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    looks like a really nice toilet seat.

    lol. First thing I thought of was a great place to ****************.
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        I'll give you $50 for it.
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          Looks like a guitar with a paper plate embedded into it, to me


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            Those are ugly. Wonder how they sound though?


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              I'd rather been in public as Jammity's personal valet!

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            How much fail can be crammed into one guitar?


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              You can eat and play at the same time...

              lol dinner plate guitar.
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                Looks like the design was based on a banjo. I'll bet that guitar sounds quite a bit different than what most of us play.
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                  Aircraft grade? Where's Bill Withers when you need him?


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                    They are interesting, but highly doubtful I'd ever buy one.

                    I prefer the silver one to the red one, but the offset inlays seem... like... they were going out of there way to find a way to be different.

                    Props for trying something different though... their brand of 'different' just doesn't work for me.
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                    • #26
                      Looks like a guitar with a paper plate embedded into it, to me

                      you'll thank them when you play a party with a barbecue or a festival
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                      • #27
                        i like the necks
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                        • #28
                          Lol I'm one of two who like it. I would think itsconstruction would create a very resonant instrument.
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                          • #29
                            It looks like a Steel Guitar that they cheapened up on and used a wood plug instead of the resonator.
                            Unless its got a unique tone I dont see a reason for the wood plate.

                            It does remind me of my Banjogit though. Mine is actually a great sounding
                            and playing guitar so the looks arent going to give you the whole story.


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