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  1. All I know of are the alnico magnet single coils. Are ceramic singles coils made? What do they sound like? Will they still sound like a single coil, or more like a humbucker?
  2. So my new maple-board guitar has fret ends sticking outta the sides of the fretboard. Many of you kind folk have suggested that the dry air has shrunk the board (I live in an extremely dry area). So, before filing down the fret-ends, I'm trying to rehydrate the guitar. It so happens that I have a very nice room-humidifier. I put my guitar in a walk-in closet along with the humidifier, and I shut the closet door----presto, instant humidifying room! What should the humidity be set at? 60%? I can leave the thing on pretty much all the time...how long should I humidify the guitar?
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