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  1. Firebird/90s Roland SS Blues amp. No board. I played live with the fuzz and delay. But i have 2 lofi loop junkies (still have em) Roland Ad50 fuzz wah Aria awh1 auto wah Guyatone ps029 digital delay (my fave) Zoom driver 5000 distortion Just bought and sold another ps2 Byoc slow gear clone The Everpresent Ebow I play a lot of slide lately too But I want another phaser soon. Im getting back in slowly. Maybe another delay..hmmm But no more tape echoes. i gave the last one away, for free. I couldnt sell it, so I entrusted it to my friends band. I miss the sound of tape, but I move around too much. Maybe again in the near future. Heres a show I did about 10 months ago
  2. 90s Roland Blues Cube off to Japan in 2 weeks, wanting a jumbo acoustic and some funtoy
  3. Wow, thats genius. I hope it works out for you. I hope someone huge offers you alot of moolah too!
  4. Hey guys thanks for the nice vibes. Sending them right back. Ryan is still a great songsmith for sure. I see he's leaning on that RV-3 or whatever it is now. Yeah, spc eco was a good time in my life for sure. A lot of crazy tones! Yeah I saw the Waza Crafts. I got a Keeley-tweaked DM-2 off of ebay a bit back for $180. It works with a regular 9v adapter and I guess he optimized it, sounds killer. So many great pedals at all price points now. Even China is making some cool stuff nowadays (as well as an upcoming indie scene). That said, I still use my old stuff, just less of it now. oh, and my new BC-60 is killer. No wonder people love these things. Never poopoo SS amps, the cleans on this are soooooooo nice.
  5. Im getting a Roland BC-60. They seem to be in the same category as the Trademark amps, 1x12 speaker, for around $230. Decent shape (except those famous popping off knob covers). Ive ignored my amp for ages, which seems really odd. From now on, its going to be like Im re-acquainting myself with the guitar! I cant wait,
  6. Ive had a few (one of my first trems was the PN-2 back in the day. Now I have this, but Im not a big user of trem anyway.
  7. Amazing news, but ever since "Beady Eye" ended, I kind of felt there was a good reason....I love Ride so much. I bet there will be alot of fx, a harken back to the e.p.s
  8. Yeah I got the iMS20, its fun. I like it when it makes the iPad speaker fart out. Boom. Even more fun running into a tape echo or a spring reverb.. hehe
  9. Hey Phil, Im afraid I may not have a lot to contribute to the conversation now, but I still like the pedals. Ive been looking at a ZT or a Tech 21, since I usually play clean, and just amplify my fuzzboxes.
  10. No new pedals for me, but I had the Wally Looper briefly, that was cool, esp with the pitch shifting the loop. I look but I cant be bothered mostly. Oh the new Deco by Styrmon looks cool. Edit: Theres a new Gizmotron? Wow, Id think on that. I found an non-working one in ..ahem..Japan
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