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  1. Just looking to see if anyone has a Tacoma DR14c acoustic they would be willing to sell.
  2. Let me know if you have one.
  3. Bought a real nice Ibanez Prestige RG for $1,300 some years ago. Played it for a year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a friend with a simple Indo RG 3EX1 that he installed dimarzio's in. I played it a few times and was amazed how nice it played and how it sounded. The guitar sustained really well. I kept trying to convince myself that the Prestige RG I had bought was better, but in the end I just knew that I liked the RG3EX1 more. Finally I offered to buy the RG from him and eventually I just stopped playing my Prestige. I then later sold the guitar and now that Indo RG is still my #1 and I have been through a LOT of guitars. Maybe I just got REALLY lucky with the wood they used or something, but it definitely opened my eyes.
  4. The fretboard looks huge on that guitar.
  5. I found a Serwa Jazzman, but I don't know a thing about it. Anybody have info on them?
  6. Hagstrom is a good option. I really like their swedes. Here is another option- http://www.godinguitars.com/godin5thaveseriesp.htm You can get them for around 500-700 new (on Evilbay) which is crazy for those options. I'd also check out richmond- http://www.richmondguitarscanada.com/news.html I know this is on the cheaper end but maybe even check out a good Ibanez artist or a Schecter.
  7. Crate bast company evar.... Seriously though, fuck crate. I'm still mad how good kids have it now with the cheaper amplifiers (not like younger kids play guitar anyways now ...).
  8. Bump, added new pedals and lowered price on some.
  9. Danoelectro Cool Cat Overdrive VERSION 1 (Silver)- $50 Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus- $20 Both are in great condition and have been kept in a smoke free house. Prices are PP/Shipped. PM me for any questions.
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