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  1. Sounds like that guitar is in the right home. Every guitar's hope is to be purchased by someone who plays it. The fear is to be relegated to the closet. Bravo my good man. Bravo.
  2. As I stated, "Clapton wasn't nicknamed "Slowhand" for playing slow." Thank you for verifying my statement. You are indeed above us all in your glory.
  3. Clapton wasn't nicknamed "Slowhand" for playing slow. He can play very fast if he wants.
  4. Hendrix played with 6 notes. Gilbert plays with 12.
  5. Post some pics when you get the neck on and set up.
  6. I have that same guitar and I think we have posted about it before. We both probably bought it when it was being fire-saled. I think it was $65 or something. Those were the days of super deals. I really like this guitar. I leveled the neck on it as some upper frets were off but the neck is really a good neck. It had sharp fret edges too. Not crazy about the schlong headstock. I kept it stock. The bridge pickup is hot.
  7. From purely a technical standpoint, Gilbert far surpasses Hendrix. Gilbert can easily play anything Hendrix plays. Hendrix could not play what Gilbert plays. From an artistic standpoint, Hendrix is ahead. Hendrix album sales: 20 million US, 80 million worldwide, most after his death. From an artistic and commercial standpoint, Elvis far surpasses both with 1 billion+ album sales worldwide. Elvis was a fair guitar player.
  8. The USA is a great place. You don't hear of too many people trying to escape from it. People try to get to it.
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