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  1. But it won't work until you update the firmware.
  2. Talented but troubled. RIP Peter
  3. The first mod I did to my Gretsch was to reinforce that input jack too. Mine was bought used and fortunately there was no damage there.
  4. I have always liked those guitars but can't justify ownership. Enjoy yours.
  5. If you are able to try it out before buying and like it then all is well.
  6. I have never played the Guild. It is very cool looking and reminds me of the Billy Bo guitar the Reverend has which is a Gretsch. I like the Gretsch and own a Electromatic and would recommend that.
  7. The Zombie threads keep arising.
  8. Try installing a version of Linux on it. Linux works quite well on older computers.
  9. The body is Alder. The finish is some Minwax stain I had from a previous project.
  10. I bought it on ebay. Who made it? I couldn't tell you. Generic Asian brand. Corona free.
  11. Thanks. No problems at all with the saddles. I'm pleasantly surprised with the tuning stability.
  12. Thanks. The body came from reverb.
  13. My idea was to use what i had here on hand so I used parts that I had laying around. The roller saddles were a cheap ebay find.
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