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  1. players were better then, engineers were better then, equipment was more misical or it is just another example of selection bias
  2. if something goes wrong during a show you can bet it was the equipment's fault
  3. [YouTube]9G4jnaznUoQ[/YouTube] worst fashion in a music video
  4. it looks like you might take a couple of knobs off getting to the skreddy and mxr
  5. obviously you haven't heard this wah. the way the notes bloom, the harmonics, the crystal lettuce, it is better than anything you have ever...wait it is a rehoused bbe pedal?! i knew that thing was terrible.
  6. i won't buy shit until there is a red dot edition
  7. most people i know only care about the price they are going to actually pay. msrp, rrp, map etc. feel like an advertising gimmick to make you feel like you are getting a better deal when you don't pay that amount.
  8. they had signed/released stuff for: alkaline trio pedro the line jets to brazil denali among others
  9. has anyone else been digging jade tree's release of their entire discography on bandcamp? could this be a viable route for smaller/indie labels to follow? for those who don't know how to google:
  10. hiwatt "more money than god" bob strikes again. how much do you want for those old strings, vintage strings is the only market that hasn't been tapped yet.
  11. that is quite true. plus rust on a rat insures you are not in a nu-metal band, which gives one instant street cred.
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