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  1. A lot of people get into DIY because they can't afford to keep buying pedals, but want to try different stuff out... this was not a cheap way to get into that. I thought it was a great idea, but way too much outlay for a lot of people that want to experiment building stuff for themselves as a cheap hobby/a bit of fun. Pretty much this. Gotta swing to hit a home run though.
  2. Not that people are assholes. Just some people are too sensitive. I love the, "I'm offended by..., etc, comments. Push buttons, get people wound up, come on it is HCFX!
  3. Originally Posted by spentron I clearly need to spam more. Really hard to get anyone's attention in this place. It's in the sig. Your pedals look interesting. Want to try some day.
  4. I understand that part. What I don't like is the continual disrespect for women. Some women deserve disrespect.
  5. Keep the food. Rather taste a fix before I fried.
  6. I only come here for the drama. Actual effects, usually TGP or just Google.
  7. Poorly grounded guitar into pedals out front, usually {censored}ty patch cables, into a loud and hissing amp. It is noisy, but it is my noise.
  8. How the hell else could anybody possibly perceive that comment? Relax. ADHD and ADD, just excuses for being unable to deal with life's problems. The poisons, that are prescribed for these excuses, damage your body. Exercise and a healthy diet will be a lot healthier. I never disrespected the mentally ill in any way. Pretty ignorant of you to think so too. PM if you want to discuss this further.
  9. "Quit being a bitch" is probably the most {censored}-ignorant thing you can say about mental illness short of "Shouldn't you be in an asylum" Don't put words in my mouth. I never said that about mental illness.
  10. "I have absolutely no idea what it's like requiring chemical assistance to function in a way that everybody else takes for granted, so you should all suck it up and just DECIDE that your minds should operate in the same way as mine" Where did this come from?
  11. Working at an Rx factory and dealing with meds all day. Exercise and quit being a bitch. Better than any poison you've listed.
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