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  1. Still a few names I recognize hanging around. So, I guess the last time I came by we were talking about building my pedalboard. That was fun, and expensive. I've since broken that board up and bought myself a Headrush board. Amazing piece of tech. I've also been bitten by the PRS bug recently. Got myself a SE Paul's Guitar and an S2 McCarty 594 doublecut within a month of each other. Already making plans for an S2 McCarty Singlecut. GAS ain't no joke, I tell ya..
  2. I recently decided to sell my entire pedalboard and buy myself a Headrush board. Loving it so far. Any other Headrush users around here?
  3. It's been a minute or two, huh? Is this place still alive?
  4. But, then again.... They are apparently Dimwit Booger fans, too.. Ok, I declare them "Idiotic band of the day!"
  5. Ok, I think these idiots MIGHT just de-throne Dimwit Boogers as the most idiotic looking band I've ever seen: It's like a glammed up version of the Blue Man group..
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