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have you ever been arrested?


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  • have you ever been arrested?

    it was tuesday night, which is, as everyone knows, get drunk at someone else's house and eat their food night while you pretend to be their friend.

    anyway my special lady friend and i were sitting there with 6 other people (8 people total at the table for those keeping score) and it turns out i was the only one that had been arrested!? well not just that but the only one to sit unwillingly in the back of a police car even. this in turn, made my typical be-quiet-and-drink-their-booze-time, turn into story time recalling tales of some bygone era, when gas was less than a buck and all the girls drank zima.

    so this got me thinking, these people were probably smarter than your average person, with college degrees and professional jobs and the like. maybe they were so smart throughout their life they always got away with whatever dumb ideas they came up with?

    theis question has made me want to start a poll, because i need to know i am not the only one to have bent the rules and got nabbed for it. i mean, we have people from all walks of life here and some of you must be nearly as dumb as me.
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    Well... It's not that hard to get arrested if you're up to no-good. And it's pretty easy if you are? That said, it wasn't hard for me either.


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      damn near 2 or 3 times

      never actually though.


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        Never even been pulled over when driving or had to stop for a breath test.

        I guess I'm just lucky, or maybe I've been missing out.

        Sure makes international travel easy though.


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            yeah, just the waiting in the cop car thing when I was 17 or 18. Me and a buddy were drunk and stole a McDonald's toy display and tried dragging it out to the drums where the keep the old grease. Busted then and there.


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              The most trouble I ever got in was being called into the principal's office during lunch in junior high because I got into a fight.

              Except that I didn't get into a fight. Apparently another kid named Max got into a fight at lunch, and they just grabbed me instead.

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                Spent the night in a holding cell once, don't really remember it though.
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                  During my youth I was in some absolutely ridiculous situations on the wrong end of the police, and they always let me go.


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                      more times than charlie sheen


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                        Yeah, I have once and I'm not proud of it.
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                          I probably should have been arrested numerous times in my moronic youth, but I've always been lucky.
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                            I got arrested when I was sixteen for travelling on a train on a child ticket. How ****************ing badass am I?


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                              i got arrested a couple times but released after questioning and never charged with anything because ive never really done anything that bad
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