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  1. I have a Korean Epiphone SG made of mahogany and I did upgrade the pickups to a set of Gibson Classic 57. The body is light, the neck is fantastic and the tone is great.
  2. I thought they charge more for road worn equipment.
  3. They do some very good work over there. I have been tempted on many occasions but have not pulled the trigger.
  4. Nice job. Looks real good.
  5. It looks like it's gonna be a fun film to see. Thanks
  6. Rickenbacker 360/12 in Fireglo
  7. Very nice. Yamahas are very underrated guitars. Enjoy.
  8. xStonr

    Amp advice

    Your selection of amps is very good. I own or have owned a few. Based on the tone you want and the amps I am familiar with I would consider the Jet City, Marshall, or Blackstar.
  9. What kind of servicing needs to be done? Have you taken the pickguard off yet?
  10. Not a Dirty Shirley but this guy used Friedman Amps. https://friedmanamplification.com/heads/ss-100-steve-stevens-signature-head
  11. Being a Korean made guitar, it's either from Samick or Cort. Both companies make some well built guitars.
  12. I'm the new kid on the block with a recently purchased 620/6. In the 3 weeks I've owned it, it has stayed in tune.
  13. Jorma has been having quarantine concerts every Saturday at his Fur Peace Ranch. You can view them on youtube. I think they start around 8pm EST. He's such a good player. Jorma has been heard to say "he never met a guitar he didn't like".
  14. I've playing the Ric with my different amps and it's sounds the best by far with my AC15.
  15. Thanks for all the tips Mikeo. I usually don't send in warranty cards but after the 30 day return period I will send it in. I like the guitar but now I want a 12 string.
  16. I made a decision to stop working full time and collect SS. Next week and moving forward I will only work 2 days a week. This will help the business I'm in to keep the other employees they have and stay open in this newer covid enviroment. Also, it's my birthday in 2 weeks and when my Dad passed in May he left me a few $$ so I decided to buy a guitar I always wanted. There are not too many around but I was able to find one locally yesterday and couldn't wait to pick it up on Wed so I got it today. It sure is pretty and not to mention the Jangle. Happy Rickenbacker 620/6 to me!
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