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  1. All that detail in the OP and not a single pic. It sounds like a bogus troll story designed to punch buttons.
  2. How did I read this entire thread and there's NOT ONE picture of this guitar? You don't need a pic to troll.
  3. Are you planning on ratting me out? Just trolling the troll.
  4. If the police ask for your particulars as part of a criminal investigation, they have to give you up.
  5. You can go to jail for trying to sell counterfeit goods. Not to mention you publicly admitted that you knew it was contraband when you took it into your possession. If what you say is true, you're not being very prudent.
  6. They got the guitars back just before the tour kicks off and a lot of publicity that they wouldn't have. Sometimes a good man gets a break.
  7. I just sold a well gigged late 90s model for $300.
  8. Twang is made of steel and brass.
  9. see below only people who want to know what they should be wearing. My first thought? There are a million things more useful to do. Back in the 70s somebody bought me a subscription for Christmas. After perusing the first 2 issues the rest went straight to useless, cork sniffing, drivel bin. Sadly for Rolling Stone the pics on the cover can't redeem the mag's contents. [video=youtube;nLbdX8Snpa8]
  10. Originally Posted by Grantus Isn't playability related in large part to a player's preferences? It's not about pain, it's about preference for me. If you think playing a certain kind of guitar makes you strong, you've got a lot to learn about life. You play what you want, I'll play what I want. If you think I'm a wuss for playing what I want, that's your problem, not mine. LOL, who gives a tinker's damn what he says is a cop out. Ask him if he wears shoes two sizes too large in the hope of growing in to them. LOL, one size fits all guitar, now that's funny.
  11. Thanks, I thought it was something new and didn't do a search.
  12. It was in my email this morning and wondered wtf it was. I figured you guys might know.
  13. Z-Vex Inventobox pedal kit. Looks like something that would end up pissing me off but is it something the more aptly inclined might find useful? http://elderly.com/new_instruments/items/ZVIVB.htm
  14. Yep, generally speaking a thin neck with a flatter radius and a low action. A neck that facilitates rather than fights back.
  15. "blackie, little red, the strat, the tele and greenie". They get a name when they're permanent.
  16. During the course of the day: unplugged, cans, whisper, conversational and raised voices.
  17. I've got it too. You are just going to learn to live with it. It's easier for old married folks who have long since learned tune out irritating noises. But yes one has to learn to live with it.
  18. I heard it back in the 70s and understood right off.
  19. "Plays like butter" has been around for years.
  20. caveman


    I walk/pace/hike and play.
  21. Don't take anything you couldn't stand to have stolen.
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