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  1. what's the difference? (apart from size obvs). i don't know much about pots other than the effect the rating is supposed to have on output/treble. for some reason i have always assumed the mini pots are worse than the normal sized ones. is there different levels of quality pots? is a 500k pot the same regardless of brand?
  2. Does anyone actually use a middle humbucker? I can't see any time i'd ever use one. It's frustrating because i love the look of an SG custom but would never buy one because of that middle 'bucker. Plus it seems that all the 3 humbucker guitars i've seen use a 3-way selector switch, so you lose those sexy in-between sounds! The only way i can imagine appreciating 3 'buckers is if they were all wired in parallel and had a 5-way selector switch, so it'd be in the ballpark of a noiseless strat. Hmm that's got me thinking!
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