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    marshall dsl 40c

    Always been curious about those. Those specs make so much sense, great bang for the buck. Never been a fan of 'modern' Marshall cleans though. Still, great choice, I'm sure you'll dig it.
  2. If it's a cheesy ballad/hardrock tone you're after, a Boss CE-5 would probably do the job. It's like a time machine that takes you to 1984. Which is why I f*cking hated mine, couldn't get rid of it fast enough.
  3. Didn't know that particular Carl Martin pedal untill I googled it 2 mins ago... But if you want to mimmick hendrix tones on a budget, it actually doesn't look too shabby imo. If it's just a fuzz you want, you can probably do better for the money. Something from Fulltone shouldn't be too pricey, at least not if you buy used. MXR also has at least one or two decent fuzz peds imo. Don't suppose you know which Dunlop fuzzface it was you tried at the store? What exactly didn't you like about it? Cause they're cheap enough used, and widely available. Maybe a transistor swap is all you need, those suckers are easy as hell to mod...
  4. D -Big muffs are awesome, but they can be tricky to use live. There's a lot of other effects out there that don't have to cost much to sound great, but when it comes to your Big Muff needs, I'd look for something with a little more tweakability than what you get from a regular NYC type muff. A couple of the MANY options that can still be found for $100ish if you look around: Musket, SuperCollider,... Or google for some ideas for Triangle or IC muf clones. MojoHand comes to mind, they do a decent IC muff if I'm not mistaking. -Dynacomp: There's indeed cheaper alternatives that do the same basic thing. -Reverb: For your budget, and actually for any budget, I can highly recommend the Hardwire RV-7. Not that it's your only option ofcourse, but I'd personally pick that over TC/Line6/Marshall/EHX for shoegaze/postrock. Or if you don't insist on true bypass switching, check out the RV series from Boss. The RV-3 pretty much defined the 90s post/space rock sound. With its onboard delay you can sound huge and washy for less than $100. -Echo Dream: Awesome and all, but imo the modulation and weird glitchy noises get old pretty fast, and for the money there's a lot of other delay pedals out there that outperform the ED2. EHX Deluxe Memory Man, or one of the newer ones (memory boy deluxe, smm w/ hazarai, etc). Also: The Vox Delaylab is huge, but it does almost every type of delay effect know to man, as well as looping and probably a ton of other sh*t I'm forgetting about now. Now and then they can be found for $100 brand new. For something smaller I can highly recommend the Hardwire DL-8 and Boss DD-7. They both have their own pros and cons, but in my experience the DL-8 can be found slightly cheaper, which for me gives it the edge. -Flanger: EHX Electric Mistress. Or think about going with a nice chorus (Small Clone, CE2) or Phaser (Small Stone) instead.
  5. It always takes ages untill I cave for these hyped peds, and I always end up underwhelmed, flipping the pedal within weeks or even days. Catalinbread dls, Suhr Riot, A couple BAT peds, and a whole bunch more... So time I figured I should find out for myself why everyone keeps raving about this particular Dr Scientist pedal. I got it a couple weeks ago btw, so I'm passed the honeymoon phase, even though I hardly ever suffer from that anymore. Posting a pic is a pain with this damn ipad, my macbook's currently in a coma, waiting for a new power supply. But its the copper gears version, I'm sure you all know it. Imo still the best looking graphic, though the original black one isnt too shabby either. Anyway....WOW. Just wow. I hate to make the overly excited review that I normally snuff at, I dont want to sound like a noob defending his pedal choice, only fueling the hype. But even my picky whise ass ears cant find a single damn thing wrong with this pedal. Ive had a lot of pedals that were stellar at low gain, but not so much at higher gain settings, or vice versa, or pedals that had muddy low end but spot on highs/mids, or vice versa....etc etc. But with the elements its hard to dial in a tone I dont like, even if I would try. "Versatile" is such an overused adjective in pedal reviews, and in my experience its hardly ever really justified, especially not in the way that The Elements is versatile. That'd actually be my only suggestion for another 'deluxe'version of this pedal: One with two or three switchable presets, if such a thing is even possible, technnically. For now I settled for two sepeate ones though, the second one should be on its way to me withinthe next few days:)
  6. It's already been mensioned, but as soon as I read "smooth" and "not gritty", I thought of the Suhr Riot. It's more of a high gain distortion rather than a low gain drive pedal, and I never used mine for high/mid gain EJ style tones, so I can't tell for sure if it's good for anything but hair metal sort of tones. It's not cheap, but if you're half curious about it I'm sure you know how to look up a couple of demos or whatever...
  7. Yeah, looks like they come out of the same chinese plant that usually puts the 'mooer' brand name on their stuff. Can't say I'm surprised, Fender isn't exactly Leo's little guitar shop anymore. But still, it's yet another classless little bussiness move, that shows what kind of uninspired and uninovative corporation Fender's become. Hell, even those plastic-y generic fender peds with the racing stripes weren't as boring, and that's saying a lot. /rant, srry.
  8. Another vote for the DSL40C. Try to find a store where you can a/b it against a blackstar HT-40, and pick which ever one you like most. A bit cheaper, and very loved where ever you read: Jet City 5012C. Probably more soldan-esque though, whatever that means. I've got zero jet city experience personally, I'm just going on what I read and hear...
  9. I'm not familar with your amp, but 20 years of gear whoring has learned me a couple things about equipment that you probably don't want to hear/read... If you're dead set on nailing the tone of some amp, the chance of getting there with a pedal -wether it's ss or tube- is usually really small, and you'll probably end up flipping pedals like there's no tomorrow, to the point where you've spend almost as much as when you just gotten the right amp to begin with. Having said that, if you already have a decent amp that gets you pretty close, there's no harm in trying a pedal to get you even closer. Asking about a pedal that's not even out yet won't help you much though, I doubt there'll be several unbiased user reviews from guys who tried that Randall pedal with a Traynor Ironhorse or something remotely similar...:s My experience with that blackstar HT series is limited, but verry positive. Very decent sounding stuff, especially for the money. Although...Not to say that that preamp tube is purely a useless marketing gimmick, but the advantages over a good ss pedal aren't that big a deal in my humble opinion. I wouldn't get too hung up on the whole tube vs ss thing when it comes to pedals. Contrary to what you might read online, a single preamp tube doesn't always magically add a ton of 'warmth' to the meh tone of a medioacre amp... Anyway, it sounds to me like you're trying to fix the foundations by patching things up with a pedal or a combination of different ones. There's a ton of high gain pedals out there you could try, I'm sure there's got to be something out there that does an okay job mimmicking a Soldano SLO (Wampler SLOstortion comes to mind) or pushing your amp a little more to where you want it. Don't put too much hope in nailing an SLO tone though, especially not if you want to keep in reasonable and not spend $300 on boutique/modeling peds or preamps. If it's at all possible to replace your amp with something that does the Soldano thing a little bit better, I'd think about that if I were you. I'm not knocking the Traynor or anything, it's just that there's SOOO many nice and versatile high gain amps out there, there's not a lot of good reasons to instead settle for anything that needs pedals to *almost* sound right.
  10. A totally personal thing, cause none of the fender tube amps I played flatout sucked, some of them were even frikkin stellar impo... But for me it's the ToneMaster. Classic fender cleans and a creamy dirt channel in one package. No reverb, I like plate/room pedal verb myself. The cleans aren't as sparkly/spiky as the cleans of a bassman/twin, which depending on your taste/style can be a good thing:) The dirt can go from mild and bluesy to fuzzy hairy high gain, but not in a compressed marshally sorta way that tends to make every bar chord sound like ac/dc or guns'n'roses:) I've been through countless of dirt peds...Vintage, boutique, you name it. And none of them could come remotely close to the ToneMaster's dirt channel. Bruce Dinky really knew what he was doing with that one. Too bad they're sorta pricey/rare, or I'd get myself a backup:s
  11. Apples vs oranges...But if we're talking value for money, overal build/parts quality, and versatility...I would think the cleans on those Marshalls might sound a bit more shrill and meh than those of the mesas you mensioned. I probably have too little mesa experience to really back that up, but I've owned a lot of Marshalls, and played a lot more...And the 900/800 series is probably the last thing I'd look at when shopping for an amp that's capable of doing somewhat convinceable jazz tones or beatles sorta stuff... You'll have a hard time getting chimey/warm cleans out of those mesas too, but if you want both high gain as well as old school cleans and your budget is limited...A jcm 800 might be a bit more of a compromise than, say a caliber .50. Especially if you could find a Mark II or III in about the same price range as a used '80s JCM800, I'd go with the Mesa in a heartbeat. Maybe it's because I got bored with playing Marhalls for a decade, but if I'm not mistaking those Mesas are known to be reliable, rock solid, and as versatile as mid-priced high gain amps get...
  12. ^ That black sheep is actually more than just 'in the area'...I'll be watching that one, hopefully I'll be able to try one out locally soon...
  13. If I had any say in it, they start bringing back a couple more of their own classics, rather then cloning pedals that are already been cloned everywhere from hc diy'ers to chinese sweat shops... I wouldn't mind owning a small collection of new EHX sovjet/triangle/opamp/ram's head muffs...
  14. Out of those two, I'd go with the FFM3. Hell of a first post buddy ;p
  15. ^ Nice selection, almost all of those were also on my short list... I keeping coming back to the Crosstown though, together with the Fulltone '69 it's the only one that meets all the requirements: -Great sounding clips, raving reviews -Convenient footprint -Not insanely pricey -Tweakable/4controls
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