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  1. I've parted ways with many I should have kept... My Fly, my Carvin DC127T, my Jackson Dinky Reverse Pro.. I even regret my old white Epiphone Flying V back in the early 90s... But none of them compare to the regret and ache I felt after I let my beloved Charvel 375 go back in 1995.. A buddy wanted a guitar for his kid to learn on, and I had just bought a Jackson Dinky, so I wasn't really paying much attention to my Charvel. I sold it to him and regretted it pretty much instantly. I looked for one like it for years, but the ones I found were either beat up, or they had maple necks, or they weren't the right color. Then 2005 rolls around and I got a guitar for Christmas. Need some straplocks. So I stopped into a local mom and pop shop that I used to drive by every single day.. Got my straplocks and as I'm walking out I spot a Charvel/Jackson headstock on their used wall. It was silhouetted in the window, so I couldn't see what it was.. I walked over and there was a Charvel 375 that looked a lot like my old one. I pick it, start playing it and I notice a little detail on the end of the fretboard... I flip it over to check the serial number.. This was my old guitar, I think... I take it to the counter and ask if there is a case with it. Dude goes in the back and brings out the old chainsaw case, complete with the hole I knocked in it when I was installing a Dimarzio Tone Zone back in 1992. It was indeed my baby.. I bought it ASAP, brought it home and it lives on my wall again.
  2. Next is going to be a monitor riser to reclaim my desk. That keyboard is huge. I have a big drawer below the top that I store it in when I’m not using it. But it’s too low to play comfortably.
  3. Here’s where I’m at with my rig right now. I haven’t experienced any latency issues with the keys yet.
  4. The only problem is that I don't know what to assign the jog wheel to. What command moves the cursor?
  5. Well I went shopping again and I added an Arturia Keylab Essential 49 MIDI controller to my rig. Having a lot of fun with it so far, but I have zero piano skills. Looks like I'm learning another instrument. I also have to build/buy myself a riser for my desk. The Arturia doesn't quite work in my keyboard drawer. It fits, but the drawer doesn't come out far enough to use the controls effectively. Still loving Cubase.. Haven't ran into any limitations other than trying to get the Arturia fully functional. The transport controls did NOT want to do anything until I switched it from Mackie to HUI. No idea wtf that meant, but I did it and they started working.. The jog wheel still doesn't move the cursor though. Sure would love to make it work. Anyone got a clue?
  6. This one always was my favorite. Are they still being produced?
  7. Hey John, do you still have that image with all your designs? That big poster one? I loved that thing..
  8. So a while back I purchased a Line 6 POD HD500X.. Cool device, but pretty obsolete now that I'm using Bias FX2 for my direct guitar tones.. But, something I forgot about is that the HD500X included Cubase 10 LE. I installed it on my Windows laptop when I got the HD500X but I never really used it because the HD500X drivers constantly crash Windows.. But you get a Windows version AND a Mac version of it.. I installed it on my Mac and it's working great now. I can save my files to my home network and work on them from either machine if i want to. So I think my DAW is sorted now. Pretty cool.. One great thing about having the HD500X in addition to the Motu is that it adds more inputs.. It's got a 1/4" input, plus it's got a mic input. The Mac drivers for the HD500X aren't trash like the ones for Windows, so it runs flawlessly on there. I haven't tried running both at once, but I saw a website that explains how to do that. Still haven't added a mic yet. A buddy loaned me a couple to play around with. I'm also looking to add a midi controller to my rig at some point.. Thinking about the Akai MPK mini.. Anywho, that's my update.. Recording is fun, deep, money pit..
  9. RaVenCAD

    Not Bad

    Thanks for the list of parts. I've been itching to do some DIY lately, so maybe this will be a project for me.
  10. I acquired a new set of lock screws and blocks for the bridge last night.. I measured the strings that were on it and apparently the previous owner broke the high E and replaced it with the wrong gauge. It was a 10-46 set, but he replaced the E with a dang 13.... You can imagine what that did to a Floyd Rose. So, he just cranked the screws tight on the springs to compensate. Ugh... Now it's got 9-42 Elixir Optiwebs and 2 springs, perfectly floated and intonated. Used guitars can be a real adventure sometimes... But, it's all good now. Well, it will be tonight after I adjust the truss rod again. I like to give them a day to settle before I set the final neck relief and re-intonate..
  11. When I first started playing I broke some strings, but once I learned what I was doing and developed a much lighter touch, I haven't broken a string in a couple decades.
  12. RaVenCAD

    Not Bad

    Maybe I missed the link, but where are you buying these parts so cheap?
  13. They say good things come in pairs, so I'm hoping that'll hold true for my acquisitions last week. On Thursday I received a gorgeous Charvel So-Cal in metallic purple from Sweetwater. Then on Sunday I traded an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III for an Epiphone Les Paul Plustop Pro/FX FR.. The Epiphone has been modded with some interesting electronics. It's got the Jimmy Page wiring kit from 920D Customs and a JB/Jazz pickup set. Their website says it's got 21 different output options with the (4) push/pulls... Coil splits, series, parallel, etc... This is the loudest guitar I've ever owned. No idea why it's so loud, but it drives my amps really hard. The previous owner installed that ridiculous D-Tuna on the Floyd and a blocked the trem to be dive only. So I gotta get a new lock screw and get rid of that junk ASAP. I'm a little disappointed in the range that the Epi Floyd can dive though. But, I'm a fairly subtle trem user, so it should be ok. The Charvel though is quite amazing right out of the box. It's got an ebony fingerboard and a pair of Duncan Distortions. Sounds amazing and the feel of that neck is heavenly. I had a 2016 Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas last year and the feel of the two guitars is very different. The neck on that one was fatter, more Strat like. This one is thinner, much closer to my old Charvel 375 that I love so dearly. A very pleasant surprise. Oh and on an entirely personal note, I got tickets to see Michael Angelo Batio yesterday.. One of them is the VIP meet and greet/personal lesson before the show. Should be pretty cool.
  14. Reading through this thread, turns out I'm not as much of a gear hoarder as I thought... Starting in 1987.... Lazer Strat copy Charvel Model 2 Washburn D-10 Charvel 375 Deluxe Exotic Jackson Dinky Reverse Pro Fender MIM Strat Kramer Voyager Epiphone Flying V Sammick Strat Copy with a gold POS Floyd Rose Kramer Focus 3000 The rest, the timeline is blurry for me.. So here's a list by brand... Ibanez RGT42 Ibanez SZ520QM Ibanez RG1570 - The neck on this guitar hurt my hand so bad I quit playing for several years. I didn't realize it was this neck and bad ergonomics causing the problems. Almost gave up the guitar forever... Ibanez 25th anniversary S Ibanez JEM70V SFG Ibanez 5 string bass Gibson Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Studio Goldtop Gibson Les Paul Studio Pelham Blue Gibson 2013 Les Paul Signature T Kramer Focus 1000 Jackson SLX Parker Fly Fender MIM Strat (I've had like 6 of these things.. All in brown sunburst, some maple, some rosewood, one with a gorgeous quilted maple top) Fender Player Series Tele Fender USA Strat PRS SE245 Epiphone Les Paul Classic Epiphone Dot Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III Carvin CT4C Carvin DC127T Carvin DC400T Cordoba GK Studio Washburn wcg66sce Washburn Millenium B.C. Rich Warlock FR Plus Gretsch 5420(?) Takamine acoustic - No idea on the model Didn't keep the POS long enough to care.. Larivee acoustic - Amazing guitar I deeply regret not keeping. At the time I hated satin finishes... Sigh.... That's most of them. I'm sure I've missed some..
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