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  1. You've posted a couple of seriously nice deals, Morgan B - thanks! I don't have the 7-space rack, but I know someone who does, and it's worth at least double what it's selling at right now. I do have the DBZ, in transparent magenta of all things. The specs were awesome for the price (same as now), so I couldn't resist. I would have gone purple if it'd been available at the time, looks great to my eyes. As it happens, the magenta in the flesh strikes a nostalgic chord in me: It's similar to the red "velvet" upholstery of my friend's '75 pink Cadillac, long ago scrapped after many excellent years of service. So the guitar has a vintage feel for me, don't know if others would see it that way though. In any case, I haven't seen purple in the flesh, but can vouch for the model. Build quality is tremendous, similar to other mid-priced Korean-made guitars (eg, PRS SE, better Schecters, Michael Kelly). It arrived set up perfectly, to my taste anyway; I was fully prepared to make adjustments, and was happily surprised that it needed none at all. Intonation was dead on. The body is WAY thinner than I'd expected. From the marketing language I was expecting something on the thin side, but with the edges tapered as much as they are it turns out to be pancake thin. If I'd known that going in I'd probably have pulled out. However, I find it super comfortable after all. Light, yes, but not nearly as light as you'd think, looking at it. And the contours make all the difference, to me anyway; I really can't get with SGs, and I used to think it was because they're so thin, but this guy is thinner overall yet looks and feels like a heftier guitar, in large part because key regions are thicker. I'd imagine that playing it standing up would be a dream for those with back issues. I play sitting down, and my only gripe is that if it slips down my leg a bit too far the angle will cause the tapered edge to cut in enough to draw notice... but that just means I slide it back into place where it should be, and all is well again. The marketing language suggests that the thin body lends itself to a more focused sound, a la SG. To my ears, they're right. It's punchier than any HB-equipped guitar I've played, even slightly more than SGs. Not quite P90 territory, but getting close. This is a really great feature in my book, as I'm not a HB guy. I half planned to drop in HB-sized P90-like pups, knowing my track record with HBs is pretty bad. But these HBs are here to stay. Not only punchy, but somehow super rich and balanced to boot. How is that possible? I really don't know. In researching I asked World Music Supply about the pups, because there were lots of conflicting descriptions out there. They pinged the owner of DBZ, Jeff Diamont, directly. He says that he worked with Seymour Duncan in their USA custom shop to design the pickups exclusively for DBZ. They based the DD1 on the JB, but aimed for a slightly smoothed out EQ curve and hotter output with more growl and tighter low end. They based the DD5 on the 59 but aimed for a more balanced output. I'm not a huge fan of the JB and 59, at least in the few guitars I've tried them with, but the DD1 and DD5 in this Royale put a big smile on my face. Bottom line is that it's a lot of guitar for that cost. I'd bite again if I could justify it - have too many guitars as it is. Nice deal!
  2. Good to hear that he can still tear it up. I've been reluctant to shell out the clams for his shows, but maybe next time around...
  3. Nice one! Looking forward to your NGD, hopefully a HNGD at that!
  4. Geez, the photo posting is a bit tricky, ain't it?
  5. I had only 1 guitar for my first 5 years of playing. Then I stumbled into HCEG, developed insatiable GAS, and now own far more guitars than warranted by my skill or funds.
  6. Yes, where oh where did he go? Inquiring minds want to know - I want to know!
  7. Sooooooo typical, for the reasons listed above. I don't bother with their "sales" anymore, but used and clearance can be worthwhile sometimes.
  8. Tone is in the crack, dude. You get what you pay for.
  9. About a year ago HCEG dug up some low-budget fretless guitars. Not sure if the were blowouts or what. Search function isn't working for me, but maybe someone else can find the mention (maybe in a Great Deals thread?) or remembers the details?
  10. Maybe my favorite album of theirs too. Then again, there is Coda as a counter-example...
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