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  1. you can find them on ebay for £30 - £45 ish .... usually a big old lump of postage on top..... but yeah, probably cheaper than messing about with this vox to be honest. Those hotpotz are about £20....
  2. I was missing not having a wah so I picked up one of these cheap. .... so I guess this is old news to some but my last vox wah was made by dunlop, this is made in china, first thing I notice is that the wah won't stay cocked, it just flaps down and no amount of wrenching on the spring bolts will stop that. secondly the rubber feet are really soft and small and probably won't last 2 weeks with my jumping up and down on it. I open it up and it looks like there's loads of parts missing on the PCB including the resistor that I usually change for the 'vocal mod' and the one to make it louder if you true-bypass it.... turns out they are now SMD's on the reverse side of the PCB that are so small they are almost invisible to the naked eye, it also looks like there's a tone of 'extra' stuff on there, some kind of buffer I presume... the jack sockets are plastic crap that don't feel good at all when inserting/pulling out a plug. the pot is scratchy as hell already and there's a ton of noise in the forward position that my old vox and crybaby's never had. so to make this good I'm gonna have to build a whole new circuit and buy a decent wah pot and jacks ... considering these things sell for £70 new and it's built to the same quality as you'd expect from a cheapo pedal, I think it's pretty shocking ...... serves me right, I should have bought an old crybaby and not been seduced by the chrome shiny foot pedal... I got it very cheap but if I'd bought it new it would be getting sent back to the shop I'd bought it from. Garbage.
  3. I have tinnitus, I don't know if it's 'bad tinnitus' or just 'mild tinnitus' .... how do you know/compare? But I can't sleep without a radio, TV or something on. I don't notice it during the day but at night when it's quiet, it's enough of a distraction to stop me falling asleep easily. It's a bit like a mental thing, if I can distract myself with something else I don't 'hear' it. My hearing is not great, if I'm in a crowded pub or something like that unless someone is actually looking at me I often don't hear what they say, it just kinda blends into the surrounding noise.
  4. Thomann in Germany. http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_l450_gt_p90.htm
  5. Yeah, good thanks Phil. ... thanks for asking.
  6. I'm with you, clean or jangly mild/mid overdrive ..... I wouldn't use one for anything else.
  7. Cheers Phil, new to me in um..... probably the last thing I looked at properly was the tone tattoo and that bunch of stuff around then .. they've been churning a load of pedals out since then I see.I'm more interested in the wacky stuff really, I defo don't need more OD's or Fuzzes.
  8. no not yet mate, it's a mail order job from Germany but I've been pretty impressed with the Harley Benton stuff generally.. it's cheap obviously but perfectly usable and great value, at the end of the day it's just for me to play along with social distortion records at home, or at the most playing punk rock in a pub. lol. I'd imagine they are made in the same factories as 'vintage' and brands like that and the vintage SG I had for a while was as good as a mid-range Epi. ... I'll probably go for it in the new year, I'll let you all know what I think of it.
  9. I've just been watching all the demos of all the new EHX pedals.... what you got and how do you like it? also, thinking about getting a Harley Benton LP goldtop with P90's to bring teh rock on the cheapz from Thomann, it's less than £100 and the headstock shape is nicer than an epiphone. .... looks pretty nice for the money... and would be pretty sweet with a few electrical upgrades I'd imagine.... anyone bought a HB LP or any other HB guitar?
  10. Originally Posted by Pewtershmit OH COMMON YOUR NOT THAT OLD. LOL LOVE U. we gotta hang more. hahaha, the forum not life cheeky!!
  11. Originally Posted by Pewtershmit mel did you ever consider that you are the glue that holds us together? since you've been coming here less it has changed... ha, I seriously doubt that. I just don't feel like I have anything worthy to contribute anymore.
  12. srs, after recent events here I'm considering asking if I can re-join HM.... if anyone wants to PM me feel free.
  13. The line isn't perpendicular to the strings so I'd say it is, but only just. And yes, it is a nice guitar. indeed... 'just' the wonky pickups and bridge help with the look too.
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