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  1. I actually meant a rosewood neck. As in, the whole neck, unfinished rosewood. The fretboard would be ebony. That would look and feel amazing. My Carvin has a tung-oiled mahogany neck with an ebony board and I just love it.
  2. Yeah I knew I wanted a Tele, but I wasn't sure what style. Then I saw this one and knew it had to be the first one. Next is one with a double-bound surf green body and a rosewood neck. Since Fender seems to be obsessed with boring, drab grey colors these days, and afraid to touch rosewood, I'll probably be putting that one together myself.
  3. This sounds frivolous, but a buddy of mine in high school got a slash across his face when he broke a bass string while tuning. I doubt this product could prevent that, but he was scared of tuning for years after that.
  4. I used to hate the Tele. It was just the cheap Les Paul. Then I got old and started appreciating them a bit then I played a few and that was that... Then I saw this one and it was the perfect twin for my USA Strat...
  5. Recently I acquired a nasty case of Tele GAS.. So, I did some trading and got myself a 2018 Player Series Tele. Plays great, very percussive sound. Gotta add some locking tuners to it, maybe swap some pickups. But overall, lots of fun.
  6. I need to add a stereo volume pedal between the 2/3 delay outs and their respective amps. That way I can control their volume easily. Does a stereo volume pedal exist? Hmm... Today I removed the AMT wah and added a Tubescreamer TS9 to the board and a Vox Wah to the floor. I wanted to get the wah off the board so I could adjust the angle to fit home I'm sitting it standing when I'm playing. Plus, that AMT is sooooooo tiny under my size 14... Good pedal, just tiny. Thinking about pulling one or more of the other drive pedals off next. Between the TS9, BD2 and SD1, I'm pretty happy. I don't see the Crayon or DS1 getting much love anymore.
  7. The wider the better. But, as it sits, it's about 5 feet I guess. Sounds amazing even without the tweeds moved apart. The 1x15 in the Delta Blues gives it a fantastic low end punch.
  8. Not possible I'm afraid. I can't record this setup properly. I can do it, but it comes out sounding flat because I only have one mic. Go on YouTube and look up That Pedal Show's wet/dry/wet video. That'll give you an idea of what it sounds like. Obviously mine doesn't cost $30k like theirs did, but it still sounds ok.. I need to buy a binaural recorder. That would capture it nicely.
  9. The goal of a wet/dry/wet is to have the center amp be the focus and the side amps supporting. So the H&K is louder and the others are lower, because they play the accent notes.
  10. Well folks, I've been tinkering again. Some of y'all might remember my pedalboard building thread. My goal then was a rig with some weird 3 amp stereo effects and stuff. Turns out what I wanted was a wet/dry/wet amp setup. I just didn't know what it was called at the time. So, here it is. This thing sounds amazing and HUGE.. The diagram speaks for itself, but I can explain it if there are any questions. Mine is actually a wet/wet/wet because I have a delay pedal on the center channel, but that's only there for when I don't run the side amps or I don't want the ping pong delay (can't imagine ever NOT wanting that, but whatever..) I need to buy a couple angled stands for the side amps. Tomorrow I'm swapping out that little purple wah for a Vox and adding a Tubescreamer in there somewhere. Guess I'll trade out the DS-1 or the SD-1.. This is the happiest I've ever been with my sound y'all. Just had to share..
  11. After spending many hours with the Tubemeister this weekend, I have a feeling I'll be rehoming several other amps in the very near future. This thing is amazing .
  12. Well folks, the wheelin and dealin continues! This time, I rehomed my Charvel Pro Mod and brought home this delicious little number. It's an H&K Tubemeister 36. I've lusted over this amp for about a year now. It looks amazing and sounds even better...
  13. Well folks, I done done it again... This time I jumped on a gorgeous satin red pearl Jackson SLX. I've been eye-balling these for a while now and I've allllllllmost bought the acid green one several times. Then I saw this red and it had to be mine. I bought it on Valentine's day, so I named it accordingly. So sexy... One hiccup though - it came with a left-handed trem bar. I called Sweetwater and they're sending me the correct bar. I'm actually kind of getting used to using the backwards bar though. The leverage is different and it lets you be more subtle with the trem. Looks freaky though.
  14. So simple, so cool. I hope it isn't some brightly lit LED thing Love the steampunk-y look of it.
  15. A properly adjusted Fender Strat trem works just fine for subtle trem work. The 2 point is more stable than the old 6 screw style, but both can work just fine if you a) know how to adjust it and b) don't think you're EVH.. I personally wouldn't own a Strat without a trem because the springs in the back are a huge part of the "Strat" sound..
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