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  1. I have a Korean Epiphone SG made of mahogany and I did upgrade the pickups to a set of Gibson Classic 57. The body is light, the neck is fantastic and the tone is great.
  2. I thought they charge more for road worn equipment.
  3. They do some very good work over there. I have been tempted on many occasions but have not pulled the trigger.
  4. Nice job. Looks real good.
  5. It looks like it's gonna be a fun film to see. Thanks
  6. Rickenbacker 360/12 in Fireglo
  7. Very nice. Yamahas are very underrated guitars. Enjoy.
  8. xStonr

    Amp advice

    Your selection of amps is very good. I own or have owned a few. Based on the tone you want and the amps I am familiar with I would consider the Jet City, Marshall, or Blackstar.
  9. What kind of servicing needs to be done? Have you taken the pickguard off yet?
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