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  1. The 80s Schecter PT (originally called a Saturn) was a fucking tremendous guitar that was handmade in America, and has very little in common with the mediocre imports Schecter sells now. Yes, the country of origin is the one and only thing to consider when determining the quality of a guitar. I mean, modern Schecters have incredible fit, finish and sound but they're Asian so thumbs down, right?
  2. Pete would have loved HCEG. We could make him an Honorary Member.
  3. Well if you don't give a flying {censored} then why do you bother posting in these threads? Why are all YOUR arguments always trying to convince people there is no difference? Why do you and the people like you never produce ANY logical arguments for you view point? And once again you come back with the totally ABSURD strawman of trying to "PREDICT" what type of wood it is by listening to a clip. NOBODY IS SAYING THAT. Wake up and get some reading comprehension. The point is that there is a difference between different woods. Stop trying to make new arguments to try to prove your
  4. You might ask "What is the best guitar for metal?" Let me ask YOU something: Do you feel the metal coursing through your veins? Do you eat, breathe and sleep metal twenty-five hours a day and eight days a week? Do you have a fire-breathing metal beast deep inside you, just waiting to spread its mighty wings and soar into the fiery depths of hell itself? If you said "yes" then look down... The guitar you're holding right now... Has been the best guitar for metal all along.
  5. Oh bull{censored}. Hell, Most of the people that fall under the second category use the first as an excuse. I'm not going to argue the merits and wisdom of Bill Hicks' insight. There's an entire generation of comedians and clued-in comedy fans to do that for me. If it's lost on you, I'm awful sorry to hear that. What's YOUR stance? All drug users fall under the "drooling idiot" category?
  6. Play acoustic Hell, play bass. I can tell you from experience that does the trick.
  7. I wonder what's distracting Ronnie in that photo... just off to the side of the frame? Maybe it's a cop come to investigate some domestic disturbance charges? OR... Maybe it's this guy... Just checking up, of course! He just needs to see proof of date of birth and then he'll be on his way!
  8. yep, ridiculous theory Hmm... if you're trying to make the point that girls like rock stars, I'd counter that money is the determining factor and not guitars. Although... I think this might be a pic of a kindly old man having a cup of tea with his granddaughter... I'll have to get back to you on that.
  9. Presumably, tone is a function of the exact shape of the string vibration through the pickups' magnetic field. When the string is picked, some of the vibration is transferred to the bridge and fret (or nut). From there, it's transmitted into the guitar neck and body, setting them vibrating just a tiny bit. And that vibration feeds back into the string. No two bridges and necks vibrate exactly the same way or same amount. The amount of body/neck vibration fed back into the string is of course very tiny, and of course varies with each string gauge and construction (plain, round or flat wound, he
  10. The guitarist is the one who recognizes and appreciates the characteristics and nuances of different tone woods. I doubt that most recording guitarists are ever concerned with whether or not the end listener can tell what wood their guitar is made of by listening to a processed recording. Guitar players buy guitars for themselves. I know. I agree. That's why I find this type of conversation to have no real world application. It's just masturbatory solipsism and it's kind of useless. I mean, it can be fun to speculate but it's not relevant to the end result.
  11. Well I do that too. Mainly with my left (fretting) hand, no less. All kidding aside, I think an amazing hand-strengthening exercise is just to be left-hand dominant to begin with. I had a guitar teacher who was a lefty but he played guitar the "normal" right hand way. He said it was better because his left hand is more dextrous than his right and you need dexterity to hold down chords and hit precise notes. I often think about how cool that would be because I am a righty and I feel like all power and function is in my right hand. There it is, hammering away at power chords and keepin
  12. Do any of you, or have any of you, ever done hand strengthening exercises? Aside from one of those Gripmaster things, I also have a small Nerf Vortex (imagine a lime-sized football with a dart tail on it) that I squeeze (flexor muscles) while at the computer. I also use rubber bands for resistance when opening my fingers (extensor muscles) What do you guys do? You're walking right smack dab into a very obvious punchline.
  13. Really, there's no such thing as a metal pickup in my mind. All pickups sound the same through a Metal Zone. But what if the guitar was made out of SWAMP ASH??? SWAMP ASH, I TELL YOU!! SWAMP ASH!!
  14. I recognize those pictures. This was an old ad for Cort. If only that was actually true.... lol... Exactly. It's a ridiculous stereotype.
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