, so no cash offers at this time. I may decide to sell it down the line, but for now I am mainly interested in a trade. I'll just hang on to it until I find the right trade. No lowball offers, please. Any questions? Feel free to ask. I will respond quickly. Thanks for looking, and pardon the slightly blurry pics. It was overcast today and my camera is a bit old. I tried to get every angle of the bass. Any marks on the bass are just smudges or fuzz bits from the case. Many more pics here: http://imgur.com/a/13qSU
  5. This is coming in on Friday and I am salivating at the thought of getting my hands on it. Never owned a Floyd, let alone a Charvel. Not 'me' at all, but I love the way it looks. Seller's pic. Expect a NGD post this weekend.
  6. This is coming in on Friday and I am salivating at the thought of getting my hands on it. Never owned a Floyd, let alone a Charvel. Not 'me' at all, but I love the way it looks. Seller's pic. Expect a NGD post this weekend.
  7. WTT Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus: GREAT condition, plays great, lots of tonal options, just not really my bag. No case, but I will pack it well. I have a great transaction history. Looking for a Strat, Dano, or Mockingbird. Will consider other trades. Let me know what you have. Also, trade feeler. 1964 or 1965 Harmony Bobkat. Plays great, it's in FANTASTIC condition. Electronics need a bit of TLC but I'm sure it's an easy fix. Works as is but it's not at 100% electronically. Comes with original chipboard case. Entertaining offers at this time. Also.. If your metal band needs a logo I can help you out with that. Here's one that I did recently. I can go simpler or crazier.
  8. Email me at robby r harris (at) g mail (dot) com Thanks!
  9. But I'd consider anything nice! Looking for ~$750 shipped. PM Me. Thanks!
  10. I'm not sure. I may check it out tomorrow. I was curious about the fret board.
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