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Which one of these finishes do you prefer?

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    I prefer the Ruby to the natural or the pictured burst.

    In all honesty, when I think of a big jazz box, I think of a natural colored guitar. I played a natural finished Gibson when I was in jazz band so maybe that's just always stuck.

    I also like the wines and dark reds and black. Not a fan of cherry bursts or tobacco bursts in general.
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      I went natural but it's likely because I already own a burst so the next one will be something different.
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        I likes em bofe

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          i have come to the conclusion that he is some form of god. no mere mortal has that many guitars/pedals/amp/anything. "It boggles my mind. His collection is the most glorious and true expression of GAS.To each his own though. Amazing collection of beauties. It takes some seriously messed up OCD to compile a collection like that.I hate BBreaker. Damn, I hate him.Suck it.We learned that bbreaker is some sort of god. A god of whine.fk this guy.


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            It's a tough call I like both.
            That Ruby is pretty hot too.
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              Out of the two you posted I like the natural better. The burst on that one isn't done very nicely in my opinion. Not enough fade on the black. The transition between the colors is too sharp. I guess some people like that style but I prefer the colors to blend better.


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                Thanks folks! I am still OCDing(sic) a bit, but am almost certain it is going to be the natural.

                Xstonr, that harm is purty.
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                    Ruby, so much better than the other two.
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