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Does a real Gibson really smoke a Epiphone by a mile?


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    Is a Gibby Custom better than an Epi Custom? Absofreakinlutely; the Epi doesn't even come remotely close. 5-7x? Not sure how to quantify that; are you basing that on price? If so, well that's a personal thing; for me the answer is yes, for others probably not. The bottom line is do you like the Epi better than the Gibby when all things are taken into consideration? If so, very cool, if not, buy a Gibson. I have both, but when it comes down to eliminating guitars, guess which ones are going first?
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      The better of the two will be the one that allows you to play better. You can typically mod either brand to sound better (or worse, if that's your preference ;o) ).

      Which amp you're playing through will effect a greater difference.
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          Any comparison is riddled with subjectivity which all boils down the player and the player alone.

          So diceman1000 doesn't nor will he probably ever see it as a 5-7X difference. dcooper830 owns a bunch of both and he doesn't see it either and probably never will.

          Ask 50 other people and you're going to get people on both sides of the fence with different opinions. Me personally; it all comes down the guitars in question and even then a 5-7X 'better' is unattainable except perhaps in the case of the ****************tiest Epiphone ever built and one of the best Gibsons ever to grace the planet. The likelihood is more in the .05-2X nicer in even the more extreme cases and for many even a 5% difference is enough to justify the price which is clearly what the 5-7X 'better' is really all about.

          So here is are the questions you have to ask yourself:

          1. If you had to choose between this Epiphone for $300 and a Gibson for $300 which one would you buy?

          2. If you had to choose between the Epiphone for $2000 and a Gibson for the same price which would you buy?

          Now try to explain the answer to yourself and perhaps you'll be onto something because I don't know why it is either. I'm going to take the Gibson in just about every scenario I can imagine and I'll sit here and admit to it.

          The price difference isn't on a linear scale so the 5-7X better question is flawed from the beginning. After a certain price the percentage of 'better' drops and the price increases substantially and it's not just with guitars. Ask Diceman1000 to explain it using cars as an analogy; he enjoys that. oke:
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            Not 5 or 7 times better. Only 2 X.


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              I think the problem with Gibsons is the quality/price ratio (QPR). I've seen some Gibsons at Guitar Center that are visibly b-stock material (binding all wobbly, noticeable drips on the finish, terrible fretwork) - selling at A-stock prices. It's a little disheartening . . . I know the QC issue isn't just my imagination - I was talking to a guy a local mom & pop and he said they dropped Gibson for 2 reasons - first, Gibson made them carry way more inventory than Fender (including a lot of Epis they couldn't move) and second, he was sending every other Gibson back because of QC issues - 50%! Stunning! My guess is that all his returns went to Guitar Center :-)

              In comparison, most of the Epis I've seen are pretty well made. Ultimately their resale value is for **************** unless you have something like a Casino, which seems to hold up pretty well in the used market, so that's a pretty big driver. I think the best QPR is Rickenbacker - I had a 620 (which when I bought it in 2002 was $700!!) - what a spectacular guitar. Beautifully crafted . . . I understand they are about double the price these days, but I still think that's a pretty good value given the quality. Pity their necks are so dang narrow!
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                GIbson's are ****************

                Epi's are great but suck when ya flip them...........

                Good to see the universal truth of HCEG is still intact

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                I think the most interesting facet of this entire topic is that more people seem to like Ed Roman than BG76.. Out dickheading Ed Roman - man, that takes some serious skill..


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                  In general "Real Gibsons(tm)" are better than the somewhat equivalent Epiphone models. But definitely not 5 times better - and I say that as a "Real Gibson" owner. Right now I'm hankering for a goldtop with P90s... It won't be my "main" guitar (or even close to it) so do I want to spend three grand for the Gibson version or five bills for the Epi? Hell that's a no brainer. Even if the pups sucked ass I could swap them and still be a couple of grand ahead. The harder question (for me) is Epi versus Agile...
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                    Thinking in terms of sound, playability and personal taste, it is quite possible that a similar Gibson has no practicle performance advantage over a well modded Epi.
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                      How would one go about quantifying how one guitar is 5-7x "better" than another guitar?

                      You can't which is why I think it's bogus when the Gibson fanboys attempt to do exactly that to justify the outrageous amount of money they spent.

                      If I dig a guitar that's 400 dollars and I also dig a guitar that's 4,000 dollars, I really can't bring myself to sit down and mathematically deduce that the latter is ten times better than the former. I'll buy the former.


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                        Not 5 or 7 times better. Only 2 X.

                        It's just hilarious to me that people are attempting to attach numbers to these things and build some sort of pseudo-science out of this.

                        My favorite color is blue, which is exactly 12.8% better than your favorite color, which is green.


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                          Given what I know about Gibson, how they build their guitars, and such, and how much American labor costs, I think they're priced fairly. People don't give Fender too much crap for building $1400 bolt-on guitars, so why does everyone get on Gibson's case, anyway?

                          That said, I do also see the point where Gibsons are just not unique or interesting enough to command those high prices, when knock-offs and cheaper versions can nail the sound (and vibe) for 1/4 the price. I definitely think that's something Fender does very well, creating worthwhile and interesting high-end models.
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                            It's like that line from Pulp Fiction: "That's a good shake---- I don't know if it's worth no five dollars, but that's a good shake". That's pretty much sums up Gibsons.
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                              I'll chime in here, based on direct experience from playing an Epi LP live for several years - and then switching to a Gibson LP (Classic) for the same live work.

                              I'll cut straight to my opinion, which is that the Gibson is much more than 5-7 times better than the Epi LP. Don't ask me to put a figure on it but it feels much, much more.

                              How can I justify saying that?

                              Before I try and do just that, I will say this.

                              I would happily buy an Epi LP today and use it live on stage. I have no issues with Epi LP's as they are, In fact I quite like them. You get a decent guitar for your cash.

                              So .... How can I say that and say that they aren't in the same league as a Gibson LP?

                              For me it came down to several things that accumulated to my current opinion. The following points are where the Gibson smoked the Epi - and by a long way.

                              1. Build quality - specifically how 'solid' the Gibby felt in comparison. Almost causing the Epi to feel like a 'toy' guitar at times. Harsh but that's the impression I got sometimes - particularly mid gig when I had to change to the Epi if I burst a string on the Gibson.

                              2. Neck. Let's face it. We spend most of our time here. My Epi had a slim tapered neck - same as my Gibson. Same radius, same jumbo frets. The result should have been the same, but the Epi was clunky in comparison to the smoothness of the Gibson.

                              3. Pickups. No contest here. The Epi pups were pretty awful. The Gibby had ceramic monsters that could be rolled back to get a variety of mellower tones. Roll back the Epi pups and it went muddy and limp.

                              4. Hardware. The Epi had numerous issues with hardware - particulary the machine heads which were very poor. The input jack failed (mid gig). The bridge was basically ... cheap in comparison. The nut was pretty good on the Epi. I've had no problems with hardware in the 10 years I've had my Gibson, and it's been gigged a lot.

                              All of the above may sound pretty harsh, but I would stress that this is only if you compare an Epi LP and a Gibson LP directly - as I did. This isn't a troll post, it's just personal opinion based on hands on experience.
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                                Guitars are just guitars, theyre all the same, you dont need more than one, only jerks buy Gibsons.
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