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what distortion pedal?


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    It's already been mensioned, but as soon as I read "smooth" and "not gritty", I thought of the Suhr Riot. It's more of a high gain distortion rather than a low gain drive pedal, and I never used mine for high/mid gain EJ style tones, so I can't tell for sure if it's good for anything but hair metal sort of tones. It's not cheap, but if you're half curious about it I'm sure you know how to look up a couple of demos or whatever...


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      Originally posted by mbengs1 View Post
      I've been looking for a pedal that can deliver warm sounding distortion great for eric Johnson type lead tones. I've tried boss ds-1, boss super overdrive, boss power stack and they all sounded too gritty and distorted for the tone I want. I need more smoothness and warmth. I get that sound with my Digitech Rp100's Marshall jcm900 amp sim, and its not really that great but its not that great, as most multi effects are with the quality of their tone. and I prefer a real pedal as opposed to multi effects. I've been searching around youtube for the ideal distortion pedal and the best I've heard is the Radial tonebone plexitube, but its still slightly too gritty.

      You should definitely check out the Fulltone Plimsoul.
      If you look at page 2 of the online manual you can even see an Eric Johnson setting
      Lastly, I actually own the pedal, and it definitely can do Eric Johnson lead tones. Also cleans up nicely with the guitar volume rolled back.


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        I checked the plimsoul on youtube, it sounds nice and warm. thanks for sharing it. but honestly i like something else. i don't know if i'm biased against fulltone stuff or i just prefer something else like a boss OD-3.


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          The answer to getting Eric's tone is in his rig and how strong of an attack he uses with his pick. I don't think one pedal will do it. In saying that, I think if you have the basic pedal, not the exact same ones Eric does, you'll be able to eq something very close. But only you know your rig and what you can get out of it. Based on my experience, I think you have his tone in your rig already, you just have to experiment to find it.
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            I think the big part of EJ's tone is his amp which is a vintage Marshall. I use a bugera 6262 high gain amp. i don't thini i can't use the lead channel on it for warm lead tones ala EJ but i havent tried. it has to be an old marshall type amp with an overdrive pedal.


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              Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde is my go to. I use it more for overdrive on both of the channels because I have a super high gain tube amp for my metal sounds, but this double pedal can scream.


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                Ditto on the Soul Food.
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                  EHX distortion/overdrive pedals lack gain from what i've heard.


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                      Originally posted by Bucksstudent View Post
                      Wasn't that gold Mad Professor pedal supposed to do it?

                      Honestly, I think a lot of his tone comes from the Marshall in combination with the fuzz and whatever batteries he uses with them. He's so meticulous about every detail.
                      Mad Professor Golden Cello. And yes, it really does have a cool sound, and does the EJ type tones quite convincingly.

                      Here's a link to my review of the Golden Cello in case anyone would like to read my thoughts about it.


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                        Originally posted by seibertdr View Post
                        I really dig my FullTone FullDrive 2 MOSFET. You back off the gain it smooths out really nice. This pedal has been on my board for a long time because it does such a great job. I play in church so I need more smooth and less grit.
                        I second the motion. Love mine also. If you don't feel like distortion, use it as a clean boost also.


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                          Originally posted by Richard Guy View Post

                          every electro harmonix overdrive pedal lacked sustain. except the metal muff which is a metal distortion pedal. not good of Eric johnson type tone.